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  1. All my exes wear Rolex’s [emoji6]
  2. Well done mick and colville [emoji1360] I’m sure there still oot celebrating 🥳
  3. Score sand reports
  4. Been reading this for a few days now and the jealous nature of some posts is all there to see. Maybe instead of bitching and moaning and making accusations , certain guys could work on there ability there fitness and there attitude and who knows they might get the call to join colville . If not atleast they would feel better about themselves.. every time any team does well it’s the usual moon bowlers who say they only won because they pay players , paying them way cash . Paying them way Coke .. the list goes on . Very rarely do I ever hear well done lads !! So al say it for everyone well done to the cup finalists and may the best team win
  5. Well done mick and the team . Outstanding from start to finish . Teams fitness and quality were far too much for an overweight and overrated hurlford. Surely this summer the main objective of that team is to shed a few stone
  6. Today’s scores and reports 24/11/18
  7. Today’s scores and reports
  8. Lot of drivel gettin spread hear... Please stick to facts and if possible stop mentioning second rate players and second rate teams thanks again
  9. HT problem was this year and last they’ve paid cash to sub standard players .. fact is they pay £30-£80 a week depending on who you are Got them nowhere this season and tbh will get them nowhere next season unless they get a better calibration player
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