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  1. According to this the weather is only going to get worse next Tuesday? Link
  2. Personally hate the shouts for a Manny-Loma fight though, there's 3 weight classes between them. Maybe if Loma went up to 135 and beat Linares or Flanagan but don't see the point in rushing away from such a stacked division.
  3. Loma's in a brilliant division, not just stacked but stacked with people willing to fight anyone. Vargas/Muira/Corrales/Uchiyama/Pedraza or the Salida rematch.
  4. Saw an interview with Blackwell a few days ago seemed so down not to be able to box again, get why he'd want to get in for a spar. As J Stewart says though it's on everyone around him to stop it, how anyone could get in and hit him back only a few months after he's out of a coma is beyond me.
  5. Holy shit, Sweet Caroline playing on the Boxnation show, thought I'd accidently went onto Sky there
  6. Got to imagine that's a lot of Haye's doing, for all of Eddie's faults he tends to keep ticket prices lowish. The most expensive Froch Groves 2 ticket was £1500 apparently
  7. To what tune did he tweet this?
  8. I commented 4 minutes after you posted it, it was still at the top.
  9. Aye him and Usyk both love that move, thank f**k for Eastern Europeans keeping the sport alive. Loma's resume in his first 8 fights is unmatched in boxing.
  10. Whenever you're in a shite mood just imagine Loma doing that pivot to the right/left hook to the body combination, gets me through it
  11. Get Bellew stripped of that WBC belt and let 2 cruisers fight for it, Briedis-Huck would be a good fight but there's a ton of decent fights that could be made for it. If Bellew wants to perform some WWE shit then get fucked up by Haye whilst Ladbible spunks themselves silly that's fine but he shouldn't be allowed to hold that belt hostage in one of the most stacked divisions. It's another mismatch when we could've been setting up good fights (Bellew-Briedis and Haye vs the winner of Parker-Ruiz) that'll be covered over by the two of them shouting at each other at press conferences and needing to be split up at the weigh in.
  12. Absolutely useless, could still fire 5 or 6 of then that have no chance
  13. Frances and Paul are defo shagging
  14. Eubank can hardly talk considering he's literally begging Eddie/AJ to fight a bum on that Manchester card
  15. Sold out I presume, it's on AJ's show
  16. Going from being offered a few million to unify every middleweight belt to fighting in Paisley, brilliant
  17. Real shitter about Paterson being injured and pulled out of the show on Saturday, was the best fight scheduled on either British show
  18. Think Haye might want in on that action. The heavyweights are shite, full of fat fucks and PED cheats
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