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  1. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    It’s not a small step up they are top of championship and just went to Dundee Utd and put 5 past them I see similar happening unfortunately
  2. After match hospitality

    Exactly not always fans
  3. After match hospitality

    Dont get to many games at bellsdale but I’ve heard a lot of grumbling in the stands and on social media about the non welcome to home fans also seen a lot of fans voicing it at Renfrew 2 weeks in a row could be different next season as there is a lot of work getting done I hope it changes as Renfrew showed us how it’s done
  4. After match hospitality

    The poster is looking for information it is good to know how other people view it for me I love going to Renfrew quality wee set up
  5. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    It won’t be on as they don’t want the tv money disappearing out of the spfl
  6. Today's Scores

    Beith down to 9 men frize and docherty sent off
  7. Today's Scores

    Beith 1 medda 1
  8. Today's Scores

    Beith 1 medda 0 Milliken
  9. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    I see he lost the ball to a driving instructor in the end big shez is our leader Pmsl
  10. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    Yeah ayr is bigger than hearts [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]
  11. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    My advice to you is .... ...
  12. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    The pyramid is great win your league and you still have loads of play offs to get promoted until there is straight promotion and relegation it will always be pathetic but your bottom 2 league teams are never gonna change it like turkeys voting for Christmas and the east teams jumped as there is an east of Scotland league for them don’t just say west juniors all junior teams ignored the lowland league set up there still isn’t a set up ready for next season
  13. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    What league would we play in south of Scotland with 4 hour return journeys every 2 weeks to play uncompetitive football no thanks there was no league structure for west teams to move just think 3 yr ago ayr were 90 mins from league 2
  14. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    Pmsl what makes ayr bigger than Morton
  15. Beith vs Ayr - Ayrshire Derby

    We played Morton 2 yrs ago and won the Scottish junior cup in 2016 too so this isn’t even our biggest game in 2 yrs pmsl [emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12]