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  1. @ferdifitra @gavinfeng97 its the highest ever for a hollywood movie period.

  2. @SamCoatesTimes yeah they said all this happens when we vote leave now its if we get a no deal.

  3. @lalifoxy27 @SerieTV46 @jenniestarlight how many sales?

  4. RT @AdvanzeedGear: Fast 6x #playstation4 giveaway Rt this Follow us Follow @NoenNHR (we will check) Dont want ps4? Take 300 paypal each…

  5. @Taylioness i mean they both use each other?

  6. @delightedlyskit bts the definition of trying to be edgy.. kpop is a genre.

  7. @THOTTlEJIMIN yeah koreans never tried to do that ;p

  8. @yg_sales thats really good for Ikon right?

  9. @MuhDribbles yeah because that was all there was.. fking clown.

  10. @balloon_wanted how about they ask the other people there? cant they do their job

  11. @yg_sales that is weird ;p

  12. @chartsblackpink do you know PWF sales in comparison to TT,Cheer Up and MGT before the chart closed?

  13. @Thooorin @Steeelb4ck @FreezeLoL steelback is way more successful then forgiven what?

  14. @SMilkdrama the link i had for it wasnt working my bad ;p episode 5 is not subbed on youtube so really needed this xd

  15. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/Lnj6Aqt076