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  1. She has a boyfriend, although she still has feelings for me. She's keen the kids are brought up with a mum and da, but she's doing everything possible to ensure I have no access, which I'm angry about. I've invested lots of time with them and um changing.
  2. Made up straw men are not welcome to the debate, mate. I have experience as a formally hetz gent. I'm now bisexual and have been for 64 months. I've answered your direct slavering 3 times over, revisit. The onus is of course to describe how the social disadvantage of Homo-placement is in the best interests of the baby. You need to step up to the mic and make the case. You Fud.
  3. Subjecting the baby to a non-hetz lifestyle. When Hetz lifestyles are statistically proven to rear the very best in people. You are more interested in being "mega radical" and loud to be heard. Absolutely no-ones impressed.
  4. Any1 who gives me a neg ret will never be answered. Uv mate Ur c8s poorly. Its obvaus you care more about arguing than social progress. All 4 points have been explained you no it and I no it. Deal with it, bruv.
  5. Two really nice finishes from the other night and, plus an overhead kick that rattled the post.
  6. He's one of the few decent managers in the Premiership. Absolute madness to think some folk would prefer the punt-and-run antics of Moyes over Roberto. I'm one of the very select band that predicted Leicester's success. If Everton stick with Roberto 2017 will be epic. 1. Arsenal 2. Everton 3. Spurs 4. Stoke Your top 4 next year folks. Bump this the year after and doff the caps, AGAIN.
  7. 1. Yes its possible. I want the best for our children. If you support Gaying the child you don't. 2. The point when you said "I accept your argument". 3. Don't put words into my mouth. I care deeply about the welfare of children and ensuring they have the very best in life. Money helps. 4. Yes, Yes I do. Do you have proof that Homosexuals argue less than Hetz ?
  8. Top of my head. Mineral deficiency Increased bullying Less fund to care for baby /child Increased arguing.
  9. Nobody suggested it couldn't be. What's your point caller ?
  10. A wall is the best option to prevent snakes from entering via the woods and bracken.
  11. Being Pro-child. Favouring the best possible upbringing for the wean.
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