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  1. I'm guessing it was this https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/exclusive-sfa-step-non-league-22354539
  2. Do you see any signs of the club repeating the exact same approach? 😕
  3. Because every season is going to be Groundhog Day. Every season is going to be teams in West Lothian, nowhere to get promoted to, nowhere to get relegated to. No incentive to improve the ground. No incentive to challenge against a better standard of team. Show some ambition. Atm Fauldhouse Amateurs are higher profile in the village and are aiming higher than the Juniors
  4. I moved to Darlington first for a year, then 7 years Derby and now Dundee. I like moving around... Sounds like you're in Witness Protection working your way through the alphabet of "D" locations in the UK 😂
  5. Not a peep. Almost two weeks on from the closing date for votes as well. Still waiting for Dundee to vote 😁
  6. If we don't stay Junior I'm taking my ball and going home!!!
  7. Was it not 64 clubs? ie 4 regional Tier 6 divisions with 16 clubs each
  8. Surely though including Tayside teams within the Lowland League would increase travel distance for every other club? or am I missing something? I guess someone would have to calculate the current entire mileage for the Lowland League and compare it with the net effect of adding a team currently north of the line.... we might need a longer lockdown 😉
  9. "refusing to rule out a move" in tabloid speak 😉
  10. Remember too that the South super league was formed to promote more local matches and increase attendances. The total attendances reported for the entire south super league is about the equivalent of the home attendance for Tranent
  11. Aye. The Scottish Lowland Cup? 🏆
  12. Casey, the obvious comparison (for me) is Fauldhouse 4.7k v Blackburn 4.7k Apologies for repeating a post I made in the Fauldhouse thread just a couple of months back but it feels a hell of a lot longer!
  13. Got to agree JPL it seems nuts to me too. The North & East juniors are going to allow the new West Senior Big Boys to play at being "Junior" a couple of days a year and pinch the money out of the Junior piggy bank in prize money. Bizarre.
  14. Fauldhouse registered a note of interest, not aware of anyone else from the current ERJFA, but possible. There was talk early on of discussions needing to address "geographical integity" covered by EoS, Sos and now the new WoS. I can't recall anything more substantial coming out about that other than just to ward off a wholescale (and almost certainly only theoretical!) cherry picking by clubs across areas.
  15. Just a thought but would lower ranked current WRSJFA sides maybe decide to sit out the Conference season and remain Junior for next season and then be quite comfortable joining the WoSL at the lowest tier in the following season?
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