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  1. No it's time that you stopped all your bollocks, Mr Establishment! You heard it here first! .... All the best Cammy. Another player that shouldn't have gone. It''s wonderful how Murray is reshaping the squad into an exciting, attacking, entertaining, group of players. From the comments on here it's obvious people are really enjoying watching this far superior squad to the dross of last season.
  2. You're not getting it.....You must be a clone!..... You must be a clone!.... You must be a clone! (Get the idea?) No diversity of opinion will be approved. But please keep posting here JR as it both annoys the establishment and more importantly allows opinions to be expressed that contradict the majority view of the clique.
  3. Perhaps, you’ve got a point. At least from the fact that you make it, I can tell you are intelligent, and so worth a response. Whether I am still a true fan might well be up for debate. But it’s not about me. It’s about the attitude your post displayed and the attitude of others on this site to any dissension whatsoever. This would appear to be: Such people are to be discouraged from attending. Their money is not as good as ours, because their opinions don’t tally with ours. We only want clones of ourselves as Airdrie fans. I respect your opinion on the team. Yes, some of the signings do appear positive and as I’ve said many times before, perhaps I am wrong, and this will be the dream season. Maybe things are changing, we’ll just need to wait and see. I think for me it’s been a steady drip, drip, drip of boring teams and poor managers with very little to entertain us on the park. Turning up in the freezing cold to watch dross. Murray has been getting the stick because he’s the present boss and there didn’t seem to be much improvement after he took over from Findlay . That’s despite the whitewashed version of the glories of the end of last season that some people have put on here. Another issue is cost. Surely, I am not alone in thinking the value for money has been terrible: £16, now going up to £17. If any others on here have visited Junior Football, they will realise our product is vastly over-priced. If you’ve not tried out the juniors, then please, whenever Airdrie are not playing, and/or you have a free Saturday, give it a go. You’ll be supporting grass roots footy and will most likely be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Thank you for the tone of your post which is positive and constructive. Obviously, you are someone of excellent character who is willing to go against the crowd. I salute you for that. Many people on this site are just engaging in the old herd mentality and there’s really no point in responding to them. They don’t want any supporters on here who disagree with the party view. I’m accused of being negative, yet I’ve not be nearly as negative towards Murray as they have been, and are being, towards me. However, in contrast to what has been said, it’s not about me. Whether I go back to Airdrie games is neither here nor there. At first, yes, I just wanted to get my views across, but now it’s about much more than that. It’s about football clubs and supporters’ attitudes to each other. Are we allowed to have differing opinions and be respected? That’s the question. If anyone read the lengthy post in response to Glenmavis Diamond properly, they would realise that the issue is declining crowds and yet supporters want to discourage anyone who doesn’t share their viewpoint from attending. They only want clones of themselves. Of course, this is an issue for society in general, the ‘thought police’ want to control us, we must all think the same way. I’m just thankful I was educated before all this crap was being forced upon our children. Anyway, this is getting way too deep for a football forum. Every good wish to you bbbbb and thanks for being someone with your own mind. It’s refreshing to see. (Note: Stopallthebollarks is just a troll, I think everyone has figured that out. All his stuff is a misrepresentation of the facts).
  5. Why would I want to get people to beg me to go? I have no such desire. I wish people would stop making up supposed agendas for my posts. Hope you enjoy the games.
  6. Mmm….Nobody cares whether I come back…. Seriously, this is the sort of attitude coupled with a real lack of entertainment on the park that has caused our support to steadily decline over the past few years. Whatever you think of me, if you are a true fan you should want as many people as possible paying to watch the team and for car parking, food, etc. Surely, it is vital to ensure that the club continues to be viable. In the past 6 or so years I have seen 8 people who previously sat round the area where I sit disappear from our support. One of them is a member of my family, who only went to two games last season and has become less and less interested. Others used to be there every week, but at some point have had enough. It is going to be very difficult to get some of these people back. Once people start doing other things and get out of the habit, they are unlikely to return. Despite some people’s attitudes towards me on here, if wrong about Murray then I probably will return. That’s assuming it happens this season. But if right, then the likelihood is I will not. One thing that’s not been mentioned is that I bring another member of my family, one who is still interested, at least to an extent. So the club loses 2 fans if I don’t come back. I know that won’t worry most people - Good riddance may be your attitude ( and seems to be attitude of at least 6 people on here), but continue telling people they shouldn’t come to games unless they agree with the position of a clique who toe the party line and you’ll find you only have the clique left! The Airdrie support is getting smaller and smaller and the demographics don’t look good. The problem is that young fans generally don’t like the sterile atmosphere. The old Broomfield was one of our biggest assets. It was a big part of what got me hooked and a tremendous loss to the club. As I’ve said a number of times I don’t want to see the club fail. I have tried to bring a dose of reality in, but it seems no one wants to hear it. I'll take a stab in the dark is this is directed at me by any chance!? Note I have hardly said anything about the team - focused mostly on the management. The reason I’ve continued to post on here is because I care about the club, even if I struggle to enjoy watching the games these days.
  7. It's one game. But it all sounds wonderful. Maybe I should rush back on Wednesday and be thoroughly entertained. Oh wait a minute.... I've just noticed your comment over on the Clyde thread: "We, Airdrie, didn’t play that well today either to be honest....”. So it's a mile better, but we're not playing well? Anyway, good result for the diamonds (even if it was still, by your own admission, not great to watch).
  8. Haha. Hilarious. Oh, you are so far off the mark. This is where adding 1 and 1 and making 3 shows you up as a conspiracy theorist! I knew something of the details of the Wotherspoon takeover because of my professional life. Nothing whatsoever to do with the Trust. But I'm not going to lose my job, just to prove it to you.
  9. Fact: I am not and never have been a member of the Supporters Trust. I have never gone to any Supporters Trust events apart from the meeting with the Ballantynes after TW pulled his funding out. So please stop making up stories. I don't want the club to fail. You may think there is no point to me, but I think my wife and family might disagree!
  10. Very true. We can all get carried away and go too far at times, especially if we feel gotten at, but I hope Diamond Owl has the decency to apologise about that. Quite happy to debate and differ about football, but that's crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed. Okay, to whom am I supposed to apologise? It was a joke. A poor one? Yes, probably it was. I’ve got two close friends who haven’t worked for years because of issues, which include sometimes feeling suicidal. I don’t make light of the reality of these things, but equally a daft joke that doesn’t cause anyone any harm shouldn’t be an issue IMO. Incidentally, I do genuinely believe suicide prevention agencies are a good thing and it is good that the club is seeking to do its bit. However, we need to practice freedom of speech. This country is going nuts. I have zero time for political correctness. If you can convince me that my post has, or will, cause anyone genuine harm, then I will apologise.
  11. I take your point. I am a real fan, have been for over 35 years, as previously stated. I know that at times I’ve been pushing it quite far to try to get a reaction and have people think critically. Of course, I could well end up being wrong. But I’ve been seeking to get the happy clappers to take off the rose-tinted glasses and see that the probability is that they are going to be watching a defensively minded brand of football and that they are going to be disappointed yet again. I know most people don’t want to hear it, they would rather stay somewhat deluded, which is perfectly understandable, as in the past, I would have been right there with them.
  12. Ah, I see we have the intelligentsia with us this evening. Welcome Mr Diamondatheart. Do you have any more pearls of wisdom to convince those of us who don't share your views?
  13. You're spot on - but Ian Murray is the boss and so the more defensive we are the better, have you not figured this out yet? Rather win every game one nothing than 4-3 Boring, boring Airdrie..... Boring, boring Airdrie But for those of you thinking I only make negative comments,. well here's a positive one.... The club have done a fantastic job ensuring that one of our sponsors are Suicide Prevention North Lanarkshire. Many desperately depressed fans struggling to watch the games through their tear stained eyes can catch sight of the strip and come to realise life's not all bad. Airdrie might be but there is hope out there. One day Ian Murray will leave and we just might get someone in who wants to play attractive attacking football. So keep the faith.... Many congratulations to the board and everyone involved!
  14. Sorry, maybe I didn't make it clear I attended the couple of games after Stranraer (Including the glorious 0-1 against Stenny in the run in!). I think about 11 including one Bet Fred Cup game at the start of the season. I reckon I have seen enough of Murray's tactics and heard others voice the same opinions as myself to get a good enough picture of his style. I have nothing personally against him. I don't know him. But it's the fact he's been the one - after all the rank rotten managers we've had - who has been so negative that I just can't take watching Airdrie any more. Of course maybe it's nothing to do with Murray at all, and I've just reached the 'grumpy old git' age when I complain about everything! Haha. Nope cant afford the travel and couldn't stand all the tippy-tappy crap! Give me a good old blood and guts junior game any day.
  15. Yes. the Rovers game and highlights of the other 2 games. So I can't tell you it isn't so! Haha. Yeah,. Findlay wasn't great either. I never said he was. It just that I was looking for a far better manager after Findlay, and it doesn't look like we've got that. at least not yet.
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