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  1. Worst team on the pitch. Looks like they are the worst team in the legal system. Relegate this thread to the championship forum?
  2. How about something that gives balanced conferences, but also tends to give more local fixtures. Important when teams are hard up after the enforced break. Divide into groups of 4, same idea as the EoS did with groups of 3. The EoS put the 1sts in group together, then the 2nds etc,. Instead take the most northerly out of each group of 4. And call that Conference N. Then the most southerly, Conference S. Most easterly becomes Conference E and the remainder Conference W. It won't be perfect geographically, but could give the best of both worlds?
  3. Correct - he's a bitter Hearts supporter who manages to show his bias more often than not. The fact that he knows nothing about non-league football doesn't surprise me. What is amazing is the fact he is proud of it. "I don't know the detail this year, I haven't looked". Too thick to even google it before he posts on twitter.
  4. Can you not get the best of both worlds with an almost even distribution but aim for local derbies. So group teams in 3s from the rankings. So 1,2,3 together, 4,5,6 etc. all the way down. Then put the most northern club in each group in Conference A, most southerly in Conference C and the remaining one in Conference B. Sure that would cut down on the travel a bit and keep the 3 conferences even enough. If I wasn't so sunny outside, I would have listed the conferences as you did above - just to see how well it works out!
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