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  1. We don’t even have to play them . Just tell unless you mutually terminate your contract you won’t be getting played . Pay them for sitting on the sidelines .make them train with the reserves . They don’t have to be played . I understand this is counter productive . But mentally drain them by saying you won’t be getting anywhere near the 1st team . They are doing hee haw to help us anyway so no big miss
  2. We are ganting . An absolute gang awaiting us to be the laughing stock again
  3. The majority of people on COYB rushed to the aid of Williamson last week saying gee the boy a chance etc etc … he’s guff , always has been and looks like bambi when the football is at his feet . Get him so far to f**k !
  4. Coming to join all the hooligans and homophobes in the south stand as this forum tells us . Welcome to the party .
  5. Bring back “Alba bairn” if wur going with throwbacks . He would guide us through these tough times . One F born and bread , got a bit more pg over the years Thoe
  6. The Ryan porterious express chooo Choo
  7. Better get a strongly written letter sent to the club about the south stand .
  8. Imagine turning a football forum into an agenda . Jesus Christ . COYB
  9. Guess there’s 100s of us here then . Lighten up ffs
  10. Going to sweet tasting your tears when your pal sheerin is booted out later the day .
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