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  1. Yes the mole joe would have came back if shortlees were mid table as long as kier Jim and mason were still there lees = loyalty no lees no party welcome back joe the three amigos are back to win silverware
  2. The mole haha josie is back to win some gold rotate joe Jim Aaron Ritchie and Tivvy no stopping. Lees this year
  3. Don’t no the boy personally but I lived in the area long enough to no the all the boys will be hurting so speaking for the lees boys hope Yous do the boy proud and win all the rest of your games gl and god bless
  4. Tough tie for shortlees well it is the last 16 of the west don’t think the boys were expecting a team to get this far the be a walkover and don’t think think the east Dumbartonshire players will be celebrating cause they’ve got shortlees thinking it will be easy game billy and co will do there homework and the best team on the day will win gl
  5. Honestly you have seen shortlees a dozen times and keir has been the best player two times come on pal you forget your glasses the other 10 times if Micheal Mullen was struggling to start for shortlees Mick O’Connor would have no chance a very good player but not in the same class as keir not even worth debating stayed off pie and bovril after the lees getting embarrassed by hurlford and then beat by glenbun but took a look the night and seen this nonsense
  6. Was at the shortlees game fair play hurlford deserve there victory shortlees man fo man were terrible very poor performance not one player up for it heard micheal asked not to play don't think him or Ritchie will be there much longer
  7. Shortlees 2-1 winners away against ardrossan thistle sneak a point against galston
  8. Shortlees 1 east field 0 not bad a for one man team when the one man isn't even playing
  9. Binge drinker yes it's your opinion and your entitled to it as far as I no shortlees are only in 1 more cup than hurlford just now i expect thistle to win there replay so as now I think the lees have only 1 game in hand in the league as I have said before the lees have improved there squad from last season and from what I've heard thistle have added players but not got any better. Shortlees have a big enuff squad to cope with all games in my opinion I said after a couple of games in thread I think shortlees will go unbeaten in the league this season only dropped points in one game and they are usually slow starters
  10. Coalville and harestanes have won it back to back in the past 15 years I think and after this year you can add shortlees to the list think Coalville reached 5 finals in 6 seasons it that correct mick
  11. Binge drinker I have read the post there is nothing ridiculous about it as current Scottish champions and Ayrshire premier champs I think east field will be more worried than shortlees than vice versa but knowing Billy and Cunny quite well the will do there homework and I expect the lees to go through but you never no in cup football
  12. The mouth don't no myself was only surmising myself heard from a player of shortlees that micheal has been training with the lees and will probarly sign soon a fit micheal will make the Ayrshire champs even better so here,s hoping
  13. Ain't no stopping the lees now
  14. Heading to burnpark heard there could be a new face in the shortlees team today
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