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  1. Credit to BSC and that result was fully deserved. It’s time for SPFL teams to stop underestimating lowland league teams. For east fife though, that was painful. League form is good but Young’s cup record as manager is shocking.
  2. Well done to the LL teams! It shows the quality is there and worth going to watch more matches at this level
  3. The ref has had a shocker for the goal. You won’t see a clearer foul. Looks a soft sending off too. Maybe that ref should be given a one match ban! Kelty looked much the better team though and the title is theres to lose. Austin is far too good for LL, Kelty will hope he doesn’t get injured
  4. Well done Bonnyrigg, not the best of games but a few moments of quality showed in the end. Also nice to see the LL getting one over the HL
  5. Disappointed by the Kelty result and performance (long ball to Austin) last night. Certainly not helping the credibility of the LL with all the west junior teams fans. Credit to Talbot though
  6. Why do you have a civil service strollers badge as your photo Tenkay? Strange for an Edinburgh City fan to have. Are they your second team?
  7. I saw the lad Murphy playing a few times at Berwick last year and struggled. Perhaps more to do with the performance of his team mates but he should do well at this level
  8. Worrying performance yesterday for Crawford considering such a strong team fielded. The pitch looked dry and bobbly but would still expect more. Could be a long season ahead although I thought Coley and Nisbet looked promising
  9. Really impressed by Ed City yesterday and a great crowd there. They looked well organised and although they didn’t create much they didn’t give much away either. Troubling performance for Crawford and the Pars
  10. East Kilbride to beat Cove I think. I’ve been impressed with EK over the last few years and expect them to go up with all of their ex SPfL players
  11. Regardless of whether Bohemians should be included in a Scottish tournament, whether or not it was the coldest weekend for years...it doesn’t explain why they left it until minutes before the game to call it off. The decision could and should have been made earlier, ie the day before. A bit of common sense/foresight (check weather forecast!) and decency was required. It doesn’t reflect well on Bohemians as a club
  12. Cracking result yesterday! Credit to Young and his players who are flying just now, punching well above their weight
  13. Terrific day out yesterday, takes me back. Wish there were more games betweeen them. Well done the Rovers, well deserved and they showed that in their day they can play at the level above
  14. I was a bit late in arriving today so will have to wait for the highlights before commenting on that one
  15. City certainly got the breaks today. Cowden much improved from when I saw them last season and if they’d taken their chances it could have been very close. Officials were poor as they normal but to me didn’t affect the end result
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