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  1. General consensus , Louis Mooie and co , go support talbot !
  2. I can assure you I was as gutted as anyone today. Just want to know more about your strategy and if you would be willing to step in and put it into action. Creating a post to sack manager and players aufy easy, my weans could do that. Need more that that.
  3. So we will sell all these players you think are crap, buy much better players with the money we get. Appoint new management team and win the Scottish and league next year? Will you be the new chairman please , sounds feckin magnificent to me!
  4. Let’s hear your solution then Louis? Who’s in and who’s out ? When we doing this ? Are you gonna join the committee and manage all this change ? Sounds like an aufy overhaul.
  5. Great win today buffs, congratulations. Hopefully no more posts for at least a week from djorkiev the negative neutral!
  6. Right so a team plays from a better surface ie Meadow Park surely the Buffs will be the levellers giving the Meadow the team going down to poor park NO? We're not sending a rocket to the moon here dreggin!
  7. People in glass houses jinky! "Although buffs one the match" lol Did your missus teach you that big long word when you were oot shopping?
  8. You obviously said you didn't agree with him. 2nd paragraph ?
  9. Fingers crossed you will move on before that one way or another! No club wants supporters like you!
  10. Good suggestion, plucker and Marlowe go and support whitletts Victoria. They have a gid centre half that you can rave about on P&B and we won't need to read the negative posts every week!
  11. Krfc10 you are deluded. We could have taken 2 or 3 more goals off you last 20 mins. At least I admitted you should have beaten us soundly during first leg and taken your chance. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji375][emoji375] Nail hammerer! Good luck in the super first next year.
  12. My word you are persistent! Check back, I said majority other than Prentice. Slagged me for intelligence! Majority of 10 could be 6 ya nail hammerer! I also didn't say squad, I said u19s which was referring to those that played last night i.e 2 players. My apologies if you don't have the intellect to digest and understand that. Please oh please let's agree to disagree if you still don't follow.
  13. 2 players doesn't constitute a squad. Complimenting their performance in what was their biggest game to date and rating their performance as better or equal to your players is hardly saying they would finish in a top position in your league. Your back to your ifs and buts again, getting boring!
  14. The u19 boys that came in last night had just as good a game as the majority of the kilsyth team, my opinion. Whether they'll​ excelled on the night or your players were below par is irrelevant. You had a great chance to beat us last night and I would have taken a draw before the game kicked off, my opinion. The return of the 3 signed for tomorrow night's game will strengthen the team and settle the defence, my opinion. It's a great thing that we don't all have to have the same opinion on the game otherwise these threads would be aufy boring.
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