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  1. Just listened to Dicks interview, I have lost any hope we will bring anyone in before the window shuts, Also he mentions 1 or 2 didn't perform well, I have a feeling he is aiming that at Linn, He was throwing his hand a up and pointing towards the corner after we lost the late goal, obviously Linns corner didn't beat the first man and they scored from it, Can't really say anyone played poorly in the game, some players aren't quite good enough but I think it's unfair for him to say some didn't play well,
  2. A striker not from Icelandic pub league or because he was Noubles neighbour
  3. With game off hopefully there is time to sort out the squad a little on and off the pitch
  4. Can't be to a rival in the league surely, Very disappointing but feel there is more to it that this,
  5. The team I picked wasn't my choice, it's what I think we will end up playing If it was me I'd have Linn and Stewart on the wings
  6. Gaston Stewart Little Hammy Hancock Oakley Jacobs Tait Corfe Hilson Fosu
  7. There is most definitely better players playing in league 1 than could do a better job than the random punts from down south,
  8. I'd much rather a team of with the likes of Hancock and Tait over the complete gambles like Ford, Bakare, Fosu, Corfe, You can't tell me we can't get other guys like that who are a little more known to us? There are also players in the lower leagues here that would of been better options,
  9. I'm maybe way off the mark but I sometimes think he takes Linn off to try snd prove a point that he knows better if you get what I mean, I used to think it was the same with Hilson and Donnelly and with the Hancock and Henderson on the left midfield rubbish, I'd love Corfe to prove me wrong, but I feel he is just another Ford and Bakare, Look at the difference on Tait compared to everyone else we have signed, give me 4 young lads on loan that play like that over the random unknown signings anyway
  10. Does the final decision of substitutes requirement come soley from Campbell? Some of the selections and decisions are baffling You would think after Ford and Bakare last season you wouldn't take risks with players like Corfe and Fosu
  11. Awful recruitment is gonna cost us this year, Scott Allan completely let his team mates down today Gonna be a long season
  12. Hopefully Allan gets fined, absolutely stupid, no excuses for that,
  13. Gaston Oakley Little Hammy Hancock Stewart Tait Jacobs Linn Allan Shanks Not great, the recruitment has not been the best lately, most of our better players have been with us or a while while we have been lucky with loans
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