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  1. Well after today's shambles this really is a crucial game for Deila.
  2. FFS the amount of shite that the CPU brought in that are now transfer banned.
  3. Always makes me laugh when fans get upset over players doing wee things like that.
  4. Noticed there are a few teams available. Can I still join?
  5. Start a new job on Tuesday which will see a 60 mile round trip each day. Quite a few journeys up to Aberdeen and Peterhead from Glasgow through the year to see family. Probably about 18K per year.
  6. Whatever the result, I hope the post match chat is about the team performances rather than the referee's performance.
  7. No surprise he got abuse as there's plenty of scumbags out there. As for him giving it back, he was justified to do so, however the manner just doesn't sit right with me. If I was in his position I would have been the bigger man and got on with it. Have to say though, fair play to him for doing so as it adds to the rivalry and spices things up a wee bit
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