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  1. So how many current 1st team players have we got at the moment? Whats the story with Morgyn neill, Connor duthie, Nicki Patterson, Ryan Watters, and anyone else I’ve missed out?
  2. Surly Ryan waters won’t be kept on, be surprised to see neill stay or duthie for that matter, sad to see ferry go, always liked him, all players go with thanks for their efforts and hopefully we can add some better quality
  3. In all seriousness he is physical yes and does a power of running about and graft but he is a bit of a liability at times
  4. Let’s be honest we just were not good enough, plenty chances today but no cutting edge, we can’t rely on mcguigan all next year for goals and we can’t keep lumping the ball 50 yards up the park all the time either. Can see Duthie away, Neill away,hear Donaldson will be away, I know gibbons still has another year but wouldnt keep him, wee halleran was on the park about 15 mins today and think he touched the ball twice, wouldnt have any of the loan players back either and I can’t see hurst sticking about, we at least have a bit of a core on which to build on with marsh, cook, Munro, Smith, mcguigan ,so hopefully we can bring in a few decent additions in what will be a very tough league
  5. Stenny v Stranraer

    Game in doubt tomorrow with the weather forecast?
  6. Fife verus Warriors

    Ive just left blair atholl on my way to the game, better be on!!
  7. So our club Stenhousemuir have it down on the website as priority sales for the ticket allocation for replay ie the people who are season ticket holders( whom we can’t have any more than 200 surly) and the people who attended the game at Aberdeen can get their ticket between tues and thurs before going to general sale, I have no problem with that, and the fact our stand holds 600 odd people has to mean that there should still be around 150-200 places available in the stand( feel there should only have been an allowance for 2 tickets per person) well at 4pm yesterday I called up for my ticket as I had been at the game at Pittodrie only to be told I can only get tickets for ground level behind the bloody goal at the Astro training pitch end, kinda feel a bit hard done by here, anyway where are all these so called supporters on say a cold Boxing Day game at Peterhead? Aye nowhere to be seen!!
  8. I bought 4 tickets for the aberdeen game next sat, I’m not sure I want to go now, what’s happening to us, 11 goals against us last 3 games, I’m not sure how everything works at a club like Stenhousemuir financially but surly with us beating falkirk last round and getting the dons this round there has to be a bit of funds available to bring 2 or 3 players in? And not just young boys
  9. 5 times? Played twice it shows in 1903 both 1-1 draws? Then 1995 2-0 warriors, what were the other scores?
  10. Met twice if I’m correct in saying, a 1-1 draw in Aberdeen’s first proper/friendly game in 1903 and a wee victory in 1995 2-0 for the warriors.
  11. Can we get him back too?
  12. Oh dear that good then, seriously worrying times, made even more worrying when you hear the pre match interview with colin saying that the players looking to be brought in have to be of better quality or genuinely going to add something to the cause, I really can’t see us getting that calibre of player in when we have heard it before then see what players eventually sign, hopefully colin has something up his sleeve though and produces them quickly
  13. How did Tena play today?
  14. Colin’s post match interview said O’hara’s loan spell ended after this weekend, so have Falkirk taken him back early? Know it’s no real loss but it’s a body
  15. Not looking good for sat, always going to be a hard task against raith rovers but am I right in thinking we have no neill, Dickson, gibbons, Paton(away), mcbrearty(pending appeal)?