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  1. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Why you on the junior forum then it’s all about the juniors
  2. West Fixtures Update Plan B

    Yeah it was but how many west finals were at pollok under the old sponsor including ones involving pollok I’m sure not 100% on that tho
  3. West Fixtures Update Plan B

    So that means the final might not be at pollok then
  4. Where will we see the Scottish Cup giant killers

    Stick to your own advice troll boy and stick to the massive supported lowland league
  5. Todays scores 22/9

    Daz Christie with goal
  6. Scores 15th Sept

    F-T beith 3 kilbirnie 2
  7. Scores 15th Sept

    Hat trick for young haggerty
  8. Scores 15th Sept

    Haggerty got the beith equaliser
  9. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    So your saying no one at Clydebank has a number for a glenafton official I find that strange there is better ways than posting on social media for The piranhas to have a field day on your team as I said in my original post I did not blame you for the posts it just opened it up for discussion
  10. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    Maybe you could get in touch with glenafton officials rather than starting a slanging match in here not blaming you for rest of posts but surely it would of been easier to contact the club
  11. Buffs v Beith Scottish Cup clash 50+ years ago

    Just like now beith v buffs in Scottish for third time in recent years it’s 1 all in who went through as semi was a win a piece
  12. Buffs v Beith Scottish Cup clash 50+ years ago

    Beith had a really good team at that point think they got to 3 west finals in a row
  13. Bot vs Beith

    Bradley very creative and frize and Wilson different to wee joe, how many teams have brilliant wide options and creative central mid, we still have a good squad maybe a bit small but when everyone fit our first 11 is probably better than last season so not that shabby
  14. Today's score 25th Aug

    Probably one of best teams along with cumnock at end of season wee Tony shud get his jotters for changing a team that had gelled eventually
  15. Bot vs Beith

    Take it you mean in league cos talbot won In ardagh and the Scottish in last 2 seasons