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  1. I’m no pampered n I’m certainly no superstar. Train twice a week every week n play on a Saturday. Don’t understand that last part of the comment.
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s not as simple as that, I think you’d probably need a track record of involvement at a club, committee experience and reputation to get a seat up there. Other than that, I work full time, have kids and have committed to training twice a week and playing on a Saturday. I simply don’t have enough time.
  3. Restructuring 100 years of football to ensure we have another 100 years. I would live to see it before my playing days come to an end, It’ll never happen tho, because the dinosaurs at the SAFA and attitudes like your own.
  4. That would mean nobody could ever start a new team, cause they wouldn’t have a track record, therefor wouldn’t be allowed to enter a league.
  5. The team I play for currently charge £30 per month in subs. There’s boys in my team who can’t afford this. Similarly, it’s hard to attract players when you’re charging such a levy. The club train and play on Astroturf 3 times a week due to poorly maintained grass pitches. The cost of which amounts to around £140. The local council who have no intention of maintaining grass parks to the required standard, thus forcing us onto expensive artificial pitches (£80 per game, compared to £36) which require no maintenance. The club is looking at ways to cut the grass pitch ourselves, but would rely on the generosity of the local Junior team, which is not always forthcoming. I believe councils could do so much more to encourage adults into sport, starting with lowering the cost of renting facilities.
  6. Outside the Prem and First, Drongan play Dalry at home this weekend and need a win to take the title. It’s almost a cup final, with a draw being enough for Dalry. Anybody watched/played these teams? If so, who do yous fancy?
  7. Maybe jumped the gun a bit on that one, sorry. on the subject of competition, teams who are at the bottom after 5/6 games of their league season proper will soon find that there is nothing to play for. Currently these clubs have to fight off relegation but under the new proposals they would have no incentive to put a team on the park other than to fulfil their fixtures in preparation for the next seasons mini leagues. I really don't see how this can work.
  8. "It gives a quicker route to the Premier for new teams. Over the years we've seen a number of clubs climb through the leagues (Dunlop Cor, Stewarton Utd, Netherthird, Shortlees, Hurlford AFC, New Farm Loch...) so the 'stable' teams in the first, second and third have never won their league. This is more attractive to new teams who view 4 seasons to get to the Premier as too long, and would give more teams a real chance to win their league." In my opinion, this where the whole argument and case for reconstruction falls down. A number of clubs have, for a number of years worked very hard to build and establish themselves as successful amateur clubs. Promotion and relegation is part of this. The stable clubs who have not won promotion to the premier, a la Kilbirnie Amatuers, provide massive competition each season and set out every year with the goal of promotion. Many of these clubs did not start out with the same squad of players they have registered today. They won the bottom division and attracted better players as they went thru the leagues, adding to their squad year on year. Clubs such as Dalry ams and Crosshouse will be punished as this structure does not allow them to plan for the long term. Uncertainty over which league they will be playing in does nothing to attract players and surely you must recognise that teams who are not successful at the start of the season will see a mass exodus of talent before the first "league" game of the season. "If you have six (not three as posted by others) poor games at the start of the season now, you'll spend the rest of the season fighting relegation and potentially losing players." There will be no relegation, the next season you will be back in the pot for the groups and a chance to play in the first! Thus creating a vacuum of competition for the rest of the season because of a poor start. Also, losing players will see more and more teams fold, that is undeniable. "U could have West Kilbride or Tarbolton in the 4th next Season" - fighting to win a league, knowing they can build a team and bring in some youngsters and not get relegated, and could go for the Premier next season." Your contradiction in the last two quotes is in bold. Having West Kilbride or Tarbolton in the 4th next season would decimate their squad and in turn, everything that their committee and players have worked so hard for over a number of seasons. "Clubs would get their first 6/7/8 fixtures in advance..." Why cant this be arranged in the current format? There are major concerns and a lot of questions to be answered. I understand the need for more competition lower down the pyramid but surely there are better solutions?
  9. An absolutely ridiculous, ludicrous and nonsensical proposal which I hope goes down like a lead balloon. The person who dreamt up this nonsense should be removed from th AAFA as they are obviously not a football man. Competition between 4/5 teams in the first has been strong this year, to punish teams in this division by restructuring because of what is essentially a lack of clubs would be in very poor taste. It would also create a vacuum of competition in divisions 2 and 3 as games would be rendered meaningless and as mentioned a few times, the movement and turnover of players would be huge, causing uncertainty for the more established clubs and we will see more and more clubs fold as a consequence. Let's hope common sense prevails.
  10. Poor lad? He hooked a boy and ran and hid behind his dad. All over a game of football.
  11. ACR favourites? They're proving to be a massive dissappointment then. Started a thread a couple of weeks ago stating the same thing, a lot of decent teams, hopefully a couple string some results together and fight it out till then end.
  12. Lack a bit of class they had over the last few years. Few Neds on the sideline and a couple on the pitch.
  13. What kind of shape are the tiber in? Not seen any of them this season but needed to bring a couple in from last season imo
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