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  1. Lots of young players snubbing moves to Acacdemy sides?

    I'd imagine the turn-over is outrageous. Alot harder for a keeper to make it in the game aswell.
  2. Lots of young players snubbing moves to Acacdemy sides?

    Was speaking to Gordon Marshall yesterday, he was down at Forrestors HS. He comes down to Edinburgh at weekends and does all age groups upto first team at Aberdeen.
  3. What's everybody's tip to win the Scottish cup

    Beaten them twice already, speaks volumes. Doesn't matter if they have the far better team various teams had better players than Leicester but they acheived what they did because they wanted it. Danderhall wanted the win more, and the lad keiran got sent off and he was the best player on the park in their first game.
  4. Lots of young players snubbing moves to Acacdemy sides?

    I feel at Hearts the coaching structure has changed massively since I played under 19s 7-8 years ago. Things such as Box Soccer, and individual player development. I know a young lad who is almost certain to get picked up from Tynecastle Boys Club a fantastic keeper and it's only a matter of time as there has been clubs sniffing around before and rightly so.
  5. What's everybody's tip to win the Scottish cup

    Think Colville are lucky St.Pats are out the Scottish to be honest, they could well have been there-abouts had one of their players not seen Red in a previous round.
  6. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Some goalkeeping for Ali Forster's goal
  7. Hearts investing in women's team

    Not sure, technical director. Don't think ladies team will be full-time?
  8. Hearts investing in women's team

    https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/article/kevin-murphy-set-to-join-hearts-women Currently with Man City. Not a fan of womans football however, hope this will benefit the mens side aswell.
  9. Hi guys, Looking for an under 15s keeper to compliment the current squad, a goalkeeping coach is provided to further develop any young lad willing to come along. Games are played on a Sunday, and training is twice a week. One session will be with the goalkeeping coach, and the other with the outfield squad so that touches of the ball with feet and other training methods can be followed. If you know of anyone looking for a team, or even giving goalkeeping a thought and looking to progress then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07552537258 or alternatively via PM and I can contact yourself. Thanks.
  10. EoS Conference A chat 2018-19

    Prof, done a good job there seems they are battling for each other now. Obviously with being a remote club their player options are limited. Good young keeper in goals, and experience at the back now too.
  11. Leafa select

    James Russell, has always been class. Won the Sundays with him years ago with Dunalba and Paul Martin aswell seems to have come onto a game.
  12. Leafa select

    He definately will still act the fud unfortunately, a bit like his brother.
  13. ''stand up if you hate kickback!'' Ooops better watch I don't get banned for Racism for that.... Budge out!
  14. No questions asked in regards to the costs of redevelopment? And her brother who runs the construction project itself? She's not football minded, which is why Levein will be here for a while.
  15. Leafa select

    Andy Jack, has been around the block. Can't think of an 'original' EOS side that he hasn't played for. Just put the surnames together and thought it was his laddie.