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  1. Personally think Annan will be wondering how they haven’t came away with something from that game. poor performance again, but three points is all that matters really. Slater MOTM for me. Munro had a very good game. baffles me how Scott shepherd gets 90 minutes nearly every single week. Harkin’s coming on just so he can get a win bonus as well is absolutely laughable.
  2. We’ve done it far too often this season already and we’ve only played 7 games! Even the games that we’ve won the second half performances have been woeful.
  3. Of course I watched the second half? my point still stands if we took our chances first half we wouldn’t have ended up drawing against such dross. second half performance’s we just give up and invite anyone against us.
  4. That second half was absolutely dire. absolutely embarrassing. Lucky to actually come away with a point.
  5. If only we could finish this game would be out of sight by now!
  6. genuinely surprised we managed to keep hold of him this season in league 2. he’s good enough for the championship at least.
  7. Genuinely baffled how fans are even caring or attending a game in this joke of a tournament. I’m sat here praying for an injury free weekend. tournament is absolutely farcical.
  8. Just dropped by to say. I’m jealous of you lads right now. Cracking management team & decent playing squad. hope you boys keep it up
  9. Always been baffled Darren Young keeps getting linked with bigger teams. Mid table to bottom half finish consistently, surely you lads should be doing better than that. Is this the end finally for him at East Fife?
  10. Pretty even game there. Thought we dominated first half, should of been 2 or 3 up. however second half was abysmal from us. sloppy defending allowing Elgin in to score, Gary won’t be pleased with that given he prides himself & the team in defensive areas. thought there was two shocking challenges, Archie Thomas for us, thought he should have been off for his lunge, looked a bad one from where I was standing. Russell Dingwall’s challenge was another shocker from where I was, think his was maybe more merited to the yellow he received. Just trying to stop Grant Anderson on the break. Thought the referee was abysmal for both sides. overall happy with a point at a tough place to go. onto Stranraer at home next week.
  11. Looking forward to this one. expect it to be a tough challenge, but I’m sure our lads will be up for it. 2-1 Forfar away win that’ll do nicely.
  12. Was a bit baffled with Kelty taking off Joe Cardle at 2-2. he was definitely a handful for our defenders and was pulling all the strings second half. was pleased when he went off however. Was absolutely gutted when Nathan Austin came on, just knew he was gonna come on to score.
  13. Very enjoyable game this. Kelty aren’t as good as their bank balance spending suggests..
  14. excited to see how this game pans out tomorrow. expect it to be quite exciting. two teams that are good going forward, will be interesting to see if we cancel each other out. wary about our defence, although we’ve kept 6 clean sheets in 7 games which is remarkable.
  15. Was quite impressed with Craig Thomson today as well. Looking good going forward, still a bit wary about our defence. also If slater picks up an injury, not really sure who can fill in for him.
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