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  1. I buy my season ticket to watch and support Arbroath no matter who they are playing, I hope no matter who we have to play that everyone who is In a position to do so buys a season ticket and gets behind the team so we can continue the success of the last few years.
  2. I think we are lucky we are only part time, our players already have an income from day jobs, some will be on a far greater income than fans who pay each week to watch them, so yeh in all for helping the club, but maybe they could do the same too???
  3. Still remember heading back from the last game of that season at Elgin and hearing how Gold had been signed on and all the moans and groans.....how were we all wrong
  4. 7 points from a wee part time team that sits above you with 2 games In hand, thanks
  5. Time wasting, [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] The ref gave you free corners and free kicks all game long, I can see why your bitter though, I'd be pissed watching hoofball all season, The fat Neil Lennon not very popular with the home support
  6. Couldn't cope with the Ariel bombardment in end
  7. Most likely after the handbags at the Ayr game, Shame a few idiots ruined it, Although normally is always when you lada visit
  8. Actually think he is a better all round player than Shankland, Will get a decent move in the summer
  9. You would think with charging £24 they could buy a few forks and brushes and clear the wee puddle away.....
  10. Seemed to be Ayr took offence when Arbroath gave a little bit back after the equaliser, Few to many beers for some. Shame seeing that especially when there is so many kids there too
  11. Can see why Ayr and Kerr will be pissed off a the could have had an advantage with the wind in the 2nd half, But if could of went the other way and they could of done the exact same as us and not benefited by it, Yes it's a massive advantage but can also be frustrating if you even slightly overhit it, Was awful watching as a fan seeing a goalkeeper try and take a goal kick and not hit it into the stand, Was sad for see the Handbags after Arbroath scored, Had to listen to Ayr sing all game and when Arbroath give a little back the toys were out the pram, and that will 100% end up in segregation for future games,
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