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  1. Now that the gofundme donations have reached the amended target of £10,000 it has been decided to up it once again to £15,000. I am afraid I do not agree with this third target. Why not just let it roll on without increasing the target. I feel this is taking the Mickey out of everyone who has donated so far. Captain Tom didn't feel the need to keep increasing the target did he.
  2. Yes I know about that KK but Twice I got to the question about buying a programme but there is no space for an answer and no way to bypass it!!!
  3. Just ask Dunsy "where are Jonathan Page and Kyle Wilkie now after leaving the Fife and going to Airdrie"
  4. Tried to complete the survey twice but couldn't get past question re program buying????????
  5. Haven't we also signed a guy from BSC Glasgow recently as well. His name escapes me but I am sure looking back this thread it's there somewhere.
  6. So far fans have donated £7165 through the gofundme site but seems to be coming to a standstill. Raith are over £40,000(much bigger fan base), Dumbarton almost at £16,000, Albion Rovers reached £10,000 and Elgin catching us up. A bit disappointing considering we have been helped by Raith, Hearts and Partick fans?????? Possibly other ways of donating that I don't know about??? Would be nice if somebody locally like Diagio who are still producing, contributed but don't think they are well known for it.
  7. This post is outrageously bad taste in the present circumstances and should be taken down. I am certain that genuine decent Raith supporters (and there are many) will be embarrassed by this post.
  8. Ok This is went on long enough. Same old crap getting stated time and time again in various posts. Its time to fire up the pools panel and decide all the outcomes of remaining games in the 4 leagues and dad on ????????? How about that????????
  9. So proud of my club following statement from Chairman Jim Stevenson today. Well done the board.
  10. Yes indeed sammytroot, a huge well done to Mel for kicking it all off.
  11. That's the donations target reached (£5000) well done to all who donated including quite a few Raith supporters. Thanks lads. Lets keep going and help the club in such desperate times. From my point of view its easier to give a little less oftener than a big chunk all at once. Once again well done to those that donated. Mon the Fife.
  12. Watched the game but how did that game ever make it to the full allotted time. Lines looked obscured for most of the game but that's lower league referees for you. Must have been desperate for his fee. Not a great game to watch but the result and three points made it worthwhile although the commentator, well????
  13. With regards to the new tartan style East Fife strip can any Morton fan confirm that your team had a similar style jersey some years back and if so how did it go down with the fans. Thanks
  14. Come on guys the players not signing cos of the strip was simply to get a reaction??? But it really is a bad design for a football strip unless we change our name to Bay City Rollers United.
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