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  1. Honestly not really sure where we go from here to be honest. Malcolm’s came in as a fan favourite and could easily be booed out, thankfully for him fans aren’t at the game. I for one was excited at the prospect, but unfortunately feel it’s time for him to go. He’s got absolutely no clue what’s going on, I get we have injuries but we look absolutely lost. Bobby Barr as a couple have mentioned, what does he actually do? Hopeless. Gary Irvine a liability playing at centre half.
  2. Deary me. That could be up there as one of the worst shouts ever.
  3. As chronic as we were there it’s disappointing to lose a Derby with the last kick of the game, but we got exactly what we deserved.
  4. This has been a grim watch. Only positive is I’m in the house nice and warm.
  5. Forfar signed centre back Sam Fisher on loan from Dundee.
  6. Unfortunately not as games are supposed to be ‘ behind closed doors’. Watched enough games last season to know that Gary Irvine is not ‘ a class above ‘ anybody.
  7. You’re genuinely on the wind up constantly. Unreal: [emoji23]
  8. Noticed on the line up today for the friendly against Brechin we have someone called Kyle Dalling? Any ideas who this is?
  9. He went over to America to play for a team on loan, so maybe was enjoying the bbq’s over there!
  10. Think Travis is still signed is he not? If not we’ll be needing another CB brought in as cover for Whyte & Anderson
  11. Don’t wanna get ahead of myself as we haven’t kicked a ball yet. But Mr Malcolm is building a decent squad in my opinion, great blend of youth & experience. Here’s hoping it all goes well.
  12. League two level player in my opinion. Useful squad player, better at right back. Isn’t great on the wing, seems to be more effective from right back than when he played right wing.
  13. Would have liked to see him stay at Station Park! A bit hit and miss but a handy player to have on the books. Decent strike on him, gets stuck in but can be sloppy at times. Disliked by most of the fans. Was surprised to see him linked with a move to the championship a few weeks, but league two seems about right for the lad.
  14. Didn’t really play much but when he did he didn’t really do much worth mentioning
  15. Archie Thomas from Cowdenbeath. Creative midfielder type, so he’ll not be liked from a majority of fans at Station Park...
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