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  1. RT @EssexPR: How come a guy can be arrested for calling Anna Soubry a Nazi .. yet David Lammy can basically call any Brexit MP and ERG memb…

  2. @OnlineBLACKPINK @ygofficialblink Last hour is 4m+ views.

  3. RT @yg_winnercity: [????그런날⏱] 어쩐지 자꾸 시계를 확인하게 되고, 다시 보면 1분이 지나있는(!) 유난히 시간이 느리게 가는 날을 위해 준비했습니다. 엄지와 검지로, 막 올라가는 광대 먼저 누르시고 재생하시길 추천드려요???? #진실의광…

  4. @life_of_lily @_Guadalupe_0 @SerieTV46 its super weird that this happens but cool.

  5. @drodostudio i got two 1st places and three second places cmon!

  6. @FORG1VENGRE This is the mindset why you never achieved anything and never got accepted to good team's.

  7. @Ellie_Bangtan @_SeeSawGame_ @SerieTV46 @BTS_twt its overall viewers of the stream that does not mean unique viewers.

  8. @djsnake why you love trolling blink's?

  9. @Jeonsmile_97 @TXTpublicity @SerieTV46 yeah neither was talking about BP but everytime this stuff is posted Army's… https://t.co/ABZKTPwxVU

  10. @CdramaBase sub miyue xd

  11. @CarmenDorta7 @BTSCHARTSLAYER @RecordingAcad @BTS_twt your delusional so they cant sellout shows yet keep adding more.

  12. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/Lnj6Aqt076

  13. @pokelawls @LIRIK lower player count , maybe add queues etc.. if Atlas just spent more time testing it would have worked.

  14. @afneil maybe because the first one was not carried out? thinking.

  15. @ferdifitra @gavinfeng97 its the highest ever for a hollywood movie period.