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  1. Regardless of who chose it at least we have sponsors on it for next season. It’s going to be very hard for clubs to attract sponsors next season so well done on securing this.
  2. Oh well that’s yet another chip on the shoulder. Why do we always lose out? Don’t know if I can be bothered going back, but there’s unfinished business…
  3. You’d better read the small print in that contract.
  4. Unbelievable, why is it always us? After 56 years watching FFC I really feel like giving up.
  5. This is a long way from being settled. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52255611
  6. 10th of June is an absolute joke as there’s nothing out there to give any timescale when we might start to return to some kind of normality. Football in Scotland is run by a bunch of clowns who are not fit for office. Whatever happens will not be in our best interests that’s for sure, but right now I really don’t care about that as there are much more important issues in the world to deal with. Maybe sometime soon we can deal with the who’s buying a season ticket or not debate. COYB
  7. Amazing day I was in the main stand at Celtic Park I was supposed to not celebrate,no chance[emoji4] and a few Celtic fans shook my hand after the game.
  8. Watching the A league live on BT sport. Why can’t we do this? It’s behind closed doors. If all our players, staff and officials were self isolated for 2 weeks then there’s no reason we couldn’t do this. Scott McDonalds just scored.
  9. We can all speculate on what will or won’t happen with the season. One thing that won’t stop us completing the season is player contracts. The clubs and the authorities can sort that easily. Unfortunately we can’t control covid-19.
  10. Season to be played to a finish by 30th June. Agreed by all football associations
  11. Does anyone actually believe him. Look at China and apply the same formula and they would have close to 11 million deaths. They’ve had 3177 to date and are apparently starting to return to normal. Doesn’t stack up or it’s blatant scaremongering.
  12. Let’s see how the SPFL handle this situation. Could be season over. If this decision is being made to free up front line services why on earth is the old firm game going ahead as normal?
  13. Is he allowed to play for us under the Loan transfer rules?
  14. I’m guessing we’ll have the roof closed tonight[emoji6]
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