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  1. And that is where the problems will begin, not every tier 5 club, barring maybe some old east juniors (those who are unlicensed) and a fair percentage of the new wosfl would be interested in the junior cup, in any form or name. I'd have thought "Junior Memorial" would satisfy each camp, those who wish to remember The Grade and those who want to remember how they ended it.
  2. Let all teams at Tier 5 and below enter and rename it The Junior Memorial Cup.
  3. If all over-70s are going to be kept indoors for four months who will be running the junior clubs and their associations during that time?
  4. There's a new league coming. We want to know who is going to fillet.
  5. Friday 29th July 2016 University of Stirling 0 Spartans 4 Saturday 30th July 2016 BSC Glasgow 1 Gala Fairydean Rovers 3 Civil Service Strollers 2 Hawick Royal Albert 2 Cumbernauld Colts 3 Gretna 2008 1 Selkirk 1 Preston Athletic 2 Vale of Leithen 2 Dalbeattie Star 2 Whitehill Welfare 1 East Kilbride 3
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