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  1. Concentrate on getting your away top sorted than going on Taysides biggest club page. Your away top is honking, like your manager who wants out. Decent signing Dundee fans btw Rumours are Celtic going to watch Caulker until the January window, so you have him until then. All the best chaps, your good guys & girls.
  2. This 'takeover' is going to be brilliant to watch! No Borthwick (Said in the press he is not part of this 'takeover'), just Thompson and Martin under a new name with Thompson creating a club in the states and Martin running United (as it stands just now), 'United FC Group Limited', with your club going down the community route like Stenhousemuir FC. You will try to create a link or buy a club in the states when Thompson is across there (Exact same as the OZ plan, mind that ). Enjoy your community club
  3. Some United fans calling this a 'new dawn for the club'. Its not. Martin is Thompson's puppet and has been for years. Thompson might not be named chairman but will still have the overall say. The Gussie Park money won't be going anywhere near United. How many people do United owe now, double figures? What a shambles United are, 5-10years back they were talks of them being the 3rd biggest club in Scotland, now they 16th (going on league positions) with Livingston, Morton ahead of them. United are on the brink of collapse and will follow Grenta & Rangers, and their fans are thinking this is a 'new dawn'. Edit: If you don't like this or my previous posts, its because the truth hurts.
  4. At least you all take notice of the post. Something positive. I post on the Celtic forum under another name We raided your club, your club lied to you about how much you received for these transfers. I'm just trying to warn you not to turn out like Rangers and its sister act company. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you.
  5. Hello United supporters, I thought I'd give you an update on your clubs future as no other United Supporter on here has cared. Your fans group 'Fans United' made a statement. To see the full statement click on the link provided. However here are the bits that stood out for me; "The greatest immediate concern remains, fundamentally, that we continue to operate in a weekly, cumulative operating loss situation and how we meet a huge obligation in February to repay a second tranche being circa 500K of a substantial loan made into the Club. We were given assurance that there would be no “press” to have this loan dealt with (by the party who has granted said loan) and that he was very sympathetic to the Club’s current dilemma. We must accept this, at this time, at face value, based on the assurance given. As to the continuing weekly operating losses, we have similarly been given the assurance also that the club is sufficiently funded to go to the end of the season. In addition, we were also advised that 2/3 more players will be added (within this window) to bolster the attempt to push for promotion in the second half of this season. These additions will be on loan agreements." "The Club’s financial position does, however, remain very fragile"...." It really is “ALL IN” for this season" It amazes me that only a real handful of supporters care about the financial position of the club. As stated on my last post 2weeks ago, you are losing money every week with no sign of it stopping. You are only surviving on loans and handouts. You have no assets now. However the alarming part is 'ALL IN' for this season. The question is, what if you don't get promoted? Then what... http://www.fans-united.org.uk/fans-united-meeting-with-dufc-directors-on-monday-15th-of-january-2018/
  6. Lets not get away from the facts. There is a stark contrast in Dundee Football Club and Dundee United Football Club. -Dundee FC are in the top league in Scotland, which means more money through TV and away fans. They have players they can sell on. They have a settle board and a chairman that actually has wealth. The owner father donates his spare change to Republican party in the US. Dundee FC don't go around asking for loans, and securing them against assets. They sold two players last year for £750, 000 which basically covers the loss from the previous year, which is the point you are making. -Dundee United FC. Your auditors resigned last year. You have umpteen secured loans against Stadium, Shop etc... and unsecured loans. You are running a heavy loss in the Championship with no away fans and virtually zero TV money. You also have very few sellable players. You have players on one year contracts. For a club every 5/6 months requiring a loan to keep them going of around £250k is worrying. In fact, the handouts will run out. The Dundee United Foundation has all but failed with United supporters not signing up to help the fight. DUFC are basically insolvent and are totally reliant upon loans, handouts and creditors goodwill. Your club, Dundee United FC do have three plans. We shall call them, A,B,C to make it simple. Plan A; DUFC gain promotion into the premiership in 17/18 season. With your loans being paid back over the course of 4 years. Your aim will be to survive in that league and try to build whilst getting the debt down. Plan B; DUFC fail to gain promotion into the premiership in 17/18 season. You reduce your budget by 60%. Resulting in less expenditure and staff loses. Your youth academy will be shrunk. You will let go off your St Andrews base. Your wage budget will be similar to Dunfermline FC. However you still have high debt for your level of income, with your promotion chances smaller each season. Admin a possibility. Still reliant on loans to keep you going, unless your drastically cut the costs. Rumours of £50k-100£ loss a month. Plan C; DUFC put themselves into Administration. The administrator will cut the loses as much as they can. Resulting in job loses etc.. If debt can't be paid back, the debtors own the assets that it is secured against. So the following people will own the following; Mr A Borthwick; Car Park at Gussie Park. Gussie Park Sports Ground, Subjects Southeast of Tannadice Stadium Mrs C Thompson; subjects northeast of Gussie Park, subjects southeast of Tannadice Stadium, H Drummond: Tannadice Stadium. This will result in regime change, with Mr G Deuchars coming on board and maybe Mr Jamieson and the idea of a community club has been spoken about. Living in your means too. You would then rent your stadium from H Drummond. Rent your training facility from A Borthwick etc... However have zero debt and no overdraft facility. Remember administration is very risk for a business that is debt laden and has no assets. There is every chance that your company is winded up hence why 'United FC' is created by Thompson. A bit like Rangers with Sevco. To give S Thompson credit, he has foreseen this as a possibility and has Gussie, Shop, Stadium and Subjects out of the name of Dundee United FC. Yes it states Dundee United FC will be around, of course it would be just in what name though? Bit like Rangers FC under sevco. This is public knowledge on companies house website. A bit of googling and you will find this info.
  7. Does any United fan know of plan B? Looking on Companies House website which anyone can look at, Stephen Thompson is an active director of 'United FC', is this the new Sevco incase DUFC don't get up? Is this PlanB?
  8. What would the restructuring of the club look like? Community/Fans owned? Part time? Removal of Youth set up? Hypothetical question but, if St Mirren got 10points in front the chances of United getting through the long drawn out play off spot is small, albeit not impossible. United as a club need to think of the future. There is no denying the horrific state the club find itself in financially. Would Administration be better this season? At least you wouldn't get relegated, you could restructure the club and finances and be ready for August? It is totally hypothetical, and I'm not trying to wind the United fans up at all. Generally interested what United fans think the future holds, I've spoken to some that have no clue what their future holds. Next season will be even tougher than this season. If your neighbours get the new stadium, is that an option? Sharing with them? Is Administration even an option? Fans owned? Would Thompson even step down? There are a lot of unanswered questions and from the outside and not a Dundee united fan, it seems there is no plan B.
  9. Genuine question; What does the future of Dundee United look like if they don't get promoted. Everyone knows they are struggling financially, but yet look like they are throwing all their money to get up this season with no plan B, if they don't. Next season in the championship will be tough.
  10. Was just told we were "one of a number" of clubs who'd contacted his agent. Aberdeen, Motherwell, the two Edinburgh sides and some League One English club also interested. Dundee not even spoken to him yet. Well that is false. O'Hara and Dundee have been in talks for a few weeks, and he is expected to sign on. As stated in the press 2weeks ago by O'Hara himself. You should try and keep your gaffer happy, he wants out of St Johnstone, no wonder though. Anyway, Dundee are a decent club that are improving with McCann looking at 2 decent players, with Bain now gone and 2 others to go. Keep United down and St Johnstone in your back pocket, Dundee! Good night chaps.
  11. Very true, Not much to say on Celtic at the minute. We are Scottish best club. Hail Hail .... Anyway, don't get bogged down on me though Mr B. Enjoy your season
  12. You're not really getting this though are you? Your ability to look at a table and see the 'wins' part .....Fife schools aren't the best, I understand. Anyway your club is our little b**** Do you own your ground? I know a fellow celtic fan that does Hail Hail .... You got enough money for that next direct debit for the interest on your debt? Enjoy your league, you will struggle
  13. No you never. Its only the 90mins that count. Even the table, below, shows this. In the records book, you drew against Arbroath and ICT. You never won.
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