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  1. I remember it being mcmanus that hit that bar, Don't remember finishing bottom, but lost in play offs to Queens Park, don't think the collapse was that bad to.end up bottom
  2. Well deserved win, we were shite, don't no what your trying to achieve putting pics of the guy up for?
  3. Shite feed today, shite commentary, shite performance, shite substitutions, Onto next week,
  4. Not today, i can't take the commentary team celebrating
  5. 2 nil up to 4-2 down so quickly is very disappointing, This could end up 6
  6. 3 goals in 12 minutes, defence looks a shambles
  7. What's going on with ToB?? Mask on?? Look like conceding every time queens attack now
  8. Clubs decent when it comes to this, sure it will mentioned soon enough
  9. 33 mins to get in, missed both arbroath goals, shite
  10. Says Hamilton scored, easy to see how they get that mixed up
  11. Aye me too, but switched it off to try the proper stream ans missed the goal, Standard
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