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  1. Agreed. It would be much better if the individual came forward and sorted this out.
  2. Ref was inconsistent throughout. Alloa very physical but offered little threat. Pity Alloa don’t have much of a traveling support. 4000+ at a third tier game is pretty impressive.
  3. What a result from the Falkirk Women today 19-0. Fantastic.
  4. They’ve no plans for any involvement or investment in the Club. I’d imagine they’d like to sell their shares.
  5. You’re not but if it gets results and promotion then fair enough. I wouldn’t pay to watch that every week.
  6. Looking forward to hearing John McGlynns thoughts.
  7. Having a go at 90% of the support is shocking. I guess that a large percentage already either have a season ticket or pay at the gate. That money counts for nothing?
  8. So if the funerals next Saturday game off again? Hasty decision by the blazers. What’s wrong with going to a game and showing respect at it with a minutes silence/applause.
  9. According to the Daily Record this weekends games will go ahead. Postponements will probably made for the funeral.
  10. If I remember correct there was a possibility of 8000 if we rotated the pitch 90o. Unfortunately 10000 was never a possibility and I suspect the authorities would have increased it to 12000 to stop us. Sorry that’s just one of the chips on my shoulder talking.
  11. A chef is a trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine.
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