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  1. That must be the worst looking draw for a Scottish cup round to date amateur game not the same anymore
  2. That league is an absolute shambles🤣🤣 not a decent team between yeez east winners beat twice then jack it in no wonder there off
  3. Listen to the nick of aw you leafa numptys the leagues absolute dug shite what is there two nobad teams ?? Embarrassing 😂😂😂
  4. Not what I heard 10/15 guys run round the craigshill side where a 1 single drunk guy standing n not one of you shite houses done anything so stop trying to act the hard man yer hoater than the kettle the shite you write on here give the rest of leafa a bad name !! So yous couldn’t beat them at football or fighting so had to cheat the league to get the points yous are rid rotten
  5. Sandy’s perfect example of a team of p***ks who can’t take getting pumped by a below average craigshill team pulling guys off the street so get the game abandoned is that true ?? Now pipe down yous would get relegated in the central FACT !!
  6. Standard of football in leafa is fucking honking the way it’s run is honking n all the teams are honking !!! When was the last time any of the top teams through there did anything in the Scottish ?
  7. Who’s the centre half who was suspended? If they have folded there will be a few good players up for grabs ?
  8. Was a good game to watch and yes southside better first n craigshill second half bud they looked far more dangerous going forward second half n had a few chances missed just bad that the carryon surrounding it now has made a good game shit won’t see anymore of the Scottish as don’t think there will be any leafa teams left
  9. 100% agree bud was just airing my view on the game no time for that shite if it’s true then they should be out as simple as that they should have some sort of Id thing these days in big competitions like the Scottish
  10. took this game in as a neutral it’s crazy hearing this surely this can’t be true ?? . southside edged the first half but craigshill came out and dominated the second half and overall better team and southside very lucky not to see 2 players sent of for the tackles on the young winger 3/4 tackles ! Then southside with about 5 mins of pressure at the end . Craigshill by far the better team in my opinion and don’t see how the centre half played a blinder didn’t look like had much to deal with . Amateur football is dieing slowly now .
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