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  1. Big Rab Gold JT Henderson Linn Craigen Swankie Bakare Donnelly Ford Wighton
  2. Who's the guy floating about in the back training kit at half time?
  3. Don't know if it has been mentioned but the free kick the ref gave Ayr when the fullback fell while chasing Craigen was up there with one of the worst decisions I have ever seen,
  4. Mckenna back up top, Happy enough with team, Would of liked JT and Low to be starting but obviously not fit enough
  5. Hilson was actually the best of the subs, Agree panic signings, would of preferred to have kept Paterson than them two and get another loan in,
  6. Game if 2 half's, A lot of draws for us but still top of the league, Onto Saturday
  7. No JT, Could be Stewart or Hamilton really no point guessing, Gonna be a tough game, need to start winning again
  8. Worst I've seen us all the season, Take the point,
  9. Wow 3 big players out, Chance for others to step up but would of liked 2 see one of the new guys start
  10. Lee Erwin been released by St Mirren, would be worth a punt til end of season
  11. Was a free hit today but in end of day Hibs are better than us, I do think we needed to change the system and make subs earlier as they had to much space down the sides but at the end of the day we had decent run and can get back to concentrate on the league, Some of the shouts from crowd were awful though
  12. Not at our best, Hamilton absolutely killed the game in the 2nd half, if they just played the game instead of the clock they could of went on to win but in end got what they deserved, Didn't think the subs worked for us, and thought Chris Hamilton struggled, But 5 points clear and a hibs to look forward to on Sunday, Hopefully ToB was just a knock but Henderson done fine as usual
  13. I was surprised to see Henderson come on yesterday for Mckenna... He was outstanding
  14. Jack Hamilton looks far better than first time around, him and ToB unbelievable tonight
  15. Surely done in Scotland, Lower league in England or abroad? Don't no with his history he might not be allowed a Visa for this?
  16. Raith probably been our biggest rival the last few years but its so sad to see what going on at the club just now and the damage this has cost,
  17. Nouble should be jailed for them awful fouls, hopefully the 2 st Johnstone players make full recoverys,
  18. Didn't think he would of even been close to the game tonight
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