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  1. In fairness, I spoke to quite a few French folk last summer and most weren't slow in asking why Scotland isn't already independent. Most knew that we voted Remain while England voted Leave. That was especially true in Brittany and common in the north-east. In Paris most folk we spoke to seemed to lack an awareness that there's a world outside Paris at all, but one West African guy said he'd been dreaming of visiting Scotland ever since his village was supported by Scottish missionaries. About half the folk we spoke to were Outlander fans too, it's massive in France. Not that that's got anything to do with anything, obviously. Scotland is not to France as South Ossetia is to Scotland. It's more like Catalonia.
  2. The vast majority of the environmental movement regard the population argument as ecofascism. David Attenborough was getting it tight for talking about population guff in his Netflix film. The guy in your link isn't even a lunatic fringe, he's a lunatic fringe on a lunatic fringe - did you miss the bit where he says XR don't agree with him? We shouldn't use literally the worst person on any side of any debate as a stick with which to beat the whole side.
  3. The other 39% just shrugged, stuck out their bottom lips and made non-committal noises.
  4. What have you got against Northern Ireland?
  5. No, it was a real thing. I remember reading accounts of it at the time. This is one example.
  6. I don't mind that scene, the killing of Bin Laden was very cathartic for a lot of Americans. Remember the celebrations in New York that night?
  7. This wee diversion is relevant to the point of Labour because Labour staffer types are obsessed by the West Wing, and it doesn't do them any good.
  8. Yeah, as GordonEF said, that's a bit too neat. Sorkin's a liberal lefty so in order to make a TV programme on a mainstream channel more balanced he had to have lots of good Republicans. They're be no means all good - "I'll be waiting in the tall grass for you Senator, because people like you are killing the party." The Republican presidential candidate Sorkin wrote is as dumb as a box of frogs and he gets blown away by intelligent elitism. A running feature is the tension between idealism and pragmatism, which Bartlet and Leo fight about, and there are plenty of times they go for pure idealism. Some of it was also after 9/11, when there was a strong desire for bipartisanship - unfortunately. Sorkin's last episode aired in 2003, before the Republicans were infected by the Tea Party and went batshit crazy. You see more of his attitude to that in The Newsroom.
  9. If my council is anything like others then you can put up a fence at the side and back of your house up to 2m without planning permission, and 1m at the front. I suspect a fence in a previously open space like a football pitch wouldn't be covered by that exemption, is that right?
  10. Nothing has changed, except a hard Brexit we were told wouldn't happen and the English electing Johnson, who is widely and strongly perceived to have failed miserably on coronavirus and who was very unpopular in Scotland anyway? What's changed in the minds of moderate voters is the balance of risk. Last time No was seen as the safe option. Are you really confident that's how it's still seen?
  11. It's an undeniable fact that Scottish opinion polls have been very accurate for a long time. They were within the margin of error in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. What do you think the methodological flaw is that leads them to be wrong now? Bear in mind that the polls moved from No to Yes "when the reality of the debate set in" last time.
  12. FWIW, I'm not scared of dying of Covid. I'm scared of being a link in a chain that kills someone - especially someone I care about. Killing people who are over 70 but have 10 years left in them, or who have diabetes but should live another 40 years, is not at all cool.
  13. It was already popular before Dubya won, but yeah, it was fantasy, wish-fulfilment, an imagining of a noble administration in a much better America. It was a plausible America at the time but it can be a sore watch now.
  14. The line being pushed by Unionists here and in real life is very dangerous to them, because Scots absolutely don't believe it and never have. Unionists used to be comfortable saying that Scotland was different and embraced their Scottish identity, while saying that it was best served inside the Union. It was Unionists who put Gaelic on the road and rail signs and built BBC Alba. It was Unionists who lionised Walter Scott and got stuck into Burns Night. It was Unionists who named the Scottish National Opera and the National Trust for Scotland. Now they try to paint that as nationalists silliness. To argue that there's no such thing as Scotland beyond geography is never, ever going to stick with the hefty majority of the Scottish public.
  15. I've not noticed that, but maybe it's because I've presumed it was a dig at the fanatics rather than the show. About 14 -15 years ago I was in the office of the Scottish Government's Strategy Unit in St Andrew's House and they had a West Wing poster on the wall. A few of them clearly believed they were living it out in real life. It was heinous. I'll defend the show to my dying breath though. It's close to unique in being neither plot or character driven, but dialogue-driven. It's cheesy in places, Sorkin never understood international issues and some of it hasn't aged that well, but I'll ignore its every sin for just the last six episodes of season 2, which collectively make up the best film or TV I've ever seen.
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