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  1. I would get a day off, for one thing. I'm working just the same, only trying to do it from home with children about.
  2. It's a constant source of wonder that Junior Pub League goes around thinking he's a functional homo sapiens.
  3. Rennie gave a stronger quote later, but even then, he prefaced it with, "It is with great regret that we say that the chief medical officer will need to go." Why the "great regret"? And "need to go"; it's pretty soft and kind language. It would still be a matter of employment law whether letting her continue now would constitute acceptance of the breach, for which she could not be dismissed later.
  4. I would give a non-trivial body part for an away cup draw in Orkney. Yet those who believed them and spread them won't recognise that they were wrong, and they'll still expect their opinions to be taken just as seriously in future. One big mitigation against the running track at Carluke is that it has a lot of raised ground and you can get a good viewing point. Must be one of the highest altitude grounds in the country - it's at about 220m, much higher than the highest league ground, Airdrie, at 140m.
  5. Sacking/ resigning is one issue, but what should have been beyond doubt is that she couldn't appear on that podium again.
  6. Tens of thousands of Scots who've lost their jobs must be asking what it takes from someone like her to lose hers. I felt even the opposition politicians went easy on her because she's one of their own. Willie Rennie, who represents the constituency she came to, couldn't bring himself to seriously criticise her. I can't say whether she should get her jotters at this point, because by all accounts she's doing an excellent job and it's more important to save lives and manage the NHS as well as possible right now. And employment law might make it difficult to let her continue now and then dismiss her later. We'll see.
  7. Busted. Btw, I've quoted her a couple of times here. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that again.
  8. Equally as bad is the pontificating shite from Scotnats defending the indefensible for purely partisan reasons. It was dully predictable that both sides would take the positions they have. There's no way in which this isn't gross misconduct, a breach of the Civil Service Code and a fatal undermining of her own credibility.
  9. I very much doubt a Sun hack just happened to stumble across the CMO in Elie. I presume the photo was taken by someone on their phone and then sold to them. She's the main medical adviser who advised the government to introduce a law banning people from doing exactly what she did. The law is about slowing the spread of the worst pandemic the world has faced in over 100 years. Folk really ought to know by now the difference between a medical doctor and an epidemiologist.
  10. Wow, you really don't know Fife! Earlsferry, Elie, St Monan's, Cellardyke, Anstruther, Crail, St Andrew's, Cupar, Falkland, Cammo Estate, the Lomond Hills... I highly recommend spending some time over there, it's lovely. When our kids were really small we had our summer holidays 4 years in a row at Elie. The beach is fantastic. Loads of the Scottish legal elite have homes in Elie and Earlsferry, including the Advocate General Richard Keen and, until he passed way recently, the Supreme Court judge Lord Rodger.
  11. She absolutely did break the law, very clearly and without doubt. You are not allowed off your place of residence without a reasonable excuse, a list of examples is given, and visiting your second home is definitely not allowed.
  12. I was at Hearts v Ross County in the Challenge Cup last season - it was a nice night and I was at a loose end - in an attendance of 344. That ICT semi final still had an attendance 500 lower than ICT's league average. Last season they got more than a thousand for their First Round tie at home to Dunfermline. The idea that Rangers were a draw in the semi final is very obvious guff.
  13. It is true. Google the data - polling, favourability and focus groups. Attendance at rallies is a laughably bad way to assess popularity.
  14. Yup. I've been to Celtic and Rangers reserve games with crowds in double figures - probably a majority were family of players, and a good number were scouts. OK, they were on midweek afternoons, but for clubs that average upwards of 50,000 for first team home games it's a clear sign of disinterest.
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