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  1. Just logged on to this forum and came across this thread. Absolutely loving it! Do you update anywhere else?
  2. Great list of fixtures in the Prem this week. 4 of the top 5 (already tight) face off against one another with EDFC v Bengal and Glasgow South v Uddy with 5th placed UB facing off against Westercommon Star at home. Sure to be some celebrations and heartache to come!
  3. Few meaty ties this weekend. Prem see's: Airdrie, fresh off their Champions Cup win, host the impressive and fancied Uddingston! Glasgow South host a resurgent UB United Champ A: Maryhill host the only team that's beat them domestically this season (iirc), PGA Springburn are looking to move within 2 pts of PGU Champ B: Manhattan are bidding to stay top when they play Southpark away from home. Moorlands are looking to take advantage of any Manhattan slip up when they play Overtoun at home. If both of the above 2 slip up, then Nicos could go top with a game in hand when they play bargeddie at home. Strathclyde cup: Huntershill host Bengal Lancers in the last 16 ED Play KRR Netherton play Holytown as above WOS play Blackthorn - the winners playing the winners of Bengal/huntershill away in the last 8
  4. Few meaty ties this weekend. You've got the Champions Cup Semi-Final between on form Glasgow South and a strong physical Kirky Thistle. In the Prem you've got: East Dunbartonshire vs Uddy (Both on form teams in the division) Westy vs a resurgent and strong UB Tynecastle vs Southside Other divisions you've got Nicos vs Southpark (Good things being heard)
  5. St Rochs 1 - 3 Bengal Lancers Glenconner Park (The Cage) Strathclyde Cup Rd 2 For some reason they've made the pitch at the cage even smaller, so that was interesting. Usual dry, uneven, clumpy surface. 1-1 at half time, quite a fair game. Both teams threatening at stages. St Rochs opened the scoring before Brian Hughes equalled shortly afterwards with a well taken turn and strike outside the box. 2nd half was pretty much Lancers. Change in shape managed St Rochs outball of Conor Irvine on the wing and we created a number of open play and set piece chances before a Brian Hughes headers put us 2-1 up and finished off with a Johan Cornell goal. Next round we face the much improved Huntershill.
  6. When players come up with the expectation of winning things, and they're hit with a realisation that it's not as easy as they'd imagined, generally their character is tested. That's what happens to alot of these clubs who have success the previous year. I can't speak directly on Yokers experience, that's just my general view. Alot of it is down to player expectation versus reality versus their strength of character and willingness to dig deep consistently for long enough to see a club through difficult times.
  7. Yoker confirmed over twitter that they're folding. Player commitment stated as the reason. Lenzie have a relief of fixtures for a season hopefully giving them time to re-build and come back stronger for the next season in division below. In the Prem you've got East Dunbartonshire, Bengal and Shawbridge carrying on their good form with good wins in the last few weeks, add to that list Glasgow South who've got a few results.Then there's UB United who has started slow but you know for a fact they'll be there when it counts. Champ A see's St Rochs knocking back the wins consistently but an incredibly strong Maryhill thistle still doing their thing and yet to drop points. It's almost unfair on the other teams! Champ B you've got runaway favourites Nicos performing well domestically and as noted above a good showing against a really strong St pats. I'm also hearing good things about Southpark. Disappointing seeing teams fold when the going gets tough, especially successful ones, but that's amateur football I guess. Not for everyone when the times get tough and you need to dig deep.
  8. I don't know the history to this league, were we what you called the Civil Service League or was this another league?
  9. I think that without doubt there is a decline in the number of participants in amateur football. The majority of reasons cited in this thread has varying impacts on the above. Player commitment is absolutely a huge part of it - there has been a seismic shift in player habits and attitudes. There's less football on the streets and alot more people spend time indoors or up to other activities. The financial effect is clear for all to see, with lessening player commitment, and rising costs for parks etc - there's a chasm growing and it's hard to fix. I also think the way that some teams are ran is an absolute joke, and this doesn't help. There's a ton of great guys out there who are managers and chairmans of clubs, but there are also alot of charlatans involved in the game, people who walk away or fold clubs at the drop off the hat after a few hard weeks. On that basis, I could have folded my club 6, 7, 8 or 9 times throughout the last 7 years when things got hard. the same can be said by many on here i'm sure. But here's where I may have an unpopular opinion: We are so focused on the numbers that it *used* to be, so fixated on getting it back to the numbers that once where. But why? It may sound like a daft question. But really, why don't we just deal with how we know things are and try and fix those? Forget the numbers, forget that it's in a phase of decline just now and just worry about the quality of what we have. Let's make sure that clubs are run correctly, let's make sure that the players we do have are committed and care. Let's keep looking at ways to lower the cost of playing football. Let's look at ways we as member clubs can help other member clubs by utlising old strips, shared contacts or shared knowledge etc. Let's stop being fixated on the actual numbers and put our focus into the actual product and what we are trying to achieve, which ever aspect of the game you're involved in.
  10. Aye - tough team to beat. tough defenders and midfield. the #8 Stephen Dallas is a cracking centre mid, full of energy, drives the team on. #9 hetherton is a tiny striker, but he is lightening quick and can cause all sorts of issues in behind, technically good also and links up well. Took their first league loss last week but other than have been faultless.
  11. 100% LoJ! It's a good league to play in with a lot of good teams! And the attraction of playing in the morning is definitely taking off due to the reason you talk about. Getting your game away early, then have rest of the day with fam/watch the football etc. Southside morning team are still going, play in the Prem. Tough start but can never really write them off. The afternoon team has folded though.
  12. Broomhouse are a good unit - they'll do well. UB will only be a short term blip imo, the people running the team will make sure they have a competitive squad.
  13. Champ A - Maryhill Thistle followed by St Rochs. Champ B - Nicos Prem - for me it's the most competitive it's been for a long time, there's between 4 and 6 teams that probably believe or can win that league this season. Hard one to call. Can't even discount teams that haven't started well, but know they'll have class to come in.
  14. Figured it wouldn't be bad having a forum for the Strathclyde Saturday Morning League. It's not quite got the attraction of the big afternoon league, but with teams like UB United, Tynecastle, East Dunbartonshire, Nicos, Maryhill Thistle, Westercommon Star, Uddingston and Yoker - surely it's worth a bit of chat. Unsurprisingly East Dunbartonshire have started well in the new season having pushed UB united relatively close to the Premier league title last season, with 4 wins from 5, their only loss coming to Shawbridge in the first game of the season. Shawbridge before the weekend had won 3 from 3 before being beat by Bengal Lancers. Lancers and Uddingston are the only teams still to be beat (Bengal playing 3 and Uddingston having only played 1). In the leagues below Maryhill Thistle and St Rochs (6 from 6!) have not dropped a single point thus far, and in Championship B, Nicos lead the way having only dropped 2 points out of 12.
  15. Hearing Philip Johnston is signing for Darvel this week. Formerly Clydebank, Clyde, Dumbarton, Airdrie. Not saw him play but seems to have a decent CV!
  16. I've been watching this thread for a while because it's an interesting story developing and i'm interested in seeing how MK gets on in his new role in a new arena (Junior fitbaw) and how Darvel get on generally, but this thread has turned into an absolute farce at times. Darvel Legend aside (and i'll be honest, that guy is probably the biggest roaster on here), but the majority of Darvel posters have been absolutely fine and reasonable. MK has, in my opinion, conducted himself with integrity whenever he posts despite seeing some utter tripe being spouted towards him. One person posted making at least 4 jibes about his "amateur" background, which is incredible as that guy has probably never managed a team in his life. From afar it looks as if Mick has done a terrific job thus far and going well in the league, bit of excitement about the club etc. So the fact he's come from amateurs has no bearing on success at all. We all have to start somewhere. It's the Darvel snipers that are really turning this thread into a circus (albeit DL has given ALOT of ammunition to be fair - and now it looks like Darvel Icon is either the same guy or at least the same persona). Someone said it perfectly earlier by saying that there's people on here that wouldn't act the same way in person as they do behind a screen - I think people should think about that and stop being absolute to$$ers in all honesty. The whole Kemp situation and the hysteria that caused on here and trying to slag the club was mental as well. Club wants to sign player. Club agree's fee with other club. Player seems keen. Player agrees. Club announce (officially or unofficially it doesn't matter). There's a hitch in deal. Deal called off at late stages. Big deal. It probably happens all the time. Weird nonsense aimed towards the team for no apparent reason. In summary: DL / DI - stay off the forum, you cause your club too much crap because you're a bit of a bellend in truth, you invite way too much bad press that most of the good guys don't deserve. Mick - keep doing a good job, good luck with the team.
  17. Ha - no, not quite. Or at least he's not the guy you are referring to. He was the manager, he never funded a team.
  18. Previously managed Southside AFC. Played with various clubs at a good level i'm lead to believe. Couldn't rhyme it off. Sure he's highly respected by Mick as well. He'd probably confirm whether or not that is true, but that's what i'm lead to believe.
  19. Very good appointment in my opinion. Proper football guy and hopefully takes the great work that Mick did with the team and put's his own stamp on things to continue the success!
  20. Absolutely understand what you mean. I am sure you'd get some chancers like that. To be honest that would be a secondary feature. It's the players opinion on themselves understanding there will be accountability of what he said and expectations set, Most would be truthful but prone to slight exaggeration rather than blatant lies I imagine. Either way it wouldn't be a primary feature. The primary feature being their age, location, position, experience level and whether they are interested. If you are a club, do you not think it would be great to go to one person with a large database of players to source someone than rely solely on word of mouth, gum tree ads, facebook ads or cold calling clubs. You could use all sources, but If someone had a database of say 400 players, some of who were looking for a club, and all a manager had to do was stick an email to someone with their criteria - Personally I would love that as a manager. As a player, I think it would be great to be on a database like that where someone could call you up and say "so and so from the Premier League of the Fosters league are looking for a centre mid with your experience - would you like me to pass on your number (assuming they are free agent) or your clubs details (If already with a club). But that's just me, hence the reason for the question. Respect the fact here are varied opinions on that.
  21. Hi mate, Do you run a club or are you a player?
  22. These details would not be for public consumption or released - it would work exactly how a recruitment agency would work. The players would have to voluntarily give those details and would only do so if they wish and only be contacted if they agree.
  23. Doing a quick bit of research and wondering if this would be at all useful. A database of amateur football players which included details such as age, location, positions, 3 technical attributes and their mental attribute as well as their availability or current club. The thinking being that a club can contact one person when looking for players to recruit into their team, giving them a couple of criteria to work to like age, location or/and position. The person holding the database can then filter said information and let the club know that there are 'x' amount of players that fit their criteria, here are their main attributes in the players opinion. The players are then asked if they are happy to be contacted. If yes, details are passed on. Call it a dating website for amateur footballers. What's the general thoughts of both clubs and players. Pish or worth a discussion?
  24. Saturday Morning Premier League team playing in the Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur Football League looking for 2/3 players to bolster the current squad. Well established team with a management who has been here for 5+ years. Recent successes in last 3 years include Cup win and 2 back to back promotions and a top 5 finish in our first season in the Prem. (Currently sitting top 3 after 5 games). Looking for players who are capable of playing at this level. Commitment and attitude are paramount. If anyone is interested, give me a private message. Cheers.
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