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  1. If you’re looking for someone that’s gonna bury one vs one chances then he’s not your man. He’s got bags of energy & gives his all but canna finish to save himself!
  2. Baino man of the match? He was all over the place defensively?
  3. Barry Sellars announced as Assistant manager this morning, with Foxy on the brink of being brought in as a coach.
  4. If you canna see that that was sarcasm deary me..
  5. Barry Smith to guide us to a 5-0 victory over our angus rivals. Be appointed manager on the Monday. And then send us on on a 20 game losing streak. Highland League here we come!!
  6. With Jim Weir tendering his resignation who next to guide us into the relegation play offs? Or will Barry Smith be given the job to guide us to automatic relegation..
  7. Any chance Jim could make a forfar thinking substitution to come on and help Hilson?!
  8. Don’t think we deserve to go in at half time behind. How Falkirk aren’t down to 10 men I’ll never know.
  9. Forfar to win 3-0. Jim Weir with a tactical masterclass today.
  10. He’s contributed in 2 goals our only goals in two games.. Link up play doesn’t seem too bad, would be good to see Hilson running off him. Too early too tell however.
  11. Need a left back? Thought Docherty was man of the match at left back today personally. Overall pleased with a draw the way the second half panned out. Weir just doesn’t have it in him to change things when they aren’t going our way. Marc McCallum outstanding today yet again, continuously digging us out of holes. Onto tricky opposition next week against East Fife, hopefully back to winning ways. Need a win sooner rather than later with a few tricky fixtures in the coming weeks.
  12. Be interesting to see if he is, would have to be jacko that drops out for him if anyone. But we’ve seen it last season we loan players in for them just to sit chilling on the bench.
  13. Heres hoping there is a bit of truth in this paper talk, could be a decent addition to our squad.
  14. Just to add, On today’s showing alone it shows just how incredible business it was getting Marc McCallum signed up on a new 2 year deal!
  15. Absolutely devastated for the lads, everyone gave their all, unfortunately falling short, bit confused why when we got back into the game with Hilson’s goal we seemed to sit back again? Wish Weir had it in him to just have a go in games like this. No idea what the score line would have been if it wasn’t for Marc McCallum, some top class saves & deservedly man of the match. Thought Dykes caused us a lot of problems with his physical presence. A lot of fans venting their anger towards the end of the game, didn’t think he had that bad a game few fouls and cards he could of given but didn’t, bit of inconsistency but that’s just the standards we have in Scotland unfortunately. Darren Whyte being out was a massive miss for us today, hopefully not out injured for too long. It was fun while it lasted focus turns to the league on Saturday away to Peterhead. Come on the loons! [emoji1319][emoji170] Good luck in the next round Livi!
  16. Positive from the negative we stand a chance of potentially beating livi...[emoji849]
  17. What a performance and what a result that was the day! Pass marks for every single player, thought the back four performed very resolute, Tapping was very good today, Hilson ran himself into the ground as usual, if only he could make that killer pass he’d be unplayable! Ross Forbes left foot is gifted. Jackson impressed me today, chased down a a fair bit more than normal & drew in countless fouls. Thrilled to go through to the next round! [emoji1319][emoji170]
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