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  1. Took a slight liking towards Mcginty at the end of last season mostly because Anderson was talking him through games and to be honest their were few to actually like. As said previously you will get a trier but he is not a CB in anyones lifetime.. 6'4, decent build and not actually the slowest or worst on the ball. But .. ive seen Guys at 5ft be more effective challenging someone in fhe air for the ball than Mcginty and ive seen players built like a sheet of paper more aggressive. No idea if their could be another position in a team for him but Hes certainly not what you think he could be when you look at him.
  2. A feel so sorry for you. Constant attention seeking on any thread you get a bite on, your life must be utter Baws. Almost felt bad not biting.
  3. Get Mcginty and Fox to f**k ! Not upto the job. I wouldnt mind keeping O'ware or Mcginty but prefferbly as back ups. Mcginty has got to be the softest 6,4 CB ive ever seen. Hes supposed to be a commanding centre half. Forwards must love playing agaisnt him, slow weak and hardly wins a header when hes being challenged. Fox is an absolute flap arttist who doesnt communicate with the defence i really dislike him as a goalkeeper (not as a person) i just think our defence and fox is a recipe for distaster. Your really either looking for either your goal keeper to command his area or if you have defenders who are experienced enough and good enough in the air to get rid of it. We have neither.
  4. More fool you! (Well, your board anyway). Whats foolish about that?, our CBs are poor. An upgrade would give us a much better chance.
  5. Powerful is something we have been missing for a long long time.
  6. £20,000 for a player they'll get for free in 4 months? Thistle might be flush but they're not bloody stupid. Getting him in early for £20,000 and making the play offs would be a no brainer. A player like him could be the difference to us.
  7. Could be completely wrong but with Mckinnon being our ball winner now in midfield maybe Barjonnas is another option to that role. If it turns out mckinnon isnt up to it or gets injured we would be back to square one, so to speak.
  8. McCall knows best imo, a clear headed gamble free Ian McCall has proved plenty of times he knows how to build a successful team at this level. Lets hope he gets the chance to prove he can be successful in the league above also. ETA : we sign who we want
  9. Only person i see seething is you 😂. Wonder what you will be like when we announce Harvie and Forrest. Spewingg
  10. Watching Ayr lose Shankland for f**k awl moving to Dundee United and being touted for a £2Million move down south could be in the back of there mind.
  11. Mckinnon officially signed until end of the season. Wheres Rudden🤔
  12. He is a bit of a legend tbh because i dread to think where we would be atm without his input. I also see your point but it could just be the media making their story sound better. Hopefully..
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