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  1. Someone please help this poor Kilby fan.
  2. He just doesn't know the club and he doesn't know the score. Too busy getting in an argument with former bino player Dorris.
  3. I have been supporting the shire since the late 80's and been through the thin and thinner. That was just my opinion on Ricky Miller. However I will not be at the match this coming weekend because I'm doing a European double header as seeing Munich 1860 on Saturday and the Nice game on Sunday. Will be watching for the score while explain to the German and French people about the team I fallow. Mon The Shire
  4. Disappointed that I'm not going to be there today to see the fat shire rejects. Hopefully we smash them 6-1 shire win
  5. With a miss like his he was gonna have a terrible shire day if he hadn't already have scored
  6. Even more latest news from EKFC: The management team are confused why it didn't go to penalties cause that's what happens when things don't go our way.
  7. Latest from EKFC: Spartans game was just a friendly and in no way stops our record.
  8. Craig Tully is always looking for his next club to relegate. Would do it on the cheap too
  9. Murray did come on. The trialist was the only shire player to be waring yellow boots that's the only way I kept my eye on him. In my opinion and looking at his build I think he is possibly a centre half
  10. The trialist number 16 or 17 was Simon Allison. Have no idea who he has previously played for but just so you know.
  11. Nope. A couple of there fans tried to start shite and told us to meet them outside and then shat a brick when we did.
  12. Big talk from a fan who's team hasn't played in the big boys league yet. I remember Edinburgh City fans saying the exact same and look what is happening but continue to be deluded if you want to be.
  13. EK select fans what utter fannys. If you gonna start a fight don't back down and hide behind club staff when people stand up to you. What a bunch of p***ks
  14. It's confirmed. What a significant signing even if it's only on loan
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