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  1. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Does anyone remember when Hammy won the league at Starks Park?? Even with the goal that the ref gave to Raith they still couldn’t be a team who were out for a stroll in the sun,
  2. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Who cares about crowd, Arbroath are Champions, Raith are shite and won’t come up via playoffs, Close thread
  3. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Is the Ref as bad on TV as it looks from stands
  4. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Ref doing all he can for Raith here
  5. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Copying the big team down the road, Petrie like Sir Dick come in when team was at the bottom end of league 2, then go on to win league 1 in first full season then into 4th in league 1 the next season? League 1 winners perhaps next season, Although would be a right good laugh if you lot come up and the dundee teams stayed down
  6. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Yup, can the massive team from Fife praise the champions please
  7. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Has anyone seen my violin so I can play poor John a song?? Why would Raith fans give understanding? They have been shite for last 3 seasons, how much understanding are they meant to have, How about coming out and doing the decent thing and admit the better team won the league and that Raith haven’t been good enough
  8. Keep/punt/undecided

    Keep, Jamieson , Thomson, Little, ToB, Hammy, Gold, Whatley, Linn, Swankie, McKenna, Wallace, Doris, Spence, Can see Hill Kader Denholm McCord being moved on, It’s a real shame as Denholm has never been the same after his injury, Cant see Donnelly being able to step up but fully expect him to stay, would be a mistake in my eyes to see Doris or Wallace let go in his place , Out or the lists so far I wouldn’t be opposed to Cammy Ballantye and Dom Thomas from Dumbarton, Also whatever happened to Page, always done well at East Fife before his move to Airdrie,
  9. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Or in Benedictus’s case try and half McKenna and get injures himself deservedly In the process
  10. The Champions vs Roaring Raith

    Will give Raith a chance to come roaring back, It’s not been fair on them like McGlynn says with injuries, been hard on them, Hopefully start with Hill in goal with a back 4 of McCord, Donnelly, Swankie and Spence, put Big Rab up front too,
  11. Didn’t no if there was a point in this thread, bit of a pointless game....
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    Doris to win every league with us on way to premiership......
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    Can’t wait for Iain Davidson having to clap us on the pitch next week, Absolutely buzzing for everyone involved with club, what an achievement, Linn, Little, Doris, Swankie lichtie legends and you could add the likes of whatley and Hammy In there too
  14. Brechin V Arbroath

    Before anyone gets excited and mentions crowd w**k this is a genuine question, What is the rough capacity for the area Arbroath have been given?
  15. Brechin V Arbroath

    Same team, Everyone 100 % Behind team and ofcourse we should be confident, It’s in our own hands,