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  1. Plus on Michael Travis I’m sure he asked to leave, due to not playing.
  2. Not sure he got unfairly punted. he wasn’t better than the options we had, congratulations to him & all the best though. ps you forgot Callum Tapping as well.
  3. Anyone that thinks that’s a sending off for Devine needs to take their maroon tinted glasses off & watch it again.
  4. Chuffed to bits with Darren Whyte signing a 2 year deal! Moore signs on as well.
  5. Yeah he was a cracking player when he was with us on loan, just went let himself go & went downhill unfortunately.
  6. Yeah him. never been impressed with him, regardless if he finished unbeaten against us this season.
  7. Yeah they expire 31st may. but could at least provide us with an update on players offered contracts etc, seem like one of the few clubs that don’t update any lists until people basically know who’s left when we see other clubs announcing they’ve signed!
  8. Grant Anderson signs for St Cadoc’s youth club from Forfar.
  9. With a manager like Darren Young they were always gonna struggle….
  10. Scott Shepherds listed as a free agent on PFA Scotland website, so safe to assume he’s away. wonder if the club will ever tell us the players leaving.
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