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  1. Pointless any teams making any plans to return any time soon then, always good to get the new lads in early doors.
  2. Clubs cannot have trialists due to track and trace? Or is that just one teams way of dealing with the situation?
  3. Kelty on their first season in EOS 100k budget. Why is it not possible for other clubs to have the same?
  4. Some funny budgets flying about this season! Tranent rumoured to have 100k, Linlithgow 120k. One player I know signed for Tynecastle got/offered 2.5k...
  5. Very good player is joj, his only problem his attitude. Will probably play on the wings for you.
  6. Much u get for signing for them?
  7. Has been is the operative word. It's now down to 2.5k I believe.
  8. I think floodlights where forced upon some clubs. Coldstream have qualified staff to meet criterias and various other things that the SFA have asked for over the years. It does seem bizarre that spending 65k+ on floodlights and other licensing things to receive a maximum of 4.5k per season however? I love a club with a bit ambition.
  9. Elaborate on what u mean in regards to grandfather rights? Coldstream have everything except floodlights and even that the foundations have been laid to get them in place.
  10. Meadowbank was good enough for Leith so why wouldn't the same 'set-up' at Edin Uni not be good enough for others?
  11. Lothian Vale now known as Dalkeith Thistle Amateurs.
  12. All natural grass aswell I believe, Stevie does a very good job with all all the parks he services.
  13. Inch park, has planning permission to build new homes. I believe this was submitted recently, now should or could they make changes to the facility at the top of Moredun maybe. But they are currently a million miles away from doing that.
  14. I feel alot where 'forced' to move to EOS league due to others moving over. Maybe the juniors haven't done enough to keep their clubs.
  15. There would be no purpose for junior clubs to come into the EOS setup if they had no aspirations of making it in to LL or to play in the Scottish Cup proper.
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