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  1. Stick in there, at least with your Scotland tickets. If you end up sitting at home while we're in the stadium watching Scotland beat Croatia, well, there's not enough alcohol in the world to drown that regret.
  2. Monica Lennon would be the Kezia choice - good person, good intentions, someone who could be leader in at least 10 years but is much too young and inexperienced. She'd get chewed up by her own party. Jackie Baillie seems has a remarkable record holding her own seat and bucking the trend going on all around her. But at a national level I think she would mostly garner hostility. Ian Murray would be flatly rejected by the Corbynistas. It's hard to see past Sarwar.
  3. Why is this making me think about how Willie Rennie has been leader of the Scottish Lib Dems for 10 years, despite routinely polling in single digits and behind the Greens?
  4. Nine months, but yeah, in my memory it was less than that. She contrived to lose her job over a donation for an election campaign in which she was the only candidate. The cause of her resignation looks pathetic by today's standards - a £950 contribution to her Labour leadership campaign from someone who was resident in Jersey, so not allowed to donate to a UK party. When it came to light she returned the money. The Electoral Commission concluded there wasn't a need to take action and the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly voted not to suspend her, but she resigned anyway rather than have it hang over the summer. I don't think she was a leader but she had had a genuine understanding of and real interest in the nitty-gritty of social policy. She's much smarter than her brother and had a better understanding of Scottish politics. Scottish Labour have no-one even close to her level of ability now.
  5. The Electoral Management Board gave detailed evidence and this was covered in committee and chamber when the legislation was being drafted and debated. I think this stuff is much more complex than it looks, to ensure security and transparency, so I would take their word for it.
  6. Legislation has been passed allowing it to be moved or done all-postal. Returning Officers have said that it's far too late to do it all-postal now, that processing required couldn't be done in time - especially with their staff working from home too. Opposition parties are in favour of delaying but SG have said they're not making a decision yet and are aiming for normality if possible. But with nobody able to campaign and knock doors it might be unfair to hold it in May.
  7. I'm trying to be less confrontational on the internet but it doesn't come naturally.
  8. I've not had a problem printing them, I usually make them full screen then Print Screen, stick the pic in Word and print from there. You can usually fit a whole hillwalk on one sheet. They even do the excellent 1:25k OS maps. I don't find the scale matters too much, a box is still a km. FWIW I've bought the 1:50k maps covering Scotland and saved them on my phone but I would always have a paper map too.
  9. I can't find a more recent poll, but in a 2010 poll in the US by the Pew Research centre 23% said definitely and a further 18% said probably to the suggestion that Jesus would return to Earth by the year 2050. This is the rapture, the belief that all Christian believers who are alive, along with resurrected believers, will rise in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. Among the people who believe this are the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who in his spare time is a deacon and lay preacher in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Imagine the foreign minister of Iran was also a hardline Imam. That's what we're talking about here. Trump believes in absolutely nothing except Donald Trump. He's not a Christian or a Republican or a fascist or a conservative. He'll say anything that he thinks will benefit him and he's so flaky that it will change from hour to hour. Most American protestants are dribbling morons. For them to be taken in by the bible-signing weirdo shows nothing but the depths of their gullibility and ignorance. So it was never Trump that scared me. What really frightens me is who might follow him. If a leader comes to the fore who believes in the batshit crazy Christian ideas like the rapture, plus all the conspiracy theories like QAnon, they could have control of 30% of the population, including a majority of whites in the South, all armed to the teeth, out of their minds and believing that the Democrats have seized the country. A faction like that could take power.
  10. You can get them free on Bing maps btw. "I think the referee's made the right decision, there's no doubt about it. I do think that pitch is unsafe and potentially dangerous."
  11. Only ones I'd seriously take from there is Carmela is just as accountable as Tony, and how could any straight man not have a fetish about Dr Melfi's leg? Anyone who could follow the plot line about Adriana and still like the wise guys is OFTW.
  12. This isn't as sexist as the title suggests...
  13. The difference between The Sopranos and Sex and the City is that you're not actually supposed to like the lead characters in The Sopranos. You might identify a little with them and wonder what you would do in the same situations, but they're unambiguously portrayed doing heinous shit. What the two have in common is that, if you meet someone who actually likes the lead characters, you should avoid them like a used clinical waste bin. I'd also say The Sopranos is massively better plotted and written, and is an exploration of greed, power, toxic masculinity and tribalism, whereas Sex and the City is an exploration of writing 800 words of pop psychology once a week and getting paid enough to live in a Manhattan apartment with an unlimited budget for shoes. I'm not a fan of The Sopranos but I can see that it does what it does brilliantly. He's joking.
  14. This is the crazy b*****d that was tweeting her location in the Capitol while they were hiding from the terrorists and that she was with Nancy Pelosi. She also believes in Qanon. There are literally sandwiches less stupid than her. She's absolutely unfit for office and anyone who votes for someone like that is a danger to democracy.
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