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  1. For a new ground and not grass Renfrew is still a great day out and wee bar is brilliant
  2. At least you admit when u make a James hunt of it [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. It’s the best way forward this season jeezo 10 non league and division 2 in first round then the 10 winners and the 10 division 2 clubs in round 2 then the 10 winners and 22 from championship make last 32 for 3rd round as for 10 non league I’d say top 5 in highland league and top 5 lowland league then back to normal next season I don’t know why some fans can’t see it’s for 1 season and stop bleating on about how it affects there club this is best way forward for Scottish football I actually don’t think the Scottish cup senior or junior 19/20 should be played now even tho it affects the 2 team I support and my local ex junior team
  4. I’m not a darvel fan get your facts right
  5. This is there 1st season in top division and they weren’t splashing this sort of cash 5 yrs ago
  6. I mean not in there history in the recent times before he splashed the cash
  7. What had Kilwinning won before mccluckie how many leagues had meadow won before the cash that nearly ruined them or what about hurlford had they won anything before the cash
  8. And what so because it’s not about talbot it’s not news
  9. Darvel approach Celtic to see if they would like to play a friendly
  10. Is this name going to get to 2 weeks Trafford pmsl 3 games in a week lol, I remember teams 14 games in a month and it didn’t affect the crowd if you were a true junior fan that u claim u wud know that. Juniors are gone be n the west let it go and find another hobby than trolling p and b
  11. Make the semis a one off game on either a senior ground or any floodlight ground to be honest which is as close to equidistant for clubs
  12. Honest question did a guy fae darvel do the dirty with ur gf cos dam ur obsessed and another honest question how many names you had during co-vid
  13. Why 2 o’clock I think we lose people with that some people work Saturday and struggle to make 2 pm and as said earlier people watch the live lunchtime game and would miss 2pm kick off
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