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  1. A chef is a trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine.
  2. Thank goodness that’s all over, possibly the worst season in our history both on and off the pitch. No idea how the BOD will turn this around. More worrying is the people that are leaving behind the scenes. Doesn’t give me any confidence in the current BOD to take us forward.
  3. I’m so glad that’s the last time I ever see that team play. It’s makes the decision not to go back very easy.
  4. Next season would have been my 60th year supporting Falkirk. On Saturday I will probably make my last visit. I’ve watched the club through thick and thin. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country even going to Liechtenstein. I watched some utter dross over the years but I’ve always gone expecting the unexpected. Not any more, somethings missing now. There’s no excitement, passion or atmosphere. I go fully expecting to lose and no longer care about the result. The people around me in the stand are disappearing never to return. I never thought that would be me. The BOD have a massive job on their hands to turn this round. Unfortunately those that have stopped going are unlikely to return. I hope from the bottom of my heart that we recover, I will always be a Bairn.
  5. The strain on peoples income with the huge increase in energy/fuel costs as well as Falkirk Council’s 4% council tax rise will ultimately mean many supporters will not be able to afford a season ticket. Success will always help with that argument, not an issue just now. So the choice is simple heat, food, fuel or a season ticket. That’s the reality of the current situation.
  6. I’d like to share your optimism but the early signs are not good. From what I can see the investment from the patrons has been spent on a gamble this season that’s clearly not worked. No idea where the money will come from for next season. Without doubt season ticket sales are about to plummet to levels not seen for years. The decline is terminal.
  7. We can all have opinions on MR but one thing is absolutely certain there is no fight in this team for anything. The whole lot of them are going through the motions. It’s an absolute disgrace to watch a team like this. For me, who’s watched virtually every home game since 1963 and over the years pumped a six figure sum into the club I’m witnessing one of the biggest declines in the clubs history. I no longer care if we lose, win or draw. Next season I will not renew my season ticket unless we see a major change in the running and management of the club. There’s no sign that the fan ownership is having the desired impact either. I never thought in my lifetime I would witness the demise of the club, it looks like I might.
  8. Pure conjecture but a strange coincidence.
  9. All left around the same time, call it coincidence or whatever you like.
  10. David White, Ronnie Bateman, Ian Fergus & Victoria Logan.
  11. What’s more worrying is that MR was chosen by the new BOD can we possibly trust them to make the next decision. Let’s also not forget the mess they nearly put us in by the rumoured signing of DGW. Probably the reason 4 long serving servants of the club left.
  12. No Dowds again. No injury update, nothing. Clubs becoming less transparent. The terminal decline continues…
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