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  1. You were not far off mate. The SPOTNIKS did record Telstar but our version is by the Tornadoes which made the charts in 1962.
  2. Anybody know who the Trialist was playing in the left back position today. I'm sure other players were calling him Kev. This was his first appearance at Bayview, I am sure he has not been training with us nor been involved in the Albion Rovers game.
  3. Sorry guys. It was very likely to have been my grandson at McDonalds in Leven. He is there a lot and often gets taken for Blair Henderson!!!
  4. So How do you translate ya cheating wee sh-t to well played Ryan????? Seriously well done the manager and board for having the bottle to go for a proven goal scorer. Did not see that coming.
  5. How do you translate ya cheating wee sh-t to well played Ryan????? Seriously well done the manger and board for having the bottle to go for a proven goal scorer. Did not see that coming.
  6. Sorry, but for me one win in sixteen is not simply a bad run, it's relegation standards but even then I would think that Brechin and Stenhousemuir have gathered more than one win in their last sixteen. The cup runs and all the stats shown previously don't make up for the performances we have been subject to lately. We are shipping goals like there is no tomorrow and not scoring near enough that our amount of corners and shots at goals warrant. Balls are played up the wings to Anton and he deals with them very well but then who is there in the box to take advantage òf them, NOBODY. We have been short of a penalty box goal sniffer for several seasons now and it is not Antons game to be one. I read in a post that someone was foaming at the mouth with a pairing of Anton and Fash but I am afraid that partnership would not do anything for me. Neither of them is a goal sniffer although I would still take Fash if it was possible. we need a tall commanding centre half , two full backs, a goal making midfielder, goal scoring midfielders. And an out and out six yard box goal scorer. Not much to ask for .
  7. Pity you thought you would be above everybody else as well.
  8. I was behind the stand at HT today, and I'm pretty sure , Dave Marshall announced the HT scores and draw number while we standing there. Please correct me if I'm wrong though. You are probably correct but as I was pointing out a lot of people go to the toilet at half-time and the chances of hearing the tannoy are nil. The lady always repeats the winning number . That's what I was getting at.
  9. Liam, I know you read the posts on P & B so can I make a suggestion through you. A lot of people take a toilet break at half-time as I did today and normally the lady announcer repeats winning half-time draw numbers and also the winner. Today both the winning number and half-time scores must have been announced while I was paying a visit! So I am wondering why bother to buy tickets when I am not likely to know what the winning number is. We do miss the lady announcer when she is not at the game.
  10. An explanation leaflet will be forthcoming as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!
  11. Didn't we just do that today!!! If you sit back for 30/35 minutes and invite high balls being punted into your box the chances are that there will be a price to pay and sure enough we paid it. Fair enough Raith took full advantage. I suppose 7 points from 12against Raith is acceptable but could have been so much better in the first game at Starks and today. That's football. Referee Kirkland kept up or should that be down the standard of refereeing in this league giving puzzling decisions against BOTH teams. And what a comical bunch of young Raith neds walking to Leven bus station singing their derogatory songs. Showed a distinct lack of intelligence. Maybe we're uncomfortable having soiled their nappies at the last 5 minutes of the game!!
  12. KK the assistant did actually give the first goal the signal being, as all linos are taught is to run towards the half way line with their flag straight down which he did.. Didn't see much complaints from the EF players which tells something. The second goal was farcical but a second was on the cards the way we were playing possibly even a third on the break wouldn' t have been a surprise. East Fife were absolutely DIABOLICAL and totally outplayed by Brechin. The passing was the worst I have ever seen by every team member. We have a very defensive midfield although our defending at time leaves much to be desired, who do not have the speed and energy to support the strikers when the ball is hoofed up the park. Jonny Court gives a lot of effort but I am afraid he is not league 1 or 2 standard, does not win much in the air and doesn't control or hold up the ball well at all. I don't really bother much when we win a corner cos we do not win many headers from set pieces. All in all for a team in fourth place in the league and turn in a performance such as they did today was embarrassing to say the least.
  13. Nelly, we have got enough crappy referee sets in this league without you blowing your whistle. You have passed the referees exam I take it.
  14. Don't think you can tell if game is on or not but the the wind is blowing From south west ie towards the main office door and the stand is giving a bit of shelter. It will not be a case of the ball not getting out of the box at goal kicks as the wind is across the park. If the rain comes on again it will be difficult to actually face into it on the far side of the pitch which might influence the referee!!
  15. Agreed that both players were excellent in our league 2 winning team but I heard that Pagey was not a good influence in the dressing room during our last few games of last season and obviously wanted away cos he didn't get on with the management. Don't know if he is injured just now but he is not figuring in the Airdrie squad at the moment.
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