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  1. Not being funny, but why would he walk? It’s November and we are 5 points off top of the table and 2 points off second place. If this continues then he should be sacked before the January transfer window so someone else can be given a chance but with some very influential players out (Doch,Tiff,Holt and Graham.) He needs to stop the rot next week but we are still not far away.
  2. I’m just glad I kept my mouth shut at 2-0 tbh . The temptation to be a c**t was strong.
  3. 18 goals in 5 games we have lost now.. This is only going one way now.
  4. No complaints at all, the difference is I’m saying well done Dundee we deserved to lose in the end. The amount of excuses we heard after We beat Dundee 3-2 was pretty bad. I’m not even going to make any excuses, being 2-0 up at half and not seeing the game out isn’t good enough !
  5. £100 to charity who ever finishes higher. Only 2 points ahead, not over yet.
  6. Mitchell fucked us, we were comfortable until he made a c**t of that. Goals change games and we fucking melted. Well done Dundee.
  7. Stone wall Red card, one of the stupidest I’ve seen in a while !
  8. With all that’s going off the park, got to be proud of the team at the moment. Certainly not distracted by it.
  9. I get where your coming from but Bullen seams to have found a way of getting the best out of him, he was a warrior at the tail end of last season and a massive part of us staying up. Fair enough, strangely the best we seen of Mcginty was when Caldwell was in charge ( Terrible time ) .. he seemed to start bringing the ball out of defence pretty well. Anyway looking forward to this, Ayr are one of the few times I actually enjoy seeing doing well. As long as it’s not against us of course.
  10. He's has been brilliant since new year, hard to believe I know the reason he's not in the team is the young lad Kirk from Arsenal along with Franki are ball playing defenders who link really well with Murdoch and Dempsey and get us up the pitch, McGinty can't do that and tends to punt it, I dont think Bullen will change it because it would be really harsh on Kirk. If you watched him play for Thistle you would see why your comment was funny to me lol. I never liked him because he is a big unit of a guy and never used it to his advantage at all, he’s the type that you’d expect to bully strikers but he was very soft when he played for us.
  11. Don’t know so much mate, I actually feel he learned quite a bit from his time with us. Time will tell but I reckon they will be fine. And hopefully take some points from Dundee and Ayr .
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