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  1. 17-18, Bradley's first full season, when we finished 2nd, 4 points behind a very good Bonnyrigg. The cups were disappointing though. Until 16-17 we'd never finished outside the top 3 in the Superleague, so I can't regard any of those seasons as really disappointing. Is my bar too low?
  2. Fair shout about nights out at this time of year, although that surely doesn't explain an attendance of about 150 on Tuesday. I suppose you're right about routine, I don't understand it personally but it seems to be the way for a lot of folk.
  3. I'm a numpty, I was looking at next week on the calendar. When my kids were young it was much easier to get out midweek than at weekends too, that's partly how I started the habit of going to new grounds.
  4. Next up in the Season of Disappointment is Newtongrange, tomorrow night, another game under the lights. Feel like attendances have been notably lower for evening matches (groundhop and Falkirk excepted), anybody have a theory for why? Do guys just not fancy it if it's not on a Saturday afternoon, do they not know the game is on, is it work, or what? Hard to believe that it was mostly the same team who beat Broxburn away that shat the bed at home to Whitehill. Such a weirdly inconsistent season.
  5. It's not the same, I know, but the new ground does look like it'll generate a decent atmosphere: https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1038181&page=9
  6. What do you want him to do, lie? He's saying it on here, not at the players. There's less than 150 here tonight so you can't question the commitment.
  7. Whitehill playing much, much better than they did then, but Rose not functioning in midfield and far, far too many sloppy passes and miscontrols. Of the usual starters only Thom and Gray are missing.
  8. 8 yards out, nobody but the keeper to beat, last minute, Coco gives him an easy save low to the right. Extra time. Lovely night for it.
  9. WW are a couple of goals better than us tonight. We're lucky still to be in it.
  10. Ruari passes inside the full back, Hutchison cuts back from the goal line, Allum sweeps a side footer into the far side of the net. Sometimes just a little moment of quality is all the difference. Cannae get used to the black shorts.
  11. I don't enjoy insulting people online, but in your case I'll make an exception. You couldn't come off as more of a cretin in this thread if you tried, you tedious bigoted waste of carbon. The mute function is great, just a pity you can't block here too.
  12. Friday 19th match at Hampden is a 5pm kick off. Tuesday 23rd both games kick off at 8pm. Real pisser is that our game v Czech Republic on the Monday is a 2pm kick off.
  13. There's only 24 teams in the competition...
  14. I don't know Ruth Smeeth, but to accuse Margaret Hodge of having more loyalty to Israel or to other Jews than to the UK is fucking heinous. It's unequivocally anti-semitic, and if you don't see how then there's only one explanation for that. Hodge and others are perfectly entitled to draw conclusions from the Labour Party's abject failure to deal with the huge number of complaints of anti-semitism inside the party under Corbyn's leadership. To suggest it's motivated by anything else is despicable.
  15. I can't see what you're objecting to in there, accusing Jews of disloyalty to their country is a well-established anti-semitic trope, but ok. If he can back up that accusation with specific examples then fine, or course it's possibly true of some individuals; but a general smear is blatantly anti-semitic.
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