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  1. We beat Linlithgow & Edinburgh at station park [emoji41][emoji23]
  2. Mental to think 2 seasons ago, people were raging saying John Baird & Dylan Easton etc weren’t good enough for us, Challenging for promotion to the championship and now we’re heading into league two with Martin Scott & an unfit Steven Doris up top.[emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Allan subbed off again? [emoji23] Comical stuff this
  4. Nah we don’t. It’s absolutely dire... Combined with the football on show it’s chronic.
  5. Gutted for the lads! At least we weren’t disgraced tonight, can hold our heads up high [emoji108]
  6. If we play like this is in the league we might stand a chance of staying up[emoji23]
  7. watching this game you’d seriously question how we’re bottom of league one. Much improved today, and pleasantly surprised how we’ve looked so far!
  8. With Dumbarton beating Clyde tonight I think that basically puts the nail in the coffin for our league now. Too early to start a league two thread?
  9. Would be very surprised if we don’t concede at least 2 tomorrow night. Dundee United -1 would be the banker of the night.
  10. Hit the post as well... 5 minutes later he’s hooked off [emoji23]
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