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  1. Cannae wait till we can get back training and playing already. Anybody had the flu this year?
  2. NHS hospitals are the same every year at this time. Stretched the same narrative for the last 10 years.
  3. I understand why some would want it called, and I am strongly against it. Mental well-being of hundreds if not thousands being affected due to negligence of our current Scottish Cabinet. Any stats on the deaths of people under the age of 45? Where's the flu gone? People die every day of the big C, and various other illnesses. People are dying due to operations being put on hold because of the ''FEAR'' of covid. I'm chuffed to be able to get out the house socialise and train, especially given my coaching of a local youth side is on hold due to this.
  4. Premier league players only tho. Only 2 deaths under 44 in the UK from 'covid' I put ' around the because people can have covid and then die 28 days later in a car crash and thus they died from covid. It has no grave danger to young people. Where is the flu?
  5. Alot of boys are looking or have already squeezed into eos sides.
  6. Yeah hockey gets first shout there. Their LL side get next to no funds from Edinburgh Uni. They can't give boys signing fees, expenses etc. Crazy stuff. Played one game for them against Aberdeen Uni who weren't the greatest.
  7. Appeasing pro-youth sides..
  8. Hi guys, Looking to complement current squad at Edinburgh City 17s for the new season. We have 2 sides at the age group, 1 2nd division side and the other in division 3. Ideally looking for lads who are keen to learn, and work hard. If you're looking to play football im keen to get you along. Thanks
  9. Edinburgh Uni facility. Very good 4G/5G surface, or whatever it is.
  10. Why do you think that? Maybe access to peffermill limited.
  11. Pointless any teams making any plans to return any time soon then, always good to get the new lads in early doors.
  12. Clubs cannot have trialists due to track and trace? Or is that just one teams way of dealing with the situation?
  13. Kelty on their first season in EOS 100k budget. Why is it not possible for other clubs to have the same?
  14. Some funny budgets flying about this season! Tranent rumoured to have 100k, Linlithgow 120k. One player I know signed for Tynecastle got/offered 2.5k...
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