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  1. I wish I had ur optimism, maybe with a full strength team, and with a crowd in getting behind them we could of taken something, but I cant see anything other than a hearts victory,
  2. I was looking forward to it when it was announced......not so much now...
  3. If Hammy and ToB are unavailable and we dont bring in any cover this cloud be messy, I'd probably go with Gaston Gallagher Gold Thompson Miko Little Craigen Stewart Linn McKenna Hilson
  4. Just have to forget about today and move on, have always felt we needed defensive cover but can understand it's hard to have someone willing to just sit on the bench, but after today it shows we need cover and competition, Still dont understand why we changed to 4-4-2 today too,
  5. That was a pumping, Raith miles ahead, need defensive cover asap
  6. f**k knows why we have changed shape, midfield is a shambles, subs on
  7. Aye yeh sack Campbell... got us where we are and got a great group of players, but sack him cuz we getting beat in the first game
  8. So poor, after Luke's miss we have been battered, we haven't looked great in the games I seen this season and its carried on today, Our success last season was based on being hard to beat but look like we will concede every time raith attack,
  9. Probably would agree with this team can see McKenna and Swankie playing for Gold and Craigen, Hopefully Hamilton is fit, Looked like Linn and Gold took little knocks last night before the were substituted,
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