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  1. Aye wanted to just confirm it just incase anyone else questioned [emoji23]
  2. Eric Watson & Hamish Mcalpine at centre half? With Raoul Moat up top? Deary me!
  3. Cammy Breadner & John Robertson’s loan deals end. Can’t say they’ll be missed.
  4. Last mention of him was our game before east fife, where we would of thought he played but he was sidelined due to injury apparently.
  5. Any chance that the subbies or volunteers that are in the ground can do this next game?
  6. We are an absolute shambles. Cove weren’t even that great,but always looked comfortable. Genuinely have no idea where we go from here, look rank rotten going forward and just as bad at the back. The midfield gets carved open as easy as beavers too, eh Kammy?
  7. Ross Meechan signs a new two year deal. A bit of good news coming out of Station Park for once!
  8. Imagine Stuart Malcolm keeps his job. He’s like a lost puppy at crufts.
  9. Can’t think of anyone who would want to come in and take over at present. But we need Malcolm out of there. He’s completely out of his depth.
  10. Anybody with half a brain. He was a good player, but he’s an absolute hopeless manager, with him in charge we will plummet down the leagues. Surely you can even see that?
  11. Malcolm sacked tonight would be a nice early Christmas present. Unfortunately he’s totally out of his depth and has absolutely no idea what to do when things go wrong.
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