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  1. Can we shove Malcs in there this weekend, and leave Foxy & Sellars in charge of the team...
  2. There is absolutely no chance McCallum would stay around in league two. He’d easily get snapped up by a league one or championship side regardless of if he was under contract or not.
  3. You’d like to think Foxy & Sellars would be saying to Malcs that we need to be more attacking etc. Although Sellars got shown the door for having a disagreement with Weir’s negative tactics so maybe that’s putting him off of speaking out..
  4. May stand a chance signing him if we go down which is inevitable..
  5. Grim viewing see our top scorers... and neither of them play for us anymore [emoji23]
  6. Don’t really know what to say about that performance today. Abysmal from start to finish, never looked like scoring at all. Kirkpatrick wasted out wide unfortunately, like for like subs a bitty late, no ambition from Malcolm, seems like he doesn’t mind losing games. Need to bring a winning mentality into the squad, no idea if any of the players out there have that however. League 2 next season seems inevitable.
  7. This is up there with one of the most chronic performances I’ve witnessed. Both teams absolutely dreadful.
  8. Travis confirming on his Twitter he has a tear in his ACL. Finds out Monday how long he is potentially out for .
  9. Must admit I was impressed with Irvine today, one of his better games. Think having Tapping alongside him helped rather than the hinderance of Docherty. Doris looked very good and had a good game. Nice to see Kirkpatrick playing back to his best, give him a bit of freedom & confidence and he’ll come good still just need to persevere with a player like him. Think we got a bit of luck at the end but we deserve a bit of luck the way the past few weeks have went. Anyone know what’s up with Stanger?
  10. Why are we persisting with Jamie Bain at left back he is chronic
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