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  1. Lol, I try that most weeks. Rarely works[emoji4]
  2. Goal was a carbon copy of Cowdens 2nd against them in the play off.
  3. Remember this is an Airdrie fan talking about an ex Celtic player and fan[emoji848]
  4. That's what I've been saying all along. No support but plenty money. A Gretna in waiting.
  5. Good away day was had. Good result although maybe lady luck was on our side a bit. Love going to Rovers. Might not be the best ground in Scotland but the fans on the whole always give you a warm.welcome. Good friendly banter and the pies are no bad tae. Look forward to going back.
  6. He was at a few Brechin games before Smith got the job.
  7. Just a prediction but Sean Dillon comes to mind as player manager.
  8. Oh well, at least we won't have to wipe our feet on the way out[emoji11]
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