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  1. Only person i see seething is you 😂. Wonder what you will be like when we announce Harvie and Forrest. Spewingg
  2. Watching Ayr lose Shankland for f**k awl moving to Dundee United and being touted for a £2Million move down south could be in the back of there mind.
  3. Mckinnon officially signed until end of the season. Wheres Rudden🤔
  4. He is a bit of a legend tbh because i dread to think where we would be atm without his input. I also see your point but it could just be the media making their story sound better. Hopefully..
  5. I dont understand what your Trying to prove tbh. It doesn't matter when he became a fan, what matters more is he felt strongly enough to put some of his fortune into the club for the right reasons .. Trying to make sure we have a good youth system in place for the future and also wiping our debt. He could have carelessly pumped money in for transfer fees for players and wages but instead he has guaranteed we will be at least stable for years to come. I really dont think anything else matters.
  6. Thought it was 4 kakay hall wilson and palmer.. hopefully we get 2 more out at least.
  7. Heard McCall mention 5 or 6 out and 5 or 6 in. Wonder whos getting punted.
  8. Today's match officials have had a look at the playing surface at the Energy Check Stadium at Firhill. The groundstaff will continue to work on the pitch until kick-off but, as it stands, the game is ON.
  9. Berra on loan until the end of the season would be a cracking signing at this level. If we have Brownlie and possibly Mccart coming in at the end of the season Berra fills a hole until then. Guys an improvement on Saunders and McGinty.
  10. Some old duffer made you a Thistle fan in the first place mate ! They have had to put up with being a jags fan for years.. After all the shitey years they are still going to firhill with their family.
  11. We scored 2 goals the first one was a gift and the second to be fair to us was well worked. We were never in control of the game though. It was scrappy we seemed to win the wee one on one battles in the first half. Sutton came on and was too clever for Saunders ! then Scott fox happend. Caldwells pish about being the fittest team in the league has already came back to bite him on the arse twice. Just don't forget if it comes to and we need a new manager soon.. We will take Hopkin off you's if we want to 🖕😂
  12. Morton are pish to be fair, but they have Hopkins we don't. Caldwells subs were fucking atrocious, we scored 2 decent goals. But to be honest I don't even think we deserved to be 2 up at half time. Morton's defence was all over the place in the first half, Mansell never really done anything as an attacking threat but as soon as he went off Morton's defence strolled it because no one was closing them down. Caldwell seems to want everyone constantly counter pressing but that only works if you can keep the ball for spells in the game. We can't keep the ball for more than a minute then we are off chasing it down again. They all looked fucked after 60 minutes.
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