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  1. According to this the weather is only going to get worse next Tuesday? Link
  2. Personally hate the shouts for a Manny-Loma fight though, there's 3 weight classes between them. Maybe if Loma went up to 135 and beat Linares or Flanagan but don't see the point in rushing away from such a stacked division.
  3. Loma's in a brilliant division, not just stacked but stacked with people willing to fight anyone. Vargas/Muira/Corrales/Uchiyama/Pedraza or the Salida rematch.
  4. Saw an interview with Blackwell a few days ago seemed so down not to be able to box again, get why he'd want to get in for a spar. As J Stewart says though it's on everyone around him to stop it, how anyone could get in and hit him back only a few months after he's out of a coma is beyond me.
  5. Holy shit, Sweet Caroline playing on the Boxnation show, thought I'd accidently went onto Sky there
  6. Got to imagine that's a lot of Haye's doing, for all of Eddie's faults he tends to keep ticket prices lowish. The most expensive Froch Groves 2 ticket was £1500 apparently
  7. To what tune did he tweet this?
  8. I commented 4 minutes after you posted it, it was still at the top.
  9. Aye him and Usyk both love that move, thank f**k for Eastern Europeans keeping the sport alive. Loma's resume in his first 8 fights is unmatched in boxing.
  10. Whenever you're in a shite mood just imagine Loma doing that pivot to the right/left hook to the body combination, gets me through it
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