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  1. Any update regarding the pitch condition @Dumbarton Rock
  2. 70% or above chance of rain from now right through to kick off time. Surely this game doesnt stand a chance? What time would the inspection be if any? Just given forfar fans travelling...
  3. That was my thought also with Partick travelling from Glasgow... See what happens overnight and in the morning.
  4. Do clubs or authorities consider this when deciding games are going to go ahead? Despite pitches being playable will they go ahead for sure? An example would be Brechin travelling to Glasgow, Partick travelling to QOTS etc
  5. My concerns would be Thistle fans & players travelling to the match through the Strathclyde area which is the most affected... Will that play a part?
  6. Hows the parks looking? To be dry overnight in most places... Thinking of taking in Glenafton v Auchinleck... Any update on loch park?
  7. Have yous heard from Pollok regarding the condition?
  8. How come St Rochs Park will be on? Surely the frost will catch that too or yous got undersoil heating installed?
  9. Anyone know how Pollok is looking? They seem to be advertising the game all over twitter which suggests they must be hopeful...
  10. What's the script with the gow tonight... Do they have to win to stay up?
  11. 100% there was from one idiot... There was a number of folk seen it!
  12. Guy doing it stood out like a sore thumb... Happened when he got subbed on.. Disgrace!
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