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  1. I love McKenna but he isn't good enough to step up to the premiership, His energy is unbelievable and having a great season but this is his level now
  2. Well deserved, Really disappointed Gaston gifted goal at end, he had a a really good game and we deserved as a team to keep a clean sheet, Really happy we options going forward now, Shame Alloa won again but all we can do is win our own games, McKenna MOTM for me
  3. That's a sore one, looks like we didn't start playing until we were 2 down, right in the shite now, massive game on Saturday,
  4. Someone go pour water In that corner and get the game called off
  5. Goldie injured it just well out of favour?
  6. Haha At this point last year we were about 40 points clear, your sitting behind the worst raith team in years in league 1,
  7. All the best to Doris, absolute legend, wish it worked out differently but not to be,
  8. Wouldn't be a bad thing to send Doris out on loan for a few months and see if game time helps him,
  9. Said before but getting a striker in wont solve the issue alone, the chances need to be created, and if Linn is quiet then we dont look like breaking teams down, Surely we have decent enough contacts to get someone in on loan who can give us a but of creativity, No doubt we need another option up front but i think if Donnelly is given more service he can get more goals,
  10. Low chance of rain so hopefully the all weather pitch is ok,
  11. If your winning with 10 mins to go I'll pour a glass of water on the pitch and flood it and we will refuse to play,
  12. Trouten and Graham still injured then? But surely its up to the league and not them when the game is played?? Cant see why it cant go ahead Tuesday
  13. Clearly the biggest issue is that it has been far worse weather, Its an all weather pitch and it's such a small area and it looks like there had been a very poor effort to clear it, on top of that it was half one before the official decision was made,
  14. It's bad rain but it's been a lot worse, pretty much every game will be called off if it rains , Massive game for Alloa with a couple of there best players out and this happens,
  15. Pathetic, almost 20 past 1 to come to this decision , all weather pitch with a broken pump??
  16. Surely be ok, although its forecast rain all afternoon
  17. Man Utd struggling with Injuries and ToB is better than Lindelof and Jones so could end up there if Rangers and Celtic aren't interested
  18. Would loved of Dom Thomas to have come to us but that was a long shot, Must have someone lined up to replace the 2 returning to Hibs and now Wilson and Spence, Maybe one or 2 to follow....... Kader? Doris? Swankie?
  19. I debated with JT at right back who is the betyer player but had to go with flyer for being a Legend, Could of been Baxter too, Was hard leaving Murray ouy too
  20. Whatley surely gotta be in the 11 for captaining both our titles, its close to mine apart from i went for Hill in goals and Flyer right back, Wouldnt say Mclean or Erwin deserve mentions either, I thought Mclean was one of the poorest loans we had, im amazed he has went on to play in premier league,
  21. Loved getting to pick the team of decade on FB, most positions are quite easy picks for me, Would loved to add a prime Swankie, Doris, Falkingham and Sheerin to the current team,
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