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  1. Do we not need a couple of real experienced players who have been round the block a few times rather than yet another youngster. Did we not learn anything from last weeks game when we got badly outmuscled and pushed off the ball.
  2. Although I think that hiking up the entry prices was a bad decision what I would say is that If any of the guys who are saying that there was not a cheep out of the club for the hike, had bothered to go to the club’s open day there was a question and answer firstly with the manager and then the chairman and other members of the board who tried to justify the price hike. I believe that a resume of that q and a session was posted on the website for people who didn’t go.
  3. Totally agree with The Moonster about £18. The true supporters rallied round contributing to a go fund me page during lockdown and are rewarded with an extortionate hike in prices. The chairman tries to justify the hike by reeling off running costs of the the club, well all clubs are in the same boat there, and he also tries to justify the hike by saying that prices haven’t risen for a few seasons and will probably stay at this level for a few seasons to come. Perhaps a minimal increase year on year would have been easier to swallow than a hike of said magnitude.Anyway hope they don’t stay the same in coming seasons to come cos who knows what league we will be in??????
  4. Going by a few posts in the EF v Bonnyrigg thread from other team fans re price of entry to games at Bayview, I think we will be looking at a sparse away end at most league games this season. Why don’t the powers that be at Bayview just come out and admit that they have shot themselves in the foot in this instance. I for one haven’t renewed my season ticket this season.
  5. Anyone know how the u20’s kicked off their league campaign last night?
  6. Re above about Ross Davidson. Last game of last season he was there with leg in a moonboot. He will be still recovering from that so might be a few weeks yet but I’m sure he will be worth the wait.
  7. Yes Sirscottyoung that makes sense now but he did mention being 2-0 down at half time. Senior moment!!!
  8. Couldn’t disagree more, the first half was awful to watch. Buckie capitalised on 2 defensive mistakes and looked like scoring every time they attacked. EF had one very good chance in first half through Millar but keeper stopped it with his foot and it was cleared. Second half was better but in saying that Buckie should have equalised in injury time when no 6 blasted over from inside 18 yd box and yes we could have been out of site by then going by chances made Jude Smith almost lost a goal in the first half by being well out of his goal. Wish he wouldn’t stray so far out at times We seemed to miss a right back in the first half because Buckie were getting a lot of room on that wing and causing problems. Pat Slattery seemed a bit in the way where he was playing caused second goal when he and Steele got in each other’s way. Would say Miller is better sitting in front of defence. Williamson was steady most of the time but gave away first goal with wayward pass. Healy tried to do too much should lay the ball off more, Newton was anonymous, Walls the pick of the bunch. Up front, Shepherd ran until he was subbed, his tireless running got the goal to get us back in the game. 2nd and 3rd goals almost identical from Mercer, long throw from Steele and deft headers low into corner of net. Teams will cotton on to that quickly in the league. All in all first half diabolical, second half much better (Schiavone seemed to push us up a gear), but worrying for the upcoming league challenge especially following the goad Alloa result.
  9. Yes last 20/25 minutes were a non event cos as well as you guys being down to 10 players we were by then playing with a team of 17/18 year olds.
  10. Why is there no info coming through regarding team selection especially from yesterday. There are some of us who just cannot travel to away games due to health reasons. The home game against Civil Service Strollers the whole team bar 2 trialists was changed at half time when the under 20,s were substitutes. I can see that it may be breaking in the first team for the new season so you won’t see any start of a settled team in these circumstances. As for yesterday the only thing I can take from team selection is that Scott Mercer was playing as one of only two tweets on the club website said he scored our goal.
  11. And where can you find 3 or 4 decent players at this stage in the season surely anybody worth their salt will be snapped up by now. I will stand corrected if you can name anyone of note who would come into the available decent player category.
  12. That’s his waste size, he is only 5’6” tall
  13. Was it not Burntisland Shipyard that Nathan Laird played for last season and also he played against East Fife in the 15 x 0 game which was last close season.
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