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  1. Off topic it's Hurlford v Lee's next week in Ayrshire [emoji3][emoji106]
  2. New Farm are one of the worst teams I have seen Lee's play this year. One dimensional. Long punt to the wee baldy guy up front
  3. Lee's won 3-2 [emoji106][emoji847][emoji847]
  4. I see the Leg End is still spouting his disrespectful shite in ere. When a big club come asking Mick will be ofski [emoji106]
  5. Joe has been training with Lees for weeks. Hardly an embarrassment signing a top drawer player
  6. Lees were up 3-1 at the time. Aye hope the lad is OK. Bad time of year to get a bad one
  7. Lees game abandoned. Cumnock player dislocated knee. Ambulance no show
  8. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Jeezzo this thread is an absolute joke. Darvel... End do us a favour and delete this one as well. Ps Darvel are no even top of the league ffs PPS Talbot will destroy them
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