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  1. That’s some teams you have beat don’t see any wins against the big boys like talbot pollok hurlford buffs beith glenafton medda tho my team have beat Bonnyrigg in the junior cup and Linlithgow in senior Scottish cup in last few year
  2. Camelon would be in the relegation dog fight if they were in west premier my team is not talbot as you seem to think but they had 3 attempts in senior Scottish cup and haven’t lost to anyone outside spfl
  3. Yes they would it’s only in last few seasons talbot have done much in senior Scottish cup. apart from 2011/12 when they lost to hearts in 4th round, I don’t think they made tonnes of money there success is because they are a local club that is supported well by surrounding areas have a great support and a commitee that most clubs would be proud of, a host of volunteers who take on all sorts of jobs round about the ground and every junior eos league and lowland league team would aspire to that, for just over 40 yrs they have dominated this grade winning more trophies than any other club in the history of this grade. My main point is what has west juniors got to do with yourself, your team is in the eos league you left the juniors behind why don’t you stick to commenting on your own league rather come on the junior forum and have a go at a guy who is a breath of fresh air to the west
  4. It’s not kennys fault that talbot have got to later stages of every competition they have played as well as 7 senior Scottish cup games so what has he to do not play any games cos talbot are having a great season as I said the west have less games to play than eos premier league unfortunately talbot are still in all 3 cups so it’s going to be impossible to have a league winner by beginning of may but that’s not the fault of the Scottish cup it’s the fact that talbot are going to have probably 50 fixtures to play this season and it’s scotland we live in not Australia so we are going to get fixtures called off due to the weather I’m sure the eos league will have had same problem
  5. Why are you trolling the junior forum stick to the eos threads the smaller east clubs like your own don’t want the west in the pyramid because your team would be in quicksand as it would have no chance of getting out the eos league as the west teams would be too good and strong for clubs like your own Kennie has done a fantastic job and is a breath of fresh air considering what we had before and if the west moved into the pyramid he would flourish there as well so crawl back under your east of Scotland league rock and Allie the west teams to enjoy the work the man has done Ps the west premier league has fewer games left to complete there season than eos premier so how bad a job is your fixtures guys doing
  6. Stoneywood 0 beith 1 docherty
  7. The fans were always behind him ,yeah some questioned some decisions but that happens at all clubs, in his 2 spells he has a win percentage of 60% not many managers have that type of percentage at one junior club. 2 league titles 1 Scottish cup 2 west of Scotland cups 1 ayrshire cup 1 evening times cup Plus a couple of final defeats Very hard act to follow good luck sir Johnny
  8. I very much doubt we won’t have any games called off for weather between now and end of season so let’s not be pedantic and call it May. Johnny says he needs a break now not April not May but unfortunately for beith it’s now
  9. If you need a break you go when you need it not wait 5 month
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