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  1. Would prefer Hester to be in the squad over some of the Strikers we have seen lately, Would prefer him over Shanks too, Yeh Shanks is young and has some potential but Hester is only 27 and probably would be on similar wages
  2. Nah, I don't want any more private messages when he doesn't agree with what's said
  3. Obviously we don't see what's going on in training but this is what most would say should play but I would bet on Bitsondou starting and also Olusanya, Fully expect an absolute mental line up tonight
  4. Fully expect an absolute mental line on Friday, Bistondou to start and players to play out of position, If Gold and Dow are available then I'd probably have them in, If not I'd have Gaston Banks Little ToB hetherington Mckenna Balde Stewart Allan Linn Hilson If Dow is fit I'd have in for Allan and Gold for Hilson and try Mckenna up front, Hilson has done ok but has shown in last few games he isn't the answer, And yeh I know Mckennas best position isn't up from but he is better than the others we have, No doubt the back 4 will be all over the shop though, Banks left back, Hetherington who has done well at left back on the wing and Bitsondou in the middle because he is big,
  5. Can already see the, we need you to get behind the team messages and get gayfield full, fact is the team has had unbelievable support all season and it hasn't been deserved for most of the performances we have had to witness, We don't expect to win every week but we deserve way better performances than we have had, Next week it's up to the management team to play the best players in there best positions snd go out and win the game and for them to pay back for the unbelievable backing they have had
  6. All hope on morton, Actually petrified of what team and tactics will be put out next week, This season has been an absolute joke and some of the signings and performances would of got a lot of other managers sacked, The management team and players owe every single fan a performance next week
  7. How its bitsondou still on the pitch? Serious question? All the good work over last few months absolutely thrown away with last 2 performances and tactics
  8. 2 players who haven't been near the team in weeks start out if no where, completely different defence ,no attacking threat, no changes at half tike when it was clear we needed change, 100% relying on Morton to take something from Cove because we can't get the job done ourself
  9. Just put Bobby on the left ffs, Tried everyone else there, how about trying the guy who has actually plays there, Got so many players playing out if position its unreal
  10. Once again it shows you can't predict a Campbell team, Need a massive improvement from last week
  11. 100% Cove absolutely killing the gane But can't blame them for us not doing the job last week,
  12. Would have Dowds, both Hamiltons and Scott Martin next season 1000% Can't see any of them happening though,
  13. We won't set up any differently at Partick, 15 draws says it all, we never ever look like winning games, 6 wins all season is awful Can't see Cove getting anything at Dundee but stranger things have happened, I never expected us to win there, At the end of the season if we stay in the league we have been massively lucky and massive changes are needed for next year
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