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  1. Police said no to K Park It was a non starter Any word on a venue yet or like those secret gigs bands do is it a case of finding out the venue an hour beforehand?
  2. A diddy cup you had an open top bus parade after winning a couple years ago
  3. You are probably like I am confusing him with John Inman Big burly American who played Fred Flinstone and camp as a row of tents English guy from Are You Being Served are easily mixed up I find
  4. Is the cut and paste answer to the question "Will you ever get your hole?"
  5. What was wrong with the way Sportscene or MOTD was till the 90's...extended highlights of the games and interviews with the managers and maybe goalscorers afterwards, this shite with ex players and sacked managers earning a few quid to pay their bookie tab/drug dealer by slavering pish at how Zonal marking is costing Kilmarnock and Aberdeen arent creating enough chances for their possesion percentage gets right on my nipple end. I dont mind the pundits before and after live games but when you watch a HIGHLIGHTS show you want to see HIGHLIGHTS of the matches, not brief goal clips then fannies like Nevin slavering pish afterwards
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