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  1. Could be a decent move for us but also a risky one, fitness seemed to be his major issues last year and he has just missed the majority of our (all be it short) pre season. Need to get May off the wage bill now.
  2. Agree with most of that but I haven’t seen a better example of a player that’s legs have gone more than Allan Tate, he was terrible. Didn’t he have an horror show away to county?
  3. Good chance Ryan Jack takes a funny turn and falls over.
  4. Nicky Maynard is not very good. It is so apparent that his legs are gone and he no longer has the ability to have any impact on a game. When you make Greer look pacey you know you’re in a bit of bother. I am sure McInnis will continue to give him a chance until he accept that he’s sh*te around January. Thought Arnason was decent enough, although he wants a bit too long on the ball at times. Rotating Christie is madness, should be starting every game when fit.
  5. 100 percent agree with this, why stick our best player out of position where he struggles to find form. You only have to look at Christie’s impact against Dundee and compare that with him playing central against Partick. Mclean is a good player but stats don’t lie, Christie is much more effective playing the 10 role than him and should stay there all season.
  6. Surprised you don’t just refer to him as Ryan then. You know first name terms and all that.
  7. Great draw that, nice looking trip too. No excuse not to get a result next week.
  8. Disappointing stuff last night, looks like a team that had just be thrown together. Christie was the best player on the park and for me and should be playing in his preferred number 10 role as he has no real interest in playing out wide. Thought Stewart looked the best of the new players, although not in the best shape he was good on the ball and tried to make things happen. It is worrying how poor Rooney was, you have to wonder if he is going to struggle without the service of Hayes and McGinn. Maynard is going to have to do a lot to win me round as am not sure what he is going to offer.
  9. I am going to throw a name in the hat so i can claim to be ITK when it comes off - Aaron Pierre *will delete if he doesn’t sign.
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