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  1. Took in the game last night. Thought after a nervy start cambusbarron had the better of the 1st half with neither side creating loads of chances. Goal ruled out for offside. Another half chance and then just before HT scored from a penalty. 2nd half Fallin came out and were the better team but again not creating loads of clear cut chances. Fallin did miss a penalty to make it 1–1 and then scored not long after with a great header. Fallin then had a man sent off for a 2nd yellow. Still thought Fallin were more in control but still neither side creating much. Fallin keeper had a great save with about 2 minutes to go as cambu had a few corners but I’d say 1-1 was probably fair. Penalties a lottery.
  2. I like the idea of a shake up but I can’t see the SAFA or the leagues going for that. I read on the junior forum that Drumchapel YM(central) have noted an interest and that Glasgow Uni(Cali) are rumoured to be interested in joining a new west of Scotland league in the pyramid. No idea if this is true but wondering if there would be any others with the ambition or facilities to apply? I remember rumours of Glasgow uni wanting to join the lowland league when they moved to the Airdrie stadium a few years ago but nothing ever came or it.
  3. Have they officially folded? Noticed they’re fixtures have been wiped but wasn’t sure if it was just a break until next summer. Not heard anything about Goldenhill but would be a great addition along with St Joes.
  4. Managed to catch the Cambusbarron game on Saturday. Who’s the no.9 up top for them? Scored two great headers and looked very good.
  5. think cambu won on pens. Not sure what the FT score was.
  6. How is Sean Heaver getting on? Noticed he hasn’t played the last few games.
  7. Surely all this will need sorted out fairly soon as the next round is due to be played in 3 weeks time I think?
  8. So The only time a complaint could have been made was during or straight after the game on Saturday going by the rule stated above?
  9. Tollcross coming from 2-0 down to win away to bannockburn is a very good result. Have bannockburn lost players this season? I know the boy Grant is away but 2-0 up at home you’d expect them to win. Fair play to Tolcross though. Never seen them play but seen there results on twitter and seem to be going well.
  10. Few interesting results yesterday in the leagues with Dumbarton losing at home to stenny. Still sitting top but a few other teams have games in hand to catch them or get close. Cambusbarron losing to westerlands has opened 1st division right up as well with Finnart able to catch them with there 2 games in hand. Then you’ve got Milton, westerlands and doune as well as there is still loads of games to play in that league.
  11. I’d fancy cambu at home to Tolcross. Not sure if they’ll have played on a park like that before.
  12. David grant played yet? Couldn’t see your line up from the weekend on twitter?
  13. Played against David Grant many times when he was at amateur and he was always a total standout. Didn’t see any of him at junior but used to keep an eye on the East Stirling highlights when he was there and he looked a serious threat at that level. I also believe his brother is now on the transfer/loan list at East Stirling. Possible short term help with the injuries Darvel currently have?
  14. Is Andy Grant still at East Stirling? Played against him when he was playing amateur but I’ve not noticed him in the team lines for a while.
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