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  1. Possible Fife groundhop, Sat 19 March

    Thanks for your comments all. @bobbykdy - I did once go from Cowdenbeath on the train and don't remember a change, so was a bit confused by this when looking at the railway website the other day and saw the change at Thornton. @Yoss - thanks for the tip re. the juniors, had thought about that actually e.g. Rosyth or someone similar would make for an easy journey to Starks afterwards, plus I think the juniors kick off at 2pm right?
  2. Possible Fife groundhop, Sat 19 March

    Cheers, that's a great help. Will look it up.
  3. I'm in Scotland on 19/20 March and was planning to see Raith v Hibs, which I see has been moved to 5:15pm for Sky. Thinking about trying to squeeze in some of Cowdenbeath v Dunfermline at 3pm, any ideas on the best way to get from there to Stark's Park (i.e. is there a direct bus to the Linktown area)? The 4:30pm train from Cowden is cutting it a bit fine given the 15ish mins walk from KDY station to SP.