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  1. Sorry the post was meant for Buckfast apologies.
  2. People supporting Ayr shouting abuse at kids playing football before the game do you classify them as lowlife Ayr fans ?
  3. Invincible your 5 points in front of Raith Rovers who have two games in hand.
  4. If you don't win the league your points tally will count for very little and you could be facing us in the play offs. Happy Christmas to all Airdrie fans.
  5. What exactly do we owe TW/ M&H ? That is why i mentioned previous comment about minority shareholders asking to see the club accounts as it would then give us all idea of what TW is owed. Though i don't agree with it.
  6. I don't believe in anyway going into administration is the best way forward we have a chairman who is accountant and has always ran the club within tight budget and i believe is doing his best to help the club break even. WHAT DO ADMINISTRATORS DO? Administrators are accountants( which Ballantynes are) whose job is to get get the best deal for the club and those they owe money to by either finding a buyer or minimising losses. They are responsible for the running of club and will try and increase revenue. This is generally done by selling off assets (normally the best players Andy Ryan, Rohan) and using contacts( the 5 loan players) to find investment. They may also try and seek a deal with creditors to reduce the amount of debt they have to pay. In short, administrators are in charge of everything except what happens on the pitch. WHAT ARE THE PUNISHMENTS FOR ENTERING ADMINISTRATION? If a club in the Football League enters administration they are automatically deducted ten points. so what are the benefits of entering administration as i don't see any.
  7. The questions i would love answers to, How much did TW pay for his shares Does the club owe any money to TM or M and H Logistics or were there any loans etc taking out in the clubs name. Do minority shareholders have any right to view the clubs accounts.
  8. The advertiser today - TW wants £350,000 but its negotiable. ( how much did he buy his shares for) TW states number of interested parties. TW states club is in better shape than when he first arrived. Consortium of 12 ready to step in support the club if airdrie was to go into administration. JB goes on to say the club has made great progress due to considerable effort by many people such as Holemaster and the sale of Andy Ryan.
  9. My thoughts as well why let the club go bust for much less than £300,000 which is reported he is after for his shares. If he didn't want to be paying any costs anymore towards airdrie why not sell his shares cheaper rather than getting nothing at all. If JB hadn't stepped up would TW have allowed the club to go bust and get nothing for his shares.
  10. TW is a joke. The guy should be held liable for decisions he has made at our football club which he walked out on. TW offered 2 year contracts and he signed us up to Ravenscraig he simply isn't paying the commitments he made to the club if he was decent he would have honoured the contracts and Ravenscraig. TW didn't even have the bottle to come to the recent meeting which TW was invited to.
  11. It won't be. Rohan deal to Motherwell there is a good possibility they loaned us Watt and Hastie for nothing as well as Motherwell paying the remainder of Rohan wages. McGregor and Tierney I believe we may paying nothing towards there wages. Tom Fry signed contract and I think Dalziel meant regards to recent players to join the club. Dougy post was good and Dalziel deserves credit we have a team the now I think is better than last year on a much lesser budget. Fitzpatrick comes across well and I'm all for backing him. Willis Furtado is only 19 and scored 7 goals for stenny last year for anyone that doesnt know.
  12. I want both signed but i don't think Furtado getting motm was so ridiculous he had a very good game and looked dangerous and was taking players on and was also tracking back.When with Stenhensmuir he had motm performance against us, he is a young exciting player and i really hope we sign him just as much as Balatoni.
  13. Tierney has great movement he makes some excellent runs so whether he is having a quiet came or not opposing defenders cannot afford to switch off.
  14. Had a very good game was creative and is full of tricks i want him signed up asap as he is the type player we have been missing as he is great at taking players on and having defenders backtracking. Any time he got on the ball i felt he was going to be a threat exciting player to watch.
  15. Some decisions go for you some don't. Only last week one of our players was elbowed on side of the face which went unoticed.Parry could have quite easily got a red card. Decisions went for us and also against us in the game today but there is no denying Airdrie were the far better team today we played football and kept our discipline.
  16. Happy too se Andy Ryan get another goal for dumferline quality player.
  17. Fry for me had a great game linking passes and allways looking for the ball.
  18. Willis Furtado and Conrad Balatoni hope we sign them both of them up asap.It was a great team performance well done lads.
  19. Spot on. Before TW some of the fans critised Jim for not having any ambition, he wasn't willing to throw money at the club because we didn't have the money. Some fans were happy to continue to support the team others weren't because they feel we should be doing a lot better however without money this can be very difficult. So really what are the big mistakes the Ballantynes have made ? They haven't thrown the towel where as TW did.
  20. Two separate matters but we do need a manager asap. The fans though are entitled to know how long the players contracts are for.
  21. For me the club should be confirming the lengths of the contracts.
  22. I think most of us are losing patience at not having a manager and I'm surprised were signing a player when the priority should be bringing in a manager to bring some stability to the club. Why is it taking the club so long to bring in a manager as fans we should know why as without knowing it causes uncertainty and more rumours.
  23. Fry contract length not confirmed are we signing players on a short term contracts how long are Brown, Stewart, Brownlie contracts for does anyone know .
  24. Maybe trying to get a new manager in before the game as no mention of who is taking the team on pre match comments on the Airdrie website of who is taking the team.
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