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  1. He’s not anything but a runner if truth be told. Rank rotten
  2. I get that the LL could and should attempt to assist member clubs in times of trouble but where do you draw the line? A few injuries and suspensions with a big game coming up and can anyone just call out and say they’ve got huge problems and get a postponement?
  3. Surely the bank(s) are in some way culpable in all of this. With respect, how can a club the size of Selkirk be servicing debt well in excess of £50k going by above post which clearly comes from a position of knowledge?
  4. It obviously won’t happen but there should be parallel f**k all...want to join and work up to LL or SPFL then work your way up but not at the expense of existing members
  5. For the record, I’m neither here nor there. Seen Peebles 4 times this season one of which was an absolute thumping. Assume last week was a bit of a freak result but even tonight’s score line suggests they put up a decent fight. Expect next season will be tough for them as it will be at least half the current sides
  6. Not a fan then? Players that pay to play probably still finished well above most expectations
  7. Knowing the rules and interpreting and implementing them in the correct fashion are two very different things unfortunately. Far too many refs can’t wait to get their cards out and go out their way to antagonise the players and officials and thus their handling of matches regularly reduces them to a farce
  8. Highly unlikely in my opinion, but it’s what SHOULD happen. As you say, just because ‘bigger’ teams now want to join in the fun, why should they automatically be seeded above existing members. Let the new guys have some kind of play off system if needs be to determine which ones join the first division to even them up, the rest can work their way up over time. What about this scenario - say Kelty win the league this season. As things stand with HW dropping down, very good chance LTHV would gain promotion next season. Their chances of that of up against the top junior sides would be significantly diluted. They are supposedly working towards being licensed so why should their progress potentially be hindered by a smooth pathway being created for the juniors?
  9. Should there be a Saughton game on thread? This one’s just boring now
  10. Those aren’t yomps, they are midweek fixtures, two in the same city (one same ground) and two no more than 30/40 mins away
  11. No idea but what’s with the ‘Peebles gang at it again’ chat? We’re there not 2 from the Hutchie gang sent off v Peebles earlier in the season?
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