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  1. I had thought it was a maximum of 5, but it doesn't say anywhere on the EoSFL website and the wiki page says 6 can go down. Logically, that would have to be possible - HL champion goes up, a L2 club joins the LL, two fall from the LL to the EOS Premier and no-one goes up, two come up from the conferences and so 6 need to be relegated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021–22_East_of_Scotland_Football_League
  2. Have to call this one the Dolphin Derby. Can there be two teams closer together with a longer distance by road between them? 22.6 miles by road, 3.2 miles as the crow flies.
  3. Not good enough to seriously challenge a West Premier side, no. They've made a good start to the season but it would be a huge shock if it was anything other than a routine win for Talbot.
  4. You wonder how Warren Gatland feels watching someone beat South Africa in back-to-back matches playing pretty open rugby with lesser resources than he had at his disposal.
  5. In fairness, you get a great view from up there, much better than if you actually pay! With respect you seem to have some kind of ocd or something. It's a decent idea trying to get crowds but really it's all a bit pointless and clubs don't owe you or any anoraks anything , fancy graphics and tables really are ott. You know what else is pointless? Football.
  6. Division B Round 7, Gordon2496 beats Dandies 1983. Good game, you were ahead until you unfortunately left that pawn in the corner exposed. Could have gone either way.
  7. Really? I had a look before, when I was looking for matches to watch illicitly during lockdown, and it didn't seem promising.
  8. Every time I try and discuss real things on this site I quickly realise it's a waste of time. I'll head back to the football now. Those people want to come here, btw.
  9. Good point. While Verstappen was more technically at fault, Hamilton could have easily given him another metre and avoided the incident altogether. Same at Silverstone - Hamilton was at fault but Verstappen just had to open his hands a little. If the two of them want to go knock-for-knock all season then fine, but I think spectators and viewers want them both to stay on the track to the end. A little collective punishment might do them both good, though I can't see it happening.
  10. Or we should keep bringing them in from other countries, like we've been doing all along. The idea that there is enough suitably capable people willing and able to train as doctors and nurses in the UK, for that pay and with those hours, is probably very wrong anyway.
  11. They're all for free speech, except when it makes them sad.
  12. I will never, ever understand why anyone cares where their nurse comes from. Do you not just want them to be good? Do they need to know all the words to God Save The Queen as well?
  13. Yes, then extended it all round so everyone had cover. In post-renovation pictures you can see the new inner ring clearly.
  14. It's incredibly important to note that it's NOT "mainly" women who are opposed to gender recognition and self ID. This is factually wrong. It's mainly men. It's older people rather than younger, and it's right more that left. Trans people present no more danger to women than gay people do to children or black men do to white women. It's nothing but bullshit bogeyman stories and you're damn right I look down on the people who choose to believe it.
  15. Do you see every issue through the prism of constitutional politics? Because it's completely irrelevant how the UK government feel about it. I'm supposed to side with transphobes because it might help the cause of independence (which I don't believe it will), which might be slightly better for gender recognition (though almost all of it is devolved)? When the reality is that the only reason we're going to get GRA reform is because the people you regard as splitters have stuck to their guns? I'm fine with there being a rift in the independence camp. It's too big to have one set of values, same as the unionist camp includes both the Labour Party and the Brexit Party. But if you really want unity in the independence camp, how about you ask the transphobes to shut the fk up? Unionists are just my opponents. Transphobes are my enemies.
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