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  1. Hibs get a handle of the Scottish Cup?
  2. Are you still looking for a GK Coaching role?
  3. They have just signed a boy Darren Clegg who wasn't getting a game at Glenrothes so signed with mates in Sunday amateurs and now ended up there. If that's their standard of signing then I can't see them mounting any challenge.
  4. Unbelievable. I wonder what will happen with EOS funds now as clubs must pay their annual fees. The SFA as a whole must be a profitable organisation as the money put in at the highest level as laughable also.
  5. Money was reduced from 10k to 2.5k iirc When did this happen? Unreal amount to be parting with in the first place albeit now clubs have to rely heavily on sponsorship and advertising hoardings etc and arguably the lowest level of football. Clubs like Coldstream now 'relying' on Scottish Cup money again a miniscule amount very hard for clubs to bring players in and have that appeal.
  6. Does this entitle them to any 'grants' from the FA? Aswell as the miniscule amount they would get from the SFA? I seem to remember a decent 4 figure sum was previously paid by the SFA to member clubs in EOS leagues. Not sure if this is still a thing? I do that Duns are still paying to stay as members and as yet have not applied to EOS for re-entry which is a shame given the facilities they have are very very good.
  7. If that was the side of the park last week, I can't see tomorrow going ahead either. Nightmare when teams don't call it the night before/early as some people can work etc.
  8. 2 penalties, not ideal that easthouses didn't have 'half' of the park to warm-up due to Livi ladies being on the park until 8pm with a 8.05 kick off? 1-0 at half-time to Easthouses games are won over 90 tho.
  9. Not sure why Tranent keeper has allowed the lad to stand on his toes, and not get someone to stand in-front or behind him.(Penicuik first goal). Again culpable for the 3rd goal, but he's partial to that sort of mistake. No disputing he's a very very good keeper but should possibly stick to that rather than trying to play with the ball.
  10. That's some amount of £££ its costing them. Last night's game was closer than the scoreline suggests also, Easthouses 1up at half time. And conceded 2 penalties in the 4 goals.
  11. On the subject of club licensing, are Duns looking to make a come-back next season? ''We are delighted to support Duns Football Club with machinery for the next phase of their development at New Hawthorn Park.''
  12. Edinburgh get 0 funding from Edinburgh Uni. Most of if not all their funds goto the hockey team.
  13. WOS teams are not joining the pyramid, they've refused entry into 'tier 6' or so i am led to believe.
  14. Not a chance Saughton Enclosure will be on. Oakley's parked was brutal last week as it is without more rain.
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