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  1. This really goes beyond my training as a furniture salesman, sir. Now if you don't want the sofa I'll have to ask you to leave.
  2. Just heard this interview. JJ is one of the good guys of Scottish football.
  3. Walsh could easily play top flight imo. Decent player but as already stated he is quite injury prone. Not sure why you got such a hostile response tbh.
  4. Administration for the 3rd time since ICT were formed. Some record that.
  5. Ahh the old administration liner is coming into port.
  6. Seemed to improve a bit the more he played but would be more concerned to see Carson leave. Don't think he has enough for the premiership.
  7. I just got here and can't be bothered reading the thread. How many have outed themselves as a bit racist?
  8. Been really enjoying the Highland Football Weekly podcast, some excellent stuff on there.
  9. Not one journalist picking up the autism story. Gammonspiracy for sure.
  10. Doesn't explain the two further visits to Durham.
  11. Those Tobins up to no good as usual.
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