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  1. League two level player in my opinion. Useful squad player, better at right back. Isn’t great on the wing, seems to be more effective from right back than when he played right wing.
  2. Would have liked to see him stay at Station Park! A bit hit and miss but a handy player to have on the books. Decent strike on him, gets stuck in but can be sloppy at times. Disliked by most of the fans. Was surprised to see him linked with a move to the championship a few weeks, but league two seems about right for the lad.
  3. Didn’t really play much but when he did he didn’t really do much worth mentioning
  4. Archie Thomas from Cowdenbeath. Creative midfielder type, so he’ll not be liked from a majority of fans at Station Park...
  5. Spot on again. Just signed. Tell us your secret [emoji102][emoji23]
  6. Think personally we need a right wing, Muzza certainly isn’t a winger. A couple of centre mids cause the thought of Irvine & Robertson in the middle gives me the fear. We also need another striker at least.
  7. Usually agree with your posts but have to disagree with this. Coupe was a decent option to bring on to run at the defence but offered little else. Don’t think he ever provided much, 2 goals and 1 assist in his time with us.
  8. Connor Coupe, Matthew Aitken & Sam McGuff released from Forfar
  9. Going by the comments made this would probably be our strongest line up. And it gives me the absolute fear. McCallum Meechan Whyte Anderson BJ Mackintosh Irvine Robertson Barr Doris Shepherd
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