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  1. You have until 31 March 2016 to inform league of surface change. Let's see who is talking pish come may. ☺
  2. Not at all strange if you have a good strategy. 3G pitch cam be lifted and moved to another site for training and community purposes while main stadium reverts back to preferred surface for professional football.
  3. I've heard from a reliable source that killie going back to Grass next season. Good news if true.
  4. Hello

    my name is miss rose i saw your profile today at this site and became interested to know you a little i want you to contact me with this my email [[email protected]]so that i can give you my photo also tell you more about myself


  5. If spl can't pay the 2 million pounds then the sfl should put spl into administration. Simple
  6. Doncaster can't interfere with sfl. Nothing to do with him now that newco out.
  7. Doncaster can't interfere with sfl. Nothing to do with him now that newco out.
  8. If killie had a loaf. They should rise from the flames and join newco in the 3rd if they like them so much.
  9. Looks like spl chairmen are on the verge of allowing newco to stay in league. Looks like fear factor from Messer Doncaster is gonna win the day.
  10. Livingston chairman Angelo Massone is currently in Italy and is not due to return until Thursday 7 May. don't expect your wages!!
  11. I'm at your club next Saturday. I'll find out exactly what's going on. Edit- Thats if there is a game.
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