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  1. Get that right up Ye Ferguson ya shitebag turncoat b*****d
  2. Thank f**k McKenna made it Get it fucking right up ye’s
  3. Let’s hope if Morelos wins a tackle in the box tonight a cheating b*****d SFA employee doesn’t award the sheep a penalty. Or has that been airbrushed from history as it doesn’t fit the P&B agenda
  4. No greeting just highlighting that in recent games decisions have gone against Rangers.
  5. Everything is factually true in my post It’s embarrassing that even after a referee has taken you by the hand talked you through why Dallas / linesman got three out of four correct there are still some so blinded by their own bitter views they can’t accept what everyone else can see
  6. Wtf are you gibbering about? Rangers were correctly awarded three penalties One they shouldn’t have got and one stonewaller turned down Against Cowdenbeath Rangers had three obvious decisions go against them. Whats the chances of Rangers getting three obvious incorrect decisions in their favour?
  7. Lad is running from Ibrox to Pittodrie to raise money for charity. Hope he gets a great reception in Aberdeen The Story so far...Day1: Ibrox Stadium-Stirling CastleDay2:Stirling-Perth Day3erth-Forfar 94 miles ran.Day4: Forfar-Stonehaven the longest run of the challenge so far(estimated 37 miles). Lets go..We're on our way.. Raising funds for Rangers Charity Foundation and MS Society Scotland.http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/davidsmithrunner
  8. Or maybe that cowardly b*****d Stevie May will smash into him and receive no punishment .... again
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