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  1. What’s everyone’s thoughts on league favourites? Top 5? Bottom 3? Surprise package?
  2. Surely Arniston would be south and one of Craigroyston/Tynecastle would be north...
  3. Wasn’t as bad until I took the boot off mate and swelled up really bad. Definitely seen red cards for they kind of tackles. Studs were high[emoji1360]
  4. Must be at the wind up regarding the tackle in the first half[emoji23] could easily have seen red. Studs high shocking challenge. Now out for the season[emoji1360] not even a free kick though very good
  5. Crazy crazy game. 2-0 Easthouses, Dunbar scored in stoppage time in the first half to make it 2-1. Then went 3-2 up in the second half. Easthouses scored in stoppage time direct from a corner to make it 3-3. Easthouses then led 4-3. Dunbar then came back and made it 5-4 after 117 minutes. Easthouses scored in 120th minute to make it 5-5 and Dunbar then won a corner and scored with the last kick of the game.
  6. Another defeat for Blackburn, what’s going on this season??
  7. I’m confident, unless they bring in 5/6 good players that they won’t win a league game all season. Terrible
  8. What odds are Selkirk to get relegated? Or do they not provide odds for it?
  9. More likely that he’s considering retiring I would imagine
  10. What’s everyone’s thoughts on juniors moving to senior? Joining the pyramid. Looks like Bonnyrigg are attempting to make the move. Any others thinking about it or enquired about it?
  11. This thread has gone to shit[emoji23] we are the bigger team, no we are bigger ????????
  12. Looks like most, if not all teams from the south league gave a good account of themselves in the cup. Crossgates defeated 1-0, Edinburgh united going through on pens, ourselves pushing bonnyrigg to the last minutes. Better league than a lot give credit for!
  13. We play Bonnyrigg Rose on Friday night in the cup!
  14. Haha we aren't like that anymore mate, lucky if the team today averaged 5ft 10[emoji23] Good win though. Played well the last three weeks, won 2 and should have beaten oakley. Hopefully on the up now!! Agree with you, no much chat on here anymore. Always quiet
  15. We're no that bad for sending offs[emoji23][emoji24] game was dead at half time tbh!
  16. I know mate not been the best of summers has it!! Don't expect any easy games in this league at any point, but even more so away from home. Looking forward to (hopefully) getting the season underway on Saturday. Been a long break. [emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji460]️
  17. This threads awful quiet without burnieman haha! See Stoneyburn have had two home friendlies in the last week postponed...game this weekend in doubt I would imagine, not an ideal start to the season if so!
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