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  1. Hammy does a great Job for us and always good for a goal too, Be more worried if i had dundees defence, Forster is soooo bad, ToB is miles ahead of him,
  2. Arbroath well on top in first half and probably deserved to go in further ahead, Dundee had better of 2nd half but Linn probably had the best chance, Dundee better when Mcgowan come on but if we lost that game it would of been robbery,
  3. Why are there not tickets for sale saturday at all for the Arbroath end?? If u havent bought ur ticket by tonight you cant go?? Thats a crazy decision, Fully agree have a cash gate, even if u put a limit on how many tickets are available if its got anything to do with numbers or the police
  4. Wednesday normally a training night, thats whats that was tonight,
  5. First shout was 100% a pen, Camera doesnt shoe how cleat it was, Also if talbot fans actually think they were hard done by with the penalty shout i think it was a clear foul in the build up to there cross come shot goal.... whatley was clearly fouled
  6. Arbroath were very poor today but still got a deserved draw in end, 100% stonewall penalty on Gold before the one that was given, Felt Dick got the starting line up wrong, was no way a game for Murphy who has struggled badly lately, was always gonna be a battle,
  7. Setpiece practice at training please, so many wasted corners today, Hopefully Doris is fit for Wednesday, And push Gold up the pitch, Be a different game at home,
  8. Was always going to be a game like that, Tough game on a tiny pitch, Talbot always gonna raise there game, perhaps a soft pen but made up for the one on Gold, Should have more than enough on wednesday to finish the job
  9. Tarmo the banter king..... Going on ICT today he will be deleting a lot of these this season, he will have everyone seething when he does tho, What a legend
  10. Do we have time to get the all seater ready for next season?
  11. One we scare in first half with a wee scramble but apart from that we were well on top, Every player superb with extra credit to the 3 in the middle of the park, ICT lucky to finish with 11 on park, a lot of bookings the ref let go, Also these team in the league need to stop thinking they are good enough to play out from back,
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