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  1. I thought Stranraer played the ball around quite well but just seemed to lack quality in the final third. Also on the penalty, it seemed as though the lad taking it was in a hurry, seemed to be taken far too quickly.
  2. Very pleasing to get Flanagan some minutes in to him, hopefully he can kick on from this & put his injury behind him.
  3. That was like night & day compared to last week. so many positive’s from today. Amazing what you can do when you actually play attacking direct football. Thought everyone played well today, especially Slater, he’s a class above. Moore had a poor first half couldn’t do anything right, but eventually grew into the game and finished strongly.
  4. Darren Whyte & Craig Thomson starts. that gives me more confidence today.
  5. It can’t get any worse can it? hopefully we can actually have a few shots on target, and maybe the odd goal or two
  6. We’ve been miles off it since Christmas time last year.
  7. Sorry to disappoint but there’s 35 more games unfortunately.
  8. I’m astounded. maybe it was just us that was the problem.
  9. Just about sums us up. that was chronic, we could play all night and still no get a shot on target.
  10. No more than we deserve we’ve been absolutely dreadful. howler from McCallum though
  11. Just got away with one there, definite hand ball. we’ve offered nothing as expected.
  12. Quite excited for tomorrow despite how poor we’ve been all pre season & premier sports cup campaign. Queue the 3-0 defeat & me moaning about every single player, tactical decision & refereeing decision tomorrow night.
  13. thank goodness that cup campaign is over now. time to focus on the league…
  14. It is really worrying times at the moment, on the pitch we don’t look good enough at all & some of the tactics have been baffling going back since the turn of the year; we fumbled over the line to get in the play offs in what was in a truth a poor league which ultimately has to fall down on the manager. I see no change whatsoever from Irvine, in fact I think we look worse this season(may be jumping the gun slightly as it’s still technically pre season) , I’m not saying he needs to go however he is going to need to shake things up & improve quickly. Start of in the league as poorly as we have done in friendlies & the premier sports cup then we’re in trouble. Can kiss goodbye to even any hint of a league title. If Whyte is out long term again that is gonna be a massive blow, centre half needs to be the priority especially with the way Munro likes to tally up the bookings.
  15. Not able to make the game tonight , please tell me Slater wasn’t subbed due to an injury?
  16. On that I actually felt Hussain grew into the game, second half he was much more composed & seemed to be better, albeit we conceded 2 more in the second half, can’t blame him for either. Willing to give him a chance though, & hope he proves me wrong.
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