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  1. After watching both games at the weekend I can see where blue jean and hibby were coming from regarding the signings. Of the new players I though the left back perrie was decent got caught on the ball a couple of times in the final one which lead to a goal ,Fleming the CB from Oakley am saying nothing ,schianove OK , am not sure who number 19 was for Utd but again he was the one who impressed me the most over the 2 games . Utd were bullied out of every ball against lochee far to easy!! Both goalkeepers look ok . Boom has pretty much got rid of every player McGuire signed although some didn't come back when he was sacked. Mcinnes is captain the only time u hear him shout is when he's having a go at the ref surely wedderburn would be a better choice? I won't be sad if Buchan leaves
  2. Who's the 6/7 players ? Obviously Ricky has moved to bluebell, Aaron whitehead and Darren clarkson to lochee and Jamie mackie to Tayport .
  3. If gillfillan is as poor as u say why is he at kelty one of the top super league teams ?? Have u see these boys play week in week out ? i don't think these boys will get us relegated though
  4. Do u want to name the duds u feel aren't good enough for the premier league then? Who's all the top players they have sold??
  5. Whatever happened to Lewis elder ? Is he still at the club or what? Also heard sturrock is on transfer list as well ?
  6. Kelly was released a few weeks ago from Utd
  7. Superbigal it's a forum so there's going to be new members all the time and why should I out myself . It was one of the players dads that had said at the football last weekend not to me personally though .
  8. i wouldn't believe a word that came out of either of these 2 . he was sacked get over it St. Andrews have moved on !! He missed the bit out on the interview where he has been phoning certain players telling them not to turn up for training and games !!!
  9. Your almost spot on gogsy the new utds assistant manager got on for the last 10 mins so we had 3 subs . The match was pretty much over after 5 mins when dobie was sent off its tough enough against kelty with 11 ever mind 10 players !! For the players not making their selfs available is pretty poor these boys are paid to play football for the club if u want out then play and get attention instead of acting like little babies! I would like to think mackie,mcmullan and sibanda are in the same mind set of Ricky Patrick but I might be wrong . You highlight a lot of good points in your last post gaffer44
  10. Ok thanks hopefully find out more at the game the morn.
  11. Gold dust do you know the names that have asked to go on the transfer list?
  12. Take whatever you want with it marr1 ! From a saints committee member today he says there's 8 players on the transfer list but wouldn't say who find out in due time I suspose .
  13. Am led to believe it's all the Perth based players have handed in transfer requests ? I am surprised with the appointment of the new manager but as every manager before him he'll get my full support and will be there to see them beat kelty on Saturday .????
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