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  1. Let’s hope he doesn’t get injured or Kenna will have to start. More probably Wilson will be recalled[emoji4]
  2. It’s taken me 58 years to realise I must bring bad luck to FFC so tomorrow for the first time ever I’ve chosen not to go to a home game. Fully expect a decent win now[emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Really, what a ridiculous generalisation.
  4. A third strip is farcical. Why are we still pretending to be a big club. Face reality we’re a diddy club in a diddy league.
  5. It would be interesting to know if Falkirk received any up front cash on this and how much. It doesn’t stack up. I’m guessing our sponsorship income has collapsed given we can’t even get a match sponsor this season.
  6. Interesting to see Gretna 2008 have Clarke Epos as shirt sponsor.
  7. It’s always the case if you have success on the pitch things in the background tend to disappear. Regarding the Navy Blue many of the people involved were involved with sponsorship in different ways with the club. The Boards stance means that most of this income is lost to the club. We’ve still not had a match sponsor this season. I can’t remember the last time that happened.
  8. What an embarrassment. Nearly as embarrassing as having the clown Brown as a supporter.
  9. I’m not aware of any announcement from the Club regarding Season Tickets. Unless I’ve missed something.
  10. Mutch had an ice pack on his thigh after his halftime warmup on Wednesday. Might be a doubt for tomorrow but might be nothing.
  11. Pies on sale at Morton’s games. https://www.gmfc.net/cappielow-covid-protocol-update/
  12. Read what I wrote before commenting, I never mentioned anything about mental well-being.
  13. Given the club statement I’d be surprised if this goes ahead. We’re talking about players health and well-being which should not be compromised.
  14. The long overdue statement issued is a damming indictment of the SPFL. How given the timeline can the players be expected to play with such short notice? The club should refuse to play. Other clubs have had games postponed with far fewer affected.
  15. The continued silence from the club is deafening.
  16. Apparently at 2.55pm on Saturday to tell us the games off.
  17. Without information from the club how can fans be expected to buy tickets for a game and make arrangements to travel. If the games postponed then many may not be able to make the rearranged date. All we’re looking for is an update. Only the club has the information regarding the isolation dates. It’s not asking much. The clubs communication with the fans is not good enough.
  18. It’s good that the club are keeping the supporters informed regarding the weekend fixture with Cove…not!! It’s disgraceful.
  19. Holt, McFarlane, Bateman Sheerin, Wright, Rawlins Cockburn, Deans, Lewis
  20. I’ve only watched 5 minutes and I think he’s already past 500 times[emoji4]
  21. I wonder how many times he’ll say “um eh” ?
  22. That might well be the case. Its strange that there was no real announcment from our BoD regarding this. Clare Epos only started in business in August 2020 so seems strange to be a main sponsor of a football club so early. Unless of course theres nothing up front and a deal full of promises!
  23. A few alarm bells ringing regarding the new shirt sponsor Clarke Epos. Anyone any idea what the deal is, money up front etc?
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