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  1. Maybe 6 regulars out due to work commitments, injuries and suspensions on Saturday. Just looking at the 3 games you mention, Blackburn fielded 21 different players. A lot of that is down to injuries but I guess it means too that there isn't a clear and obvious starting XI. On the other hand it means too that Blackburn aren't reliant on one player and there some depth to the squad. Top half might be pushing it imo but they have it in their own hands to be able to stay up.
  2. Got to say, as a Blackburn supporter, that was a fine Linlithgow performance yesterday. Thought Blackburn were in for a doing but showed a lot of heart just to stay on their feet after waves of Linlithgow attacks. It gave Blackburn a puncher's chance which they very nearly took but for a brilliant bit of forward interplay for the winner. Mind you I'd like to see that shout for handball deep into added time again .....
  3. Hoofball? Aye right Pep Blackburn played with one striker, not a giant either. Both Blackburn wingers played well. Decent game, Blackburn should have had a penalty at 2-1 up which could have settled the result but a point is not the worst result when you are playing Barca
  4. Absolutely and why on earth would they waste so much political capital for so little gain?
  5. Good point but takes us further through the Looking Glass. On what basis are the SFA CURRENTLY administering disciplinary offences in regard to these games?
  6. Why don't the LL stick 2 fingers up to the SFA? The OF Colts in the LL is a mistake but they joined on the understanding they would not be promoted. So just revert to existing rules, wipe out the existing results and play all the remaining scheduled fixtures as "friendlies". Everyone happy? (bar the SFA an Brechin )
  7. Fauldhouse United unable to raise a team for this weekend's Challenge Cup match at Preston Athletic. The FB post says "postponed"
  8. The questions were about East League so the University teams would have known that Airdrie was WOSL territory
  9. Don't take this as gospel but I heard someone on the committee passed away suddenly and it's cancelled as a mark of respect.
  10. Bathgate community club tweeting that 8 of their players who now play under Fauldhouse u20 banner, are in the squad for the fauldhouse Junior Cup match today
  11. According to the fans pages on FB sounds like the club is in some disarray with talk of some players away and wholesale changes in committee.
  12. Armadale Thistle have withdrawn from the Junior Cup according to their Doon the Volly FB page https://www.facebook.com/1624028194504178/posts/3076611642579152/
  13. Mackie. The manager was very bullish pre season, all his signings were ex SPFL stars from the West. For me Syngenta are the surprise package, Bo'ness Ath already looked to have potentiial last season. I thought Whitburn, Armadale and West Calder would be tough nuts to crack too
  14. This is a Blackburn perspective but hopefully not completely blinkered. Teams at the bottom simply lose the winning habit. Blackburn went into the game against Sauchie midweek as "favourites" with points on the board and they were poor. Sauchie, even with 10 men, looked like holding on to their win. Blackburn went into the game again as "favourites" but Whitehill dominated the first half. Two similar looking goals, clever work from the striker, Blackburn not at the races and Whitehill looking very good value for their lead. Second half Blackburn start a wee bit better and doubt starts to show in Whitehill's play. They had a huge chance of a 3rd with a near repeat of the move that saw the first two goals but blew it. It wasn't a dirty game but fouls creeping into Whitehill's game and some loss of discipline with a lot of dissent towards the officials. The red card was for a second yellow, looked a foul but maybe the ref had seen the boy foul a few times. Whitehill decide to hold on to their lead and drop deep and 87th minute Blackburn have a free kick and in front of the ref the full back hauls down the Blackburn centre half. The equaliser and winner were both very fine strikes from outside the area (I think!) giving the goalie no chance. A bit unreal but just had a sense of something could still happen even at 85 minutes and 2 down. Whitehill looked really decent the first half but FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the second, Blackburn with the brakes off at the end looked dangerous with waves of attacks. Some win for Blackburn and a very sore one for Whitehill to get over.
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