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  1. Wean isn't remotely coarse, it's a Scots word. Don't fall into the trap of cringe.
  2. How do you manipulate an opinion poll? And are you equally concerned about manipulation in a referendum itself?
  3. It's alright for folk outside Scotland, I've seen similar guides to leagues in South Korea, USA etc. A throwaway article for casual observers. But in the land of the cringe it goes on our own sports page and is only tweeted by the BBC Sports Scotland account. BTW, according to that I should follow Killie, but it didn't ask my views on Black Lives Matter or sectarian terrorists so maybe I could still be more suited to one or two other clubs after all.
  4. Can I just say that I don't know what you mean?
  5. The BBC and others treating the claim that MMR caused autism (spoiler alert: it doesn't) in their usual he said, she said style lent it a credence that it didn't deserve. This led to children dying. There aren't two sides to every story, and many people hold opinions that are demonstrably wrong, or for which there is no credible basis. Some opinions don't deserve respect.
  6. Thanks. As someone who just regards their body as something to move them around it's genuinely interesting to hear how it is for others.
  7. I genuinely mean no offence here and I'm just floating this as a thought, but is it healthy to tie your sense of well-being to the physical appearance of your muscles? Do you make the same judgment of others?
  8. Flat earthists are wrong. Antvaxers are wrong. Qanon believers are wrong. And I don't need to watch their stupid videos to know that much.
  9. C'mon then. What conspiracy theory is it you believe in that you think we don't.
  10. You beat me to it. If I had a dollar for every time I've read "Watch this 98 minute YouTube video containing reheated shite from 800 other demented 98 minute YouTube videos, otherwise I'm definitely right and you're definitely wrong," I'd have enough money to open my own child sex pizza dungeon.
  11. That near Mosmorran they probably don't even need floodlights...
  12. As with most things you write here, I'm sure you're wrong.
  13. You think the other three clubs don't want to play it? Montae fk. And surely you've noticed that clubs have already started playing friendlies, no?
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