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  1. A lot of our fans won’t go there either after trouble on more than one occasion
  2. It’s not cumnocks attitude just a couple of fans
  3. He would get plenty red cards in seniors for use of elbows but is a talented boy
  4. East end 1 beith 4 Mcilroy Sheridan McLean x2
  5. All the money on talbot has made 8/11 Arbroath a decent price But il always support the juniors so good luck Talbot but it will be a very difficult game
  6. First one a penalty not the stonewaller I expected to see second one for me not a penalty yeah he stuck a leg out but was moving it back and the player went down very very easy if it was given against pollok I’m sure you would say same thing hardly stonewall penalties
  7. Usual talbot hijacking a cumnock thread
  8. Beith were missing big players as well mcglinchy docherty frize and milliken was on the bench
  9. Jeezo wats happening to the galacticos
  10. Stop your moaning you think your galacticos will win the cup, so why moan about playing team below you in the table
  11. So what made you a talbot supporter then what’s the difference so your saying in the time you were at hurlford you didn’t support them at all And you haven’t answered my question if you know me if I have been attacking u for a while
  12. Think your a wee obsessed now you only seem to reply to my posts you had nothing to say on the post but called me obsessed [emoji106][emoji106]
  13. Where am I attacking you your not on my Facebook and I do not post on here very often do you even know who I am
  14. But you said I had been personally attacking you for several years I’m not on here very often so don’t flatter yourself that I’ve been personally attacking you
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