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  1. Families can get to f**k, there’s probably a rugby game on somewhere if they want a friendly atmosphere. Seriously though, 12:15 is a shite kick off time. Barely any time for even one drink before the game, have to leave Edinburgh about half 10/ 11 o’clock to make it in time for kick off, probably earlier if people are getting the train or driving through. Even 12:30 would have been better.
  2. That's actually an outdated myth on how we're playing just now. The long balls come on the occasions the opposition press and make us pass to Berra but the big issue with our play at the moment is backwards and sideways passing with no real attacking solution. We can't break teams down if the impetus is on us to attack. Cochrane was stagnating as well, he needs consistent game time with less pressure.
  3. Going to safely predict now that this will be the worst game shown on BBC Alba this season. Or, Mehsino is going to live up to the 'Meshi' nickname drag us through the game and we'll concede 2 but score 3.
  4. Looks like Aberdeen have 3 sections of the Roseburn at the minute with the other two left for either us to take or them depending on demand. Good pricing though especially compared to the normal walk up prices at Tynecastle should be a good crowd to watch us march on to another semi final.
  5. No problem with the 4 year deal. The reports from the closed door game against St Mirren summed up his effect, after going 1-0 down he was reported to have shouted "lets show some fucking quality" and we went on to win 7-1 that's the effect he has on the team.
  6. Ross Callachan scored away against this mob last season, the ultimate embarrassment for any club, so i’m fairly confident for this one. Ikpeazu to hit Mackinnon so hard his brain pinballs around his heid and then Canning comes out with a famous quote of ‘tell him he’s a poundshop Scott Brown’ before putting him back on. 3-0 Hearts (again).
  7. Push those two ‘wing backs’ back in line with your back three, 28 into the middle of the two midfielders and one of the strikers into central midfield and you’ve got how Tommy will have you spending most of the game on Saturday. I predict a shitfest Hearts win with St Johnstone playing for a replay.
  8. Sadly with our up coming opponents I don’t see much of an opportunity for big banter Craig to get his fishing rod back out until the Derby in March. Possibility of Wright on Saturday but he’s just as likely to go for the ref than have a bite at Levein.
  9. Scott Brown is a backwards step in evolution. He was definitely the wee kid at school that tried to bite everyone.
  10. Levein proud of an ‘attritional’ performance according to Sky Sports. He loves taking the piss and it’s brilliant
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2128082/hearts-craig-levein-michael-stewart/ Michael Stewart is going to to insane if Craig Levein stays at Hearts too long, he’s fucking lost it
  12. Looking forward to this now unsure if we’ll continue with the running ourselves into the ground same as yesterday but the confidence seems to be coming to the team so I’m hopeful. I’ve been multiple times over the years to McDiarmid and still haven’t seen us win though so f**k knows what’s going to happen, yesterday proved it, Scottish football is hilariously random.
  13. The Gorgie stand is a fucking hell hole of greeting faced old coffin dodgers, family stand my arse. The best outcome of the new stand has been getting away from there after about 8 years of shite. Much better vibe up in Section N apart from the absolute patter merchant behind me that calls Buaben bawbag every 5 minutes for the entire fucking game and seems to have a permanent dislike for all our black players, the auld dick. Anywaaaaay, we’re probably getting pumped on Sunday Griffiths can actually play for Celtics second trip to Edinburgh, no conflict of interest for him here. I’ll be there in hope we can sneak a win but with Djoum, Walker, Souttar and Hughes out the chances are even slimmer than they would have been.
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