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  1. Is there a story here (or one to be made up) when players are leaving us to sign for the previous manager. Does it say something about the character of Crawford and Young!!!!!!!!
  2. Brett Long!!!!! Well that is a superb signing for you guys. Don’t know why we (East Fife) ever let him go and we certainly didn’t replace him with as good a keeper last season. He played against us in the league and in most league matches for Peterhead so not sure why they are letting him move on.
  3. Danny Denholm moving on from East Fife!!!
  4. Danny Denholm has decided to move on from East Fife!!
  5. Who are out of contract and likely to be released at Montrose, if anybody.
  6. Good luck to Cowdenbeath today, would love to have a Fife derby next season. Also don’t like to see teams drop out of the top tier eg Berwick, East Stirling and Brechin, who have been around the lower leagues since I was a boy( a few years ago now).
  7. Can only echo the sentiments in the above post. Kevin Smith has been a terrific player, loyal servant and a fine ambassador for East Fife. He has been at the heart of all the good times we have had in the past 10 years(his playing career with the Fife). He went out of his way at times and was usually the first to engage with the fans on match days. I wish him all the best in the future and who knows we might see him back at Bayview in the future.
  8. Yes, I agree but you always get a good honest shift out of Pat. Swanson might be too expensive for League 2 so I wouldn’t be surprised if he left. I also agree with the fact that we could do with a creative midfielder and also lack of goals from our midfielders has been a big problem since Agnew although the season he left his heart didn’t seem to be in it.
  9. Thanks Sammytroot remembered your post when I saw it. From that list I would if possible let Gallacher go and get an experienced goalkeeper to bring on Young Jude Smith and possibly Murdoch might be looking to retire from playing because of injury and having a good job outwith football!
  10. Who stays who goes that is the question, it will be interesting. Anybody know the full list of who is already contracted for next season.
  11. No doubt looked in all the way. Reflection on the standard of officials in the lower leagues.
  12. I have to admit I was panicking when I saw the team for today. Could not believe that for such a vital game our 3 first choice central defenders ie Higgins, Steele and Dunlop all out injured/COVID. We had two full backs Murdoch and Slattery in central defence and then Murdoch goes off injured replaced by Daniel Higgins who hasn’t played for weeks due to injury. But although at times it wasn’t pretty the defence cleared their lines when it mattered. A great shift put in by Slattery ably backed up by Millar, Wallace, Mercer, Smith and Watson(who arguably had his best game for us). A big shout to the Young ones from the Community Club who really got into the game supporting the team and more than nullifying the young Dumbarton fans and their drum. Good to see players go to them at the end for photographs etc. Let’s do that again.
  13. Maybe the bald one is Beuker cos with a name like that he must be foreign which is why you couldn’t understand what he was saying. Who the f…. Is he anyway and where did he come from?
  14. Connell is the name you are looking for but every time the ball came near him the giant you have at the back gave him a push on to the ball. Could have been a lot more free kicks and possibly a booking for persistent fouling.
  15. If it was anything like the blatant dive earlier by either 22 or 23 in the middle then no pen. Durnham has a boy wrestle him to the ground in your box and also dived for a header with your player going with him with a grip of his shirt. Both seemed more of a penalty to me. Your boy diving in two footed, studs up and getting a yellow was also far worse than Hendersons challenge on the keeper. Even your first goal was a foul on Big Andy , he was pulled back round neck/shoulder before the pass back catastrophe. We were bad today, no getting away for that but you’ll never get all the refs decisions like that again. Officials were atrocious today. Hi Waspie, So the poster above didn’t want to talk about the referee! He is just complaining about your ex-manager.
  16. Who is getting worked up? It’s Alloa fans who are wearing the blinkers and griping about the officials thinking that all the big decisions went against them. I suppose EF could say that we could have had another penalty when Connell was in a very good scoring position and looked like ha was fouled but we won’t. Like I said in a previous post the only consistent thing about referees in leagues one and two is their inconsistency.
  17. I would also add the reckless swing connecting with the goalkeepers head to the above.
  18. Surely Alloa themselves are the worst team to win at the recs for years. Yes/no?
  19. I get the impression from Jack and Victor on the highlights that they were not impressed with the referee!
  20. I’m afraid to break it to you Alloa guys but when you are in Leagues one and two you are going to come up against shitty referees oftener than not. We have had a large share of them so far this season. So wipe away the tears and get on with it.
  21. Would hope that there would be more than the 200 supporters mentioned above at the game tomorrow to honour Dave Marshall, Vice-Chairman and a lifelong East Fife diehard.
  22. Three weeks ago we were forced to play a 17 year old goalkeeper against Cove because of players isolating, Gallacher was able to return last week against Montrose and so played yesterday. Goalkeeper Smith I assume was still isolating last week and possibly this week as well. I do think he is a better goalkeeper than Gallacher but the defence in front of them doesn’t help either of them.
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