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  1. I heard a few Colville boys were going to Petershill Juniors. Don’t ask me who though. Just what I was told.
  2. Noticed bannockburn announced 4 signings on Twitter yesterday. Gary Currie signing from Colville one of them. Think Kenny Feaks has been in Scotland squads before but can’t remember who he played for. Not sure who the other 2 are.
  3. Craigshill banned from Scottish this year Oh well there goes my theory then
  4. Scottish really is wide open this season. A lot of teams will fancy there chances with the Colville squad breaking up. Craigshill had pennies merging could be a contender. Craigshill finalists a few years ago and pennies east champions.
  5. Heard a few Strathclyde uni players could be going to Cambria. Don’t think they’re allowed to play for Strathclyde after they finish uni.
  6. Do players from the teams in the highland cup play for different teams on the winter?
  7. So they could still join the juniors but not the east of Scotland?
  8. I take it the date for joining the juniors has well past?
  9. Is there leagues below the conference in the east of Scotland set up? Heard syntgenta amateurs had moved to the east set up but can’t find anything about it. Apologies if it’s nothing to do with this thread.
  10. Be interesting to see what happens then.
  11. Is it a given all the Colville players will be leaving? Saw a few mentioned going junior with the manager but would the ones that don’t leave as well?
  12. But if true would free up a lot of dates for extra league games.
  13. Apparently the league cup for teams in the 1st divisions has been scrapped. This was played over the last 6 weeks(roughly) of the season. Also another league cup that usually starts the season as a cup section has been changed to straight knockout. This is what I was told but could be different.
  14. You could name about 6 teams you’d expect to be up there. How many go up?
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