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  1. Barrhead job centre will be fun today.
  2. Pumped. We were lucky it was only 4! Talbot are going to be hard to stop this year on current form.
  3. The whole point of football is you "hate" your rivals. The fact you go down the pub with them after the game doesn't make a blind bit of difference. Arthurlie are obviously our closest rivals but I just pity them these days as they are irrelevant same with m£dda because of the sugar daddy thing but I'd like to see them get over their current problems. Ladeside top of my "hate" list followed by Petershill.
  4. Quietly confident we'll do it this year.
  5. aye, Cordia supply them and deal with the prices. They buy the cheapest stuff imaginable in bulk, absolutely vile. I'd stand our own Pollok pies against anyone, although I take the point about the excellent Buffs Pies.
  6. Honkin' statement or not, at least m£dda are actually doing something about the cretin who spat. Compare and contrast with Kilbirnie fans last season who not only refused to condemn, but actually DEFENDED the degenerate who did the very same heinous act to one of our players by saying "he was provoked by the Pollok manager celebrating a goal".
  7. Class. This is what junior football is all about.
  8. How you getting on in the Homeless World Cup?
  9. That's twice you've alluded to this now. Either back it up or shut up.
  10. Delighted with that. He was always a pain in the ass every time he played against us :-)
  11. Wonder how many times the neanderthal cretins that follow them will shame "Ladedise" this season.
  12. Think I'll pass if you don't mind :-) fair play for putting that together for them though.
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