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  1. And you think the commenters were at the game?
  2. I would say Spartans have improved since we beat them, maybe we should have won at Gala but we didn't and we very nearly lost. we struggled against Ed Uni, CSS beat us with a simple tactical change we didn't react to. We need a good effective central striker - Healy spent more time today going wide to get the ball, Rose offers nothing and Osei needs support. We are increasingly exposed down both flanks and have no creativity in midfield. Our defence is shaky, we give away possession too often in dangerous positions and concede daft penalties because of this. There are occasional moments in each game where it clicks and we look ok but until we can make that count for more than twenty minutes and kill teams off we will continue to struggle. I don't see any points coming from the next four games and then the pressure is on for the games against teams around us. I reckon we are bottom six at best. (But never mind as more fans seem to be concerned about the Twitter minute by minute than what we are witnessing on the pitch)
  3. Maybe quote the whole thing rather than taking one sentence out of context
  4. Right I'm going out on a limb here and given my lack of engagement in recent years for various reasons both personal and utter disillusion I'm probably the last person who should be doing this but hey ho. Virtually every club seems to have a supporters Facebook group but we don't outwith the official club one, and the Supporters Club and Trust ones. To that end I have created an independent group which obviously it would be good if people could contribute to it (there's also an affiliated Twitter). The idea will be to move away from just discussing where we are now and where we are going, clearly PnB provides a forum for that, but also to give fans a chance to share memories - good and bad, updates on ex-players, and anything else of interest to the Berwick fan. As we enter a new era with no idea what lies ahead it will also be a chance to look at very unfamiliar opposition and to share experience and dare I say it adventure of the next season. Anyway, give it a go or don't, it can be found https://www.facebook.com/groups/428696671241007/ Yeah, not the greatest name, but it made sense to me
  5. Nothing like a sense of perspective and that's nothing like a sense of a perspective. Get a fucking grip
  6. If only that were true, sadly the town of Berwick has very little interest in the football club except for the very big games. Large portions of the regular home crowd come from outside Berwick and have for many years.
  7. Bottom of East Of Scotland Conference A - played 24, won 1, drew 1, lost 22, scored 20 conceded 115 That's exactly the sort of progression we are making already
  8. I'd forgotten about them - makes it easy then, back to the right size league. Though the HL will have to find a new team or shrink
  9. Will someone get booted from Lowland League to another league to keep it at 15 or will they extend it to 16? Serious question - in England it can be a nightmare. This year all four teams relegated from the conference should go to the southern premier so there will be juggling around. I'm pretty sure some midlands clubs end up moving leagues frequently (I have not done extensive research into this)
  10. You are Johnny Harvey and I claim my £10 How many fucking accounts has the clown got on here?
  11. Yeah playing all sides - one minute a volunteer who did hours of free work with no thanks, the next the club's Social Media manager and the one in touch with the youth as all the old farts don't understand social media - bit of a patronising c**t if you ask me. Having said that - the whole thing sums up how football clubs want to control everything, why shouldn't we know what is said between the dugouts. Everything is kept in house at all levels of the game with fans the last to know. I'd suggest everyone behind every dug out in the country should now tweet everything that they overhear. As for the comment about inconsistency following previous decisions on ineligible players maybe someone in the 'sports communication industry' should understand that rules change - a decision made years ago doesn't necessarily apply now
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