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  1. How much would a board room member realistically be making at a club like ours ? Genuine question btw.
  2. I watched the game on Friday I can’t see a repeat of that happening if they go ahead. That was just a complete momentum shift, QP players will have had a swift kick in the sacks after that, reminded me of so many Thistle performances actually.
  3. Hopefully Akinola will be fit enough to start for this one, I was really disappointed with Saturday but I guess you have to look at the guys playing out of position and maybe that contributes to how disjointed we looked. I worry that if we go behind Queen’s Park will sit in and defend and we were lucky to get a goal back against Hamilton imo, need to start quickly and try and get an early goal! Genuinely wondering how we will line up if we have a fit Centre back to play along side Holt. I’d drop Banzo and stick Turner in ahead of Doch and McKinnon. Anyway if it’s a End to end game I fancy us taking the points.
  4. I feel as if he’s been told to come out for loose balls and get us playing quickly again. Yesterday was hardly a good example of that though with the way we played.
  5. I never took that picture, I wasn’t in that stand seen it on Facebook thought I’d share .
  6. Listen this is for championship posters up here please f**k off back to your own division.
  7. If you could please keep to posting in the lower divisions forum where you belong that would be nice. Thank you.
  8. Most annoying thing about that interview was the “ we are a bit hamstrung just now because we can only bring in forward players” we were one nil down. So what the f**k is he gibbering about?
  9. First decent thing you've posted. The way Rankin has set this team up means that we're certainly not gonna have many large victories, but may get some pumpings. It's not gonna be a pretty season. I’m not anti Hamilton and if you look back I said we should have threw another striker on so we could unsettle the back 3 which I thought done well. Mostly jokey/wind up on this don’t take me too seriously jesus .
  10. I disagree Accies will definitely find staying in the championship a challenge.
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