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  1. Durnan and Holt will be back plus another 5 want to come in
  2. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    A wouldn’t be 100% was dykes as harkins sss arguing with an agent about it who representes Todd Jacobs Marshall mercer and fordyce finger did get pointed at dykes from me likes
  3. It’s a shambles we have a crucial game in two days and we don’t even know who taken the team no way can it be that Warwick can’t be Dobbie we need him on the park and it’s also a shocking way to get rid of one of the most committed mangers we have had in a long time to get sacked by a text pull players to side before awards and tell them and also to allow him go mingle with the fans after the game and to do a interview after the game and then to broadcast it shows a utter lack of class by the club was the board even st the awards night yeh maybe Gary’s time was up but why do it now with no plan in place going forwards
  4. Wouldn’t count in that
  5. Oh dear oh dear written been in wall with only dykes dobbie all season uo front board getting there wish for us to go doen and go back part time and we will have no players by summer no way dobbie will stay next season.
  6. Alloa v Queens

    If he stays
  7. We’re not going to stay up now it’s funny how airds vanished must have sput the dummy
  8. Ayr v Queens

    Serious or muscle pull?
  9. Good to hear we have a new number 2 so the line dancing king can go back to putting out the cones
  10. Queens v Inverness

    Who was the other guy that got kicked out that was having verbals with his own fans on the way out